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Réalisation de séries

Designing Women (1986) (Femmes d'affaires et dames de cœur)
2x03 Anthony, Jr.28/09/1987
2x06 Dash Goff, the Writer26/10/1987
2x09 I'll Be Seeing You23/11/1987
2x10 Stranded07/12/1987
2x13 Great Expectations04/01/1988
2x14 Second Time Around11/01/1988
2x15 Oh, Brother18/01/1988
2x17 The Return of Ray Don01/02/1988
3x01 Reservations for 12, Plus Ursula14/11/1988
3x02 The Candidate21/11/1988
3x03 E.P. Phone Home28/11/1988
3x04 Getting Married and Eating Dirt05/12/1988
3x06 Hard Hats and Lovers19/12/1988
3x07 Curtains02/01/1989
3x08 The Wilderness Experience09/01/1989
3x09 Tyrone16/01/1989
3x10 Mr. Bailey23/01/1989
3x12 The Junies20/02/1989
3x15 Full Moon13/03/1989
3x17 The Engagement27/03/1989
3x18 Come On and Marry Me, Bill10/04/1989
3x20 Stand and Fight08/05/1989
3x21 The Last Humorously-Dressed Bellboy in America15/05/1989
3x22 Julia Drives Over the First Amendment22/05/1989
4x02 One Night With You25/09/1989
4x03 There She Is02/10/1989
4x04 Nightmare From Hee Haw16/10/1989
4x05 The Girlfriend23/10/1989
4x06 The Rowdy Girls30/10/1989
4x07 Bernice's Sanity Hearing13/11/1989
4x08 Julia Gets Her Head Stuck in a Fence20/11/1989
4x10 Manhunt04/12/1989
4x12 You Got to Have Friends18/12/1989
4x17 Oh, What a Feeling29/01/1990
4x18 Anthony and Vanessa05/02/1990
4x19 Payne Grows Up19/02/1990
4x21 Tough Enough12/03/1990
4x22 It's A Wonderful Life19/03/1990
4x23 Foreign Affairs03/04/1990
4x24 Suzanne Goes Looking For a Friend09/04/1990
4x25 Have Faith07/05/1990
4x27 Anthony's Graduation14/05/1990
5x01 A Blast From the Past17/09/1990
5x02 Papa Was a Rolling Stone24/09/1990
5x03 Working Mother01/10/1990
5x04 Miss Trial15/10/1990
5x05 The Bachelor Auction22/10/1990
5x06 Charlene Buys a House29/10/1990
5x08 Nowhere To Run To12/11/1990
5x10 Keep the Homes Fire Burning26/11/1990
5x11 My Daughter, Myself10/12/1990
5x12 And Now, Here's Bernice17/12/1990
5x13 Pearls of Wisdom07/01/1991
5x14 High Noon in a Laundry Room14/01/1991
5x15 How Long Has This Been Going On?28/01/1991
5x16 The Emperor's New Nose04/02/1991
5x19 Blame it on New Orleans04/03/1991
5x20 I'll See You in Court18/03/1991
5x21 The Big Circle08/04/1991
5x23 Fore!06/05/1991
Boy Meets World (Incorrigible Cory)
1x02 On the Fence01/10/1993
1x03 Father Knows Less08/10/1993
1x04 Cory's Alternative Friends15/10/1993
1x05 Killer Bees22/10/1993
1x06 Boys II Mensa29/10/1993
1x07 Grandma Was a Rolling Stone12/11/1993
1x08 Teacher's Bet19/11/1993
1x09 Class Pre-Union26/11/1993
1x10 Santa's Little Helper10/12/1993
1x11 The Father/Son Game17/12/1993
1x12 Once in Love with Amy07/01/1994
1x13 She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not14/01/1994
1x14 The B-Team of Life28/01/1994
1x15 Model Family04/02/1994
1x16 Risky Business11/02/1994
1x17 The Fugitive25/02/1994
1x18 It's a Wonderful Night11/03/1994
1x19 Kid Gloves25/03/1994
1x20 The Play's the Thing29/04/1994
1x21 Boy Meets Girl06/05/1994
1x22 I Dream of Feeny13/05/1994
2x01 Back 2 School23/09/1994
2x02 Pairing Off30/09/1994
2x03 Notorious07/10/1994
2x04 Me and Mr. Joad14/10/1994
2x05 The Uninvited21/10/1994
2x06 Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?28/10/1994
2x07 Wake Up, Little Cory04/11/1994
2x08 Band on the Run11/11/1994
2x09 Fear Strikes Out18/11/1994
2x10 Sister Theresa25/11/1994
