Donald James

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

The Champions (Les Champions)
1x02 The Invisible Man02/10/1968
1x07 The Survivors06/11/1968
1x10 The Ghost Plane27/11/1968
1x13 Twelve Hours18/12/1968
1x19 The Mission05/02/1969
1x20 The Silent Enemy12/02/1969
1x23 The Night People05/03/1969
1x26 Full Circle26/03/1969
The Saint (1962) (Le Saint)
6x06 The Organisation Man27/10/1968
6x14 The People Importers22/12/1968
6x21 The World Beater09/02/1969
The Avengers (Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir (1961))
6x12 Have Guns- Will Haggle11/12/1968
Joe 90
1x18 The Professional26/01/1969
1x28 Test Flight06/04/1969
1x29 Trial at Sea13/04/1969
Department S (Département S)
1x04 The Pied Piper of Hambledown30/09/1969
1x14 The Shift That Never Was09/12/1969
Mission: Impossible (1966)
4x08 Robot30/11/1969
UFO (UFO, alerte dans l'espace)
1x07 Kill Straker!04/11/1970
Jason King (Le mystérieux Jason King)
1x08 A Red Red Rose Forever01/12/1971
1x14 Uneasy Lies The Head19/01/1972
1x20 The Stones Of Venice17/03/1972
1x23 Chapter One: The Company I Keep07/04/1972
The Persuaders! (Amicalement Vôtre)
1x14 The Man in the Middle17/12/1971
1x23 To the Death, Baby18/02/1972
The Adventurer (L'aventurier)
1x02 Poor Little Rich Girl07/10/1972
The Protectors (Poigne de fer et séduction)
1x05 Ceremony For the Dead27/10/1972
1x06 It Was All Over In Leipzig03/11/1972
1x07 The Quick Brown Fox10/11/1972
1x10 A Kind Of Wild Justice01/12/1972
1x16 A Matter Of Life And Death19/01/1973
1x17 The Big Hit26/01/1973
1x23 Your Witness09/03/1973
Space: 1999 (Cosmos 1999)
2x02 The Exiles11/09/1976
2x03 Journey to Where18/09/1976
2x20 The Seance Spectre18/08/1977