Don Medford

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 26 novembre 1917 • Detroit (Michigan) (États-Unis)

Décédé le 12 décembre 2012 (95 ans) • Los Angeles (Californie) (États-Unis)

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1981 Sizzle (TV)104
1980 Coach of the Year (TV)96
1978 Le Maître des Clones (The Clone Master)100
1971 L'Organisation (The Organization)103
1971 Les Charognards (The Hunting Party)111
1964 To Trap a Spy92
Moyenne de tous ses films14.67

Réalisation de séries

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1955))
1x03 Triggers in Leash16/10/1955
1x05 Into Thin Air30/10/1955
The Twilight Zone (1959) (La Quatrième Dimension)
1x32 A Passage for Trumpet20/05/1960
2x02 The Man in the Bottle07/10/1960
3x06 The Mirror20/10/1961
3x09 Deaths-Head Revisited10/11/1961
4x06 Death Ship07/02/1963
The Untouchables (1959) (Les Incorruptibles)
2x18 The Underground Court16/02/1961
2x21 The Lily Dallas Story16/03/1961
2x31 The Nick Acropolis Story01/06/1961
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Des agents très spéciaux)
1x01 The Vulcan Affair22/09/1964
Twelve O'Clock High
1x04 The Sound of Distant Thunder16/10/1964
1x08 The Hours Before Dawn13/11/1964
1x09 Appointment at Liege20/11/1964
1x11 Here's to Courageous Cowards04/12/1964
1x13 The Suspected18/12/1964
1x16 In Search of My Enemy08/01/1965
1x18 The Lorelei22/01/1965
1x30 P.O.W. (1)23/04/1965
2x20 The Outsider31/01/1966
The Fugitive (1963) (Le fugitif)
2x23 The Survivors02/03/1965
2x25 May God Have Mercy16/03/1965
3x11 Set Fire to a Straw Man30/11/1965
4x02 Death is the Door Prize20/09/1966
The F.B.I. (Sur la piste du crime)
1x03 A Mouthful of Dust03/10/1965
1x05 The Insolents17/10/1965
1x07 The Problem of the Honorable Wife31/10/1965
1x08 Courage of a Conviction07/11/1965
1x10 The Giant Killer21/11/1965
1x12 An Elephant is Like a Rope05/12/1965
1x15 The Hijackers26/12/1965
1x17 The Chameleon09/01/1966
1x25 The Divided Man20/03/1966
1x32 The Hiding Place08/05/1966
2x25 The Executioners (1)12/03/1967
2x26 The Executioners (2)19/03/1967
3x01 The Gold Card17/09/1967
3x05 By Force and Violence (1)22/10/1967
3x06 By Force and Violence (2)29/10/1967
4x02 Out of Control29/09/1968
4x06 The Enemies03/11/1968
4x10 The Intermediary01/12/1968
4x14 The Widow29/12/1968
5x11 Scapegoat23/11/1969
5x16 Tug-of-War28/12/1969
5x18 Conspiracy of Corruption11/01/1970
5x21 Pressure Point01/02/1970
5x23 Return to Power15/02/1970
5x25 Deadfall01/03/1970
1x06 Fool's Gold19/10/1971
The Streets of San Francisco (Les rues de San Francisco)
2x01 A Wrongful Death13/09/1973
2x09 The Twenty-Four Karet Plague08/11/1973
Dynasty (1981) (Dynastie (1981))
1x05 The Dinner Party26/01/1981
1x09 Krystle's Lie02/03/1981
1x10 The Necklace02/03/1981
1x11 The Beating09/03/1981
1x14 Blake Goes to Jail13/04/1981
1x15 The Testimony20/04/1981
6x04 The Man16/10/1985
6x25 The Trial (2)26/03/1986
6x27 The Warning09/04/1986
6x30 The Triple-Cross14/05/1986
7x01 The Victory24/09/1986
7x03 Focus15/10/1986
7x07 The Mission19/11/1986
7x09 The Secret03/12/1986
7x21 The Garage11/03/1987
7x25 The Sublet08/04/1987
7x27 The Affair29/04/1987
8x01 The Siege (1)23/09/1987
8x02 The Siege (2)30/09/1987
8x04 The Announcement14/10/1987
8x08 The Testing25/11/1987
8x10 The Fair09/12/1987
8x13 The Interview06/01/1988
8x15 The Rifle20/01/1988
8x17 The Warning03/02/1988
8x21 The Proposal16/03/1988
The Fall Guy (L'homme qui tombe à pic)
2x20 P.S., I Love You16/03/1983
3x10 Hollywood Shorties30/11/1983
3x15 Bite of the Wasp18/01/1984
3x20 Boom07/03/1984
5x01 Dead Ringer26/09/1985
Trauma Center
1x04 Breakthrough13/10/1983
1x06 Turnaround27/10/1983
Airwolf (Supercopter)
3x02 Airwolf II05/10/1985
3x05 Crossover26/10/1985
The Colbys (Dynastie II - Les Colby)
1x04 Family Album05/12/1985
1x06 A House Divided19/12/1985
1x09 The Letter09/01/1986
2x05 Something Old, Something New23/10/1986
2x25 Crossroads26/03/1987
The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1985))
1x24 Deadly Honeymoon13/04/1986
Something Is Out There (Le Monstre évadé de l'espace)
1x05 A Message From Mr. Cool02/12/1988
Jake and the Fatman (La loi est la loi)
2x03 I'll Never Smile Again22/03/1989
2x09 They Can't Take That Away from Me10/05/1989