Dennis Rinsler

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2003 Drôles de vacances (TV) (The Even Stevens Movie (TV)) 93
Moyenne de tous ses films11.2

Réalisation de séries

Even Stevens (La Guerre des Stevens)
2x22 Gutter Queen15/02/2002
3x16 Beans on the Brain16/09/2002

Scénariste de séries

Full House (US) (La Fête à la maison)
2x05 Jingle Hell11/11/1988
2x06 Beach Boy Bingo18/11/1988
2x15 Pal Joey17/02/1989
2x21 Luck Be a Lady (1)28/04/1989
3x05 Granny Tanny20/10/1989
3x08 Divorce Court17/11/1989
3x13 No More Mr. Dumb Guy05/01/1990
3x19 Those Better Not be the Days23/02/1990
4x03 The I.Q. Man05/10/1990
4x07 Viva Las Joey02/11/1990
4x14 Working Girl04/01/1991
4x24 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun01/04/1991
5x03 Take My Sister, Please01/10/1991
5x07 The Volunteer29/10/1991
5x15 Play It Again, Jess07/01/1992
5x17 Spellbound28/01/1992
5x26 Captain Video (2)12/05/1992
6x01 Come Fly with Me22/09/1992
6x19 Subterranean Graduation Blues02/03/1993
6x21 Room for One More06/04/1993
6x23 The House Meets the Mouse (1)11/05/1993
6x24 The House Meets the Mouse (2)18/05/1993
7x01 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night14/09/1993
7x13 The Perfect Couple14/12/1993
7x21 Be Your Own Best Friend05/04/1994
7x22 A Date with Fate03/05/1994
7x23 Too Little Richard Too Late10/05/1994
7x24 A House Divided17/05/1994
8x01 Comet's Excellent Adventure27/09/1994
8x18 We Got the Beat21/02/1995
8x22 All Stood Up04/04/1995
8x23 Michelle Rides Again (1)23/05/1995
8x24 Michelle Rides Again (2)23/05/1995
Even Stevens (La Guerre des Stevens)
1x09 Scrub Day23/09/2000
1x15 Heck of a Hanukkah01/12/2000
2x04 Quest for Coolness06/07/2001
2x11 Wild Child28/09/2001
2x17 Uncle Chuck21/12/2001
3x04 Your Toast19/04/2002
3x16 Beans on the Brain16/09/2002
3x17 Snow Job23/09/2002
3x21 In Ren We Trust19/05/2003
That's So Raven (Phénomène Raven)
2x08 That's So Not Raven09/04/2004
2x13 Radio Heads25/06/2004
2x19 The Lying Game06/08/2004
3x05 Five Finger Discount03/12/2004
3x06 Sweeps11/12/2004
3x27 Country Cousins (1)29/07/2005
3x31 Goin' Hollywood04/11/2005
4x02 Pin Pals24/02/2006
4x14 When 6021 Met 426718/08/2006
4x15 Soup to Nuts25/08/2006