Dianne Messina Stanley

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Diane Messina Stanley, Dianne Messena Stanley

pas de portrait

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créatrice de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1997 Pacific Palisades (Brentwood) Terminée

Scénariste de séries

The Facts of Life (Drôle de vie)
4x05 Different Drummer10/11/1982
5x04 Just My Bill12/10/1983
Archie Bunker's Place
4x15 Three Women16/01/1983
Knots Landing (Côte Ouest)
8x07 All Over But the Shouting23/10/1986
8x08 Pressure Points30/10/1986
8x16 The Unraveling01/01/1987
8x23 Nightmare05/03/1987
8x27 Breakup09/04/1987
9x08 Love In12/11/1987
11x12 What a Swell Party This Is21/12/1989
11x20 Wrong For Each Other22/02/1990
11x22 Devil on My Shoulder08/03/1990
11x25 The One to Blame05/04/1990
12x04 Dead But Not Buried18/10/1990
12x13 The Unknown03/01/1991
12x15 A Sense of Urgency31/01/1991
12x17 In the Dog House14/02/1991
12x19 Bad Dog28/02/1991
12x21 Upwardly Mobile28/03/1991
12x22 An American Hero04/04/1991
12x23 Where There's a Will, There's a Way11/04/1991
12x26 Play, Pause, Search (1)16/05/1991
12x27 Play, Pause, Search (2)16/05/1991
Pacific Palisades (Brentwood)
1x01 Welcome to the Neighborhood09/04/1997
1x03 The Other Woman23/04/1997
1x10 Private Showing09/07/1997
Early Edition (Demain à la une)
4x04 The Iceman Taketh16/10/1999
4x13 Gifted04/03/2000
4x21 Everybody Goes to Rick's20/05/2000
Judging Amy (Amy)
4x23 Marry, Marry Quite Contrary06/05/2003
Strong Medicine (La vie avant tout)
4x02 Emergency Contacts22/06/2003
4x07 Vaccinations27/07/2003
4x12 Jeaneology05/10/2003
4x21 Identity Crisis08/02/2004
5x01 Positive Results13/06/2004
5x07 Healing Touch01/08/2004
5x13 Body Mass Increase10/10/2004
5x22 Cutting The Cord30/01/2005
6x01 New Blood12/06/2005
Army Wives (American Wives)
3x04 Incoming28/06/2009
3x09 Coming Home02/08/2009
3x16 Shrapnel and Alibis27/09/2009
4x08 Over and Out06/06/2010
4x12 Change of Station11/07/2010
4x16 Mud, Sweat & Tears08/08/2010