Don Weis

Né le 13 mai 1922 à Milwaukee, Wisconsin (États-Unis)

Décédé le 26 juillet 2000 à l'âge de 78 ans à Santa Fe, Nouveau-Mexique (États-Unis)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1981 The Munsters' Revenge96
1964 Pajama Party91
1954 Les Aventures de Hadji (The Adventures of Hajji Baba)94
1953 Un vol sans importance (A Slight Case of Larceny)71
1953 I Love Melvin (Cupidon photographe)77
Moyenne de tous ses films12.5

Réalisation de séries

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1955))
1x12 Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid18/12/1955
1x15 The Big Switch08/01/1956
6x29 A Pearl Necklace02/05/1961
6x33 A Secret Life30/05/1961
7x36 First Class Honeymoon12/06/1962
Burke's Law (1963) (L'homme à la Rolls (1963))
1x02 Who Killed Mr. X?27/09/1963
1x04 Who Killed Harris Crown?11/10/1963
1x05 Who Killed Julian Buck?18/10/1963
1x06 Who Killed Alex Debbs?25/10/1963
1x21 Who Killed His Royal Highness?21/02/1964
1x26 Who Killed Molly?27/03/1964
1x27 Who Killed WHO IV?03/04/1964
1x30 Who Killed the Eleventh Best Dressed Woman in the World?24/04/1964
1x32 Who Killed 1/2 of Glory Lee?08/05/1964
2x06 Who Killed Mr. Cartwheel?21/10/1964
2x08 Who Killed Lenore Wingfield?04/11/1964
2x10 Who Killed the Tall One in the Middle?25/11/1964
2x28 Who Killed Hamlet?07/04/1965
The Twilight Zone (1959) (La Quatrième Dimension)
5x02 Steel04/10/1963
Perry Mason (1957)
7x08 The Case of the Floating Stones21/11/1963
1x05 The Joker Is Wild (1)26/01/1966
1x06 Batman Is Riled (2)27/01/1966
2x03 Hot Off the Griddle (1)14/09/1966
2x04 The Cat and the Fiddle (2)15/09/1966
Ironside (1967) (L'homme de fer)
1x04 Dead Man's Tale28/09/1967
1x06 The Taker12/10/1967
1x09 Let My Brother Go02/11/1967
1x11 The Monster of Comus Towers16/11/1967
1x14 The Past Is Prologue07/12/1967
1x16 The Fourteenth Runner28/12/1967
2x21 Moonlight Means Money27/02/1969
2x24 The Tormentor27/03/1969
3x16 Beware the Wiles of a Stranger22/01/1970
8x12 Speak No Evil12/12/1974
It Takes a Thief (Opération vol)
1x03 When Boy Meets Girl30/01/1968
1x04 A Very Warm Reception06/02/1968
1x07 When Thieves Fall In27/02/1968
1x10 Birds of a Feather19/03/1968
1x12 Turnabout02/04/1968
1x16 The Lay of the Land30/04/1968
2x01 One Night on Soledade24/09/1968
2x02 A Sour Note01/10/1968
2x03 The Bill is in Committee08/10/1968
2x07 Hans Across the Border (1)12/11/1968
2x08 Hans Across the Border (2)19/11/1968
2x09 A Case of Red Turnips26/11/1968
2x14 The Artist is for Framing21/01/1969
M*A*S*H (M.A.S.H.)
1x08 Cowboy12/11/1972
1x21 Sticky Wicket04/03/1973
1x22 Major Fred C. Dobbs11/03/1973
2x08 The Trial of Henry Blake03/11/1973
2x09 Dear Dad... Three10/11/1973
2x16 Henry in Love05/01/1974
2x17 For Want of a Boot12/01/1974
2x21 Crisis09/02/1974
3x04 Iron Guts Kelly01/10/1974
3x06 Springtime15/10/1974
3x07 Check-Up22/10/1974
3x21 Big Mac25/02/1975
6x03 Last Laugh04/10/1977
6x08 Change Day08/11/1977
6x10 The M*A*S*H Olympics22/11/1977
6x17 Tea and Empathy17/01/1978
Happy Days (Les jours heureux)
1x12 In the Name of Love09/04/1974
Planet of the Apes (La Planète des singes)
1x01 Escape From Tomorrow13/09/1974
1x04 The Good Seeds04/10/1974
Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Dossiers Brûlants)
1x04 The Vampire04/10/1974
1x06 Firefall08/11/1974
1x14 The Trevi Collection24/01/1975
1x16 Demon in Lace07/02/1975
Barbary Coast (La Côte sauvage)
1x01 Funny Money08/09/1975
1x02 Crazy Cats15/09/1975
Starsky & Hutch
1x11 Lady Blue12/11/1975
1x17 Losing Streak14/01/1976
1x19 The Omaha Tiger28/01/1976
1x21 Running25/02/1976
1x23 The Bounty Hunter21/04/1976
2x12 Iron Mike18/12/1976
2x15 The Psychic15/01/1977
Matt Helm
1x12 Panic (aka Prognosis — Murder)27/12/1975
Hawaii Five-O (1968) (Hawaï police d'État)
10x01 Up the Rebels15/09/1977
10x04 The Friends of Joey Kalima13/10/1977
10x14 A Short Walk on the Longshore02/02/1978
10x24 A Death in the Family04/05/1978
11x12 Number One with a Bullet (1)28/12/1978
11x13 Number One with a Bullet (2)04/01/1979
11x16 The Bark and the Bite08/02/1979
11x18 The Execution File01/03/1979
11x21 The Year of the Horse (1)05/04/1979
11x22 The Year of the Horse (2)05/04/1979
12x13 School for Assassins01/01/1980
12x16 The Flight of the Jewels01/03/1980
The Love Boat (La croisière s'amuse)
1x07 Identical Problem/Julie's Old Flame/The Jinx05/11/1977
5x07 Country Cousin Blues/Daddy's Little Girl/Jackpot31/10/1981
6x06 The Audition/The Groupies/Doc's Nephew06/11/1982
7x05 Rhino Of The Year/One Last Time/For Love or Money22/10/1983
7x09 Long Time No See/The Bear Essence/Kisses and Makeup12/11/1983
7x17 Anut Emma I Love You/First Romance/Hoopla21/01/1984
8x05 Only The Good Die Young/ Honey Beats The Odds/Light Of Another Day13/10/1984
2x19 Bio-Rhythms17/02/1979
2x23 The Greatest Adventures of CHiPs12/05/1979
3x01 Roller Disco (1)22/09/1979
3x02 Roller Disco (2)22/09/1979
3x09 Drive, Lady, Drive (1)10/11/1979
3x10 Drive, Lady, Drive (2)10/11/1979
3x11 The Watch Commander17/11/1979
3x21 The Strippers16/02/1980
3x23 Nightingale23/03/1980
Flamingo Road
1x04 The Titus Tapes20/01/1981
2x16 Sins of the Fathers16/03/1982
2x18 The High and the Mighty30/03/1982
T.J. Hooker (Hooker)
2x01 Second Chance25/09/1982
Remington Steele (Les enquêtes de Remington Steele)
1x16 Steele Crazy After All These Years18/02/1983
1x22 Steele in Circulation12/04/1983
2x06 A Steele at Any Price01/11/1983
2x09 Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws29/11/1983
2x15 Steele Sweet on You07/02/1984
2x19 Dreams of Steele20/03/1984
2x21 Hounded Steele15/05/1984
3x01 Steele at It25/09/1984
3x04 Second Base Steele23/10/1984
3x10 Breath of Steele11/12/1984
3x17 Diced Steele12/02/1985
4x04 Grappling Steele29/10/1985
4x06 Corn Fed Steele19/11/1985
4x11 Steele, Inc.14/01/1986
4x15 Steele Blue Yonder22/02/1986
4x16 Sensitive Steele01/03/1986
Cagney & Lacey (Cagney et Lacey)
2x17 Burn Out07/03/1983
Cover Up (Espion Modèle)
1x18 The Ugliest American02/03/1985
MacGyver (1985)
1x19 Slow Death02/04/1986
Hill Street Blues (Capitaine Furillo)
7x05 I Come on My Knees06/11/1986
7x07 Amazing Grace27/11/1986
7x13 City of Refuse20/01/1987
7x21 A Pound of Flesh05/05/1987
The Wizard (Le Magicien (1986))
1x14 Never Give Up20/01/1987
Simon & Simon (Simon et Simon)
7x10 Baja, Humbug18/02/1988
The Highwayman (Police 2000)
1x09 Haunted Highway06/05/1988