2x11 The Beard09/12/1994
2x13 Cyrano06/01/1995
2x14 I Am Not a Crook13/01/1995
2x16 Danger Boy03/02/1995
2x17 On the Air10/02/1995
2x18 By Hook or By Crook17/02/1995
2x20 Pop Quiz10/03/1995
2x21 The Thrilla' in Phila'05/05/1995
2x22 Career Day12/05/1995
3x08 Rave On17/11/1995
3x09 The Last Temptation of Cory01/12/1995
3x19 I Was a Teenage Spy26/04/1996
3x20 I Never Sang For My Legal Guardian03/05/1996
6x09 The Secretary08/12/1994
8x13 The Comeback30/01/1997
2x19 Gladiators01/03/1995
4x16 Ellen Unplugged05/02/1997
3x19 Name That Tune03/03/1997
3x20 From Boca, With Love10/03/1997
3x22 The Wedding21/04/1997
3x24 There Was an Old Woman...05/05/1997
4x01 Regarding Henry15/09/1997
4x02 The Love of Her Life22/09/1997
4x03 The Big, Flouncy Thing29/09/1997
4x04 Some Like it Hot06/10/1997
4x05 Like Family13/10/1997
4x06 Earthquake20/10/1997
4x07 Halloween27/10/1997
4x08 Where's a Harpoon When You Need One?03/11/1997
4x13 Bakersfield04/03/1998
4x14 Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady18/03/1998
4x15 Cybill Sheridan's Day Off18/03/1998
4x16 Fine is Not a Feeling25/03/1998
4x17 Oh Brother!01/04/1998
4x18 Whose Wife Am I, Anyway?07/04/1998
4x19 Dream Date08/06/1998
4x20 Farewell, My Sweet15/06/1998
4x21 Daddy22/06/1998
4x23 Cybill in the Morning06/07/1998
4x24 Ka-Boom!13/07/1998
Boston Common
2x20 To Bare is Human14/04/1997
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Sabrina, l'apprentie sorcière)
2x11 Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves05/12/1997
2x13 Little Big Kraft09/01/1998
2x23 Disneyworld24/04/1998
3x02 Boy Was My Face Red02/10/1998
3x07 You Bet Your Family06/11/1998
That '70s Show
1x02 Eric's Birthday30/08/1998
1x03 Streaking06/09/1998
1x04 Battle of the Sexists20/09/1998
1x05 Eric's Burger Job27/09/1998
1x06 The Keg25/10/1998
1x07 That Disco Episode08/11/1998
1x08 Drive-In15/11/1998
1x09 Thanksgiving22/11/1998
1x10 Sunday, Bloody Sunday29/11/1998
1x11 Eric's Buddy06/12/1998
1x12 The Best Christmas Ever13/12/1998
1x13 Ski Trip17/01/1999
1x14 Stolen Car24/01/1999
1x15 That Wrestling Show07/02/1999
1x16 The First Date14/02/1999
1x17 The Pill21/02/1999
1x18 The Career Day28/02/1999
1x19 Prom Night07/03/1999
1x20 A New Hope14/03/1999
1x21 Water Tower14/06/1999
1x22 Punk Chick21/06/1999
1x23 Grandma's Dead12/07/1999
1x24 Hyde Moves In19/07/1999
1x25 The Good Son26/07/1999
2x01 Garage Sale28/09/1999
2x02 Red's Last Day05/10/1999
2x03 The Velvet Rope12/10/1999
2x04 Laurie and the Professor19/10/1999
2x05 Halloween26/10/1999
2x06 Vanstock02/11/1999
2x07 I Love Cake09/11/1999
2x08 Sleepover16/11/1999
2x09 Eric Gets Suspended30/11/1999
2x10 Red's Birthday07/12/1999
2x11 Laurie Moves Out14/12/1999
2x12 Eric's Stash11/01/2000
2x13 Hunting18/01/2000
2x14 Red's New Job01/02/2000
2x15 Burning Down the House07/02/2000
2x16 The First Time14/02/2000
2x17 Afterglow14/02/2000
2x18 Kitty and Eric's Night Out28/02/2000
2x19 Parents Find Out07/03/2000
2x20 Kiss of Death20/03/2000
2x21 Kelso's Serenade27/03/2000
2x22 Jackie Moves On03/04/2000
2x23 Holy Crap!01/05/2000
2x24 Red Fired Up08/05/2000
2x25 Cat Fight Club15/05/2000
2x26 Moon Over Point Place (1)22/05/2000
3x01 Reefer Madness (2)03/10/2000
3x02 Red Sees Red10/10/2000
3x03 Hyde's Father17/10/2000
3x04 Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die31/10/2000
