Diane Ademu-John

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Crossing Jordan (Preuve à l'appui)
1x08 Digger (1)19/11/2001
1x14 Four Fathers28/01/2002
2x14 Wild Card10/02/2003
2x18 Fire and Ice07/04/2003
Missing (2003) (Missing : Disparus sans laisser de trace)
2x03 Judgement Day24/07/2004
Medium (Médium)
2x21 Death Takes a Policy08/05/2006
3x08 The Whole Truth17/01/2007
3x12 The One Behind the Wheel14/02/2007
3x21 Heads Will Roll (3)09/05/2007
4x09 Wicked Game (1)24/03/2008
5x02 Things to Do in Phoenix When You're Dead09/02/2009
5x09 All In the Family06/04/2009
5x11 The Devil Inside (1)20/04/2009
5x17 The First Bite Is the Deepest18/05/2009
6x13 Psych29/01/2010
Body of Proof
1x04 Talking Heads12/04/2011
2x09 Gross Anatomy29/11/2011
2x19 Going Viral (2)03/04/2012
3x06 Fallen Angel26/03/2013
3x11 Dark City07/05/2013
The Originals
1x02 House of the Rising Son08/10/2013
1x06 Fruit of the Poisoned Tree05/11/2013
1x11 Après Moi, Le Déluge21/01/2014
1x15 Le Grand Guignol04/03/2014
1x22 From a Cradle to a Grave13/05/2014
2x05 Red Door03/11/2014
2x11 Brotherhood of the Damned26/01/2015
2x17 Exquisite Corpse06/04/2015
2x22 Ashes to Ashes11/05/2015
3x05 The Axeman's Letter05/11/2015
3x09 Savior10/12/2015
3x14 A Streetcar Named Desire (2)26/02/2016
3x17 Behind the Black Horizon08/04/2016
3x22 The Bloody Crown20/05/2016
Empire (2015)
3x03 What Remains Is Bestial05/10/2016
3x07 What We May Be30/11/2016
3x14 Love Is a Smoke26/04/2017
3x17 Toil and Trouble, Part 117/05/2017
4x04 Bleeding War18/10/2017
4x08 Cupid Painted Blind06/12/2017