3x05 Roller Disco14/11/2000
3x06 Eric's Panties21/11/2000
3x07 Baby Fever28/11/2000
3x08 Jackie Bags Hyde12/12/2000
3x09 Hyde's Christmas Rager19/12/2000
3x10 Ice Shack09/01/2001
3x11 Who Wants It More?10/01/2001
3x12 Fez Gets the Girl16/01/2001
3x13 Dine and Dash30/01/2001
3x14 Radio Daze06/02/2001
3x15 Donna's Panties13/02/2001
3x16 Romantic Weekend20/02/2001
3x17 Kitty's Birthday (Is That Today!?)27/02/2001
3x18 The Trials Of Michael Kelso13/03/2001
3x19 Eric's Naughty No-No27/03/2001
3x20 Holy Craps!17/04/2001
3x21 Fez Dates Donna01/05/2001
3x22 Eric's Drunken Tattoo01/05/2001
3x23 Canadian Road Trip08/05/2001
3x24 Backstage Pass15/05/2001
3x25 The Promise Ring22/05/2001
4x01 It's A Wonderful Life25/09/2001
4x02 Eric's Depression26/09/2001
4x03 Pinciotti vs. Forman02/10/2001
4x04 Hyde Gets the Girl09/10/2001
4x05 Bye-Bye Basement16/10/2001
4x06 The Relapse (1)06/11/2001
4x07 Uncomfortable Ball Stuff (2)13/11/2001
4x08 Donna's Story20/11/2001
4x09 Forgotten Son21/11/2001
4x10 Red and Stacey27/11/2001
4x11 The Third Wheel11/12/2001
4x12 An Eric Forman Christmas18/12/2001
4x13 Jackie Says Cheese08/01/2002
4x14 Eric's Hot Cousin22/01/2002
4x15 Tornado Prom05/02/2002
4x16 Donna Dates a Kelso05/02/2002
4x17 Kelso's Career12/02/2002
4x18 Leo Loves Kitty19/02/2002
4x19 Jackie's Cheese Squeeze26/02/2002
4x20 Class Picture19/03/2002
4x21 Prank Day26/03/2002
4x22 Eric's Corvette Caper09/04/2002
4x23 Hyde's Birthday23/04/2002
4x24 That '70s Musical30/04/2002
4x25 Eric's False Alarm07/05/2002
4x26 Everybody Loves Casey14/05/2002
4x27 Love, Wisconsin Style21/05/2002
5x01 Going to California17/09/2002
5x02 I Can't Quit You Baby (a.k.a. Jackie and Hyde Get Busted)24/09/2002
5x03 What Is and What Should Never Be (1) (a.k.a. Kitty's Pregnant)29/10/2002
5x04 Heartbreaker (2) (a.k.a. Kitty's Parents Come to Visit)29/10/2002
5x05 Ramble On (a.k.a. Promise Ring Redux)12/11/2002
5x06 Over the Hills and Far Away19/11/2002
5x07 Hot Dog (a.k.a. The Gifts)26/11/2002
5x08 Thank You03/12/2002
5x09 Black Dog (a.k.a. Ow, My Eye)10/12/2002
5x10 The Crunge (a.k.a. The S.A.T.s)17/12/2002
5x11 The Girl I Love07/01/2003
5x12 Misty Mountain Hop (a.k.a. Jackie's Cabin)22/01/2003
5x13 Your Time Is Gonna Come (a.k.a. Get Off My Boyfriend)29/01/2003
5x14 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (a.k.a. Valentine's Day)05/02/2003
5x15 When the Levee Breaks (a.k.a. Eric and Donna Play House)12/02/2003
5x16 Whole Lotta Love (a.k.a. The Silent Treatment)19/02/2003
5x17 The Battle of Evermore (a.k.a. Pioneer Days)26/02/2003
5x18 Hey Hey What Can I Do (a.k.a. Job Fair)12/03/2003
5x19 Bring It On Home (a.k.a. Jackie's in the House)26/03/2003
5x20 No Quarter (a.k.a. Jackie Moves In)02/04/2003
5x21 Trampled Under Foot (a.k.a. Fez Gets Dumped)09/04/2003
5x22 You Shook Me (1) (a.k.a. The Nurses Are Coming)16/04/2003
5x23 Nobody's Fault But Mine (2)23/04/2003
5x24 The Immigrant Song (a.k.a. Fez Gets Busted)07/05/2003
5x25 Celebration Day (a.k.a. Graduation)14/05/2003
6x01 The Kids Are Alright29/10/2003
6x02 Join Together05/11/2003
6x04 The Acid Queen19/11/2003
6x05 I'm Free26/11/2003
6x06 We're Not Gonna Take It03/12/2003
6x07 Christmas17/12/2003
6x08 I'm A Boy07/01/2004
6x09 Young Man Blues14/01/2004
6x10 A Legal Matter04/02/2004
6x11 I Can See For Miles11/02/2004
6x12 Sally Simpson18/02/2004
6x13 Won't Get Fooled Again25/02/2004
6x14 Baby Don't You Do It03/03/2004
6x15 Who Are You10/03/2004
6x16 Man With Money17/03/2004
6x17 Happy Jack24/03/2004
6x18 Do You Think It's Alright?31/03/2004
6x19 Substitute21/04/2004
6x20 Squeezebox28/04/2004
6x21 5:1505/05/2004
6x03 Magic Bus12/05/2004
6x22 Sparks12/05/2004
6x23 My Wife16/05/2004
6x24 Going Mobile19/05/2004
6x25 The Seeker19/05/2004
7x01 Time Is On My Side08/09/2004
7x02 Let's Spend The Night Together15/09/2004
7x03 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction22/09/2004
7x04 Beast of Burden29/09/2004
7x05 It's Only Rock and Roll06/10/2004
7x06 Rip This Joint03/11/2004
7x07 Mother's Little Helper10/11/2004
7x08 Angie17/11/2004
7x09 You Can't Always Get What You Want24/11/2004
7x10 Surprise, Surprise01/12/2004
7x11 Winter15/12/2004
7x12 Don't Lie To Me05/01/2005
7x13 Can't You Hear Me Knocking12/01/2005
7x14 Street Fighting Man09/02/2005
7x15 It's All Over Now16/02/2005
7x16 On With The Show23/02/2005
7x17 Down The Road Apiece02/03/2005
7x18 Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')09/03/2005
7x19 Who's Been Sleeping Here?23/03/2005
7x20 Gimme Shelter30/03/2005
7x21 2120 So. Michigan Ave27/04/2005
7x22 2000 Light Years From Home04/05/2005
7x23 Take It Or Leave It11/05/2005
7x24 Short And Curlies18/05/2005
7x25 Til The Next Goodbye18/05/2005
8x01 Bohemian Rhapsody02/11/2005
8x02 Somebody to Love02/11/2005
8x03 You're My Best Friend09/11/2005
8x04 Misfire16/11/2005
8x05 Stone Cold Crazy30/11/2005
8x06 Long Away07/12/2005
8x07 Fun It14/12/2005
8x08 Good Company12/01/2006
8x09 Who Needs You19/01/2006
8x10 Sweet Lady26/01/2006
8x11 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy02/02/2006
8x12 Killer Queen09/02/2006
8x13 Spread Your Wings16/03/2006
8x14 Son And Daughter23/03/2006
8x15 Keep Yourself Alive13/04/2006
8x16 My Fairy King27/04/2006
8x17 Crazy Little Thing Called Love27/04/2006
8x18 We Will Rock You04/05/2006
8x19 Sheer Heart Attack04/05/2006
8x20 Leaving Home Ain't Easy11/05/2006
8x21 Love of My Life18/05/2006
8x22 That '70s Finale18/05/2006
That '80s Show
1x01 Eighties23/01/2002
My Boys
1x12 Released27/12/2006
2x02 Dinner Party19/06/2008
4x04 Be a Man!08/08/2010
4x06 Hanger Management22/08/2010
4x08 Extreme Mike-Over12/09/2010
Sonny with a Chance (Sonny)
1x01 Sketchy Beginnings08/02/2009
1x02 West Coast Story08/02/2009
1x07 Poll'd Apart15/03/2009
1x08 Fast Friends29/03/2009
1x11 Promises, Prom-Misses03/05/2009
Accidentally on Purpose (Parents par accident)
1x07 The Godfather09/11/2009
1x15 Back to School08/02/2010
Melissa & Joey
1x06 Spies & Lies14/09/2010
1x07 Up Close & Personal21/09/2010
1x11 A Fright In The Attic19/10/2010
1x17 Toledo's Next Top Model27/07/2011
1x19 Auction Hero03/08/2011
1x20 Waiting For Mr. Right10/08/2011
1x25 The Other Longo31/08/2011
1x29 Do as I Say, Not as I Did14/09/2011
2x07 Mixed Doubles27/06/2012
Men at Work
1x02 Milo Full of Grace24/05/2012
2x01 Missed Connections04/04/2013
2x02 Will Work for Milo11/04/2013
3x04 I Take Thee, Gibbs05/02/2014
3x10 Odd Milo Out12/03/2014
1x11 The Glitch That Stole Christmas03/12/2013
1x19 Jerk in the Box16/07/2014
1x08 The Julius Effect19/06/2014
1x09 Low Hanging Fruit26/06/2014
1x12 Danny's Boys03/07/2014
Mike & Molly
5x05 Molly's Neverending Story05/01/2015
One Big Happy
1x02 Out of the Closet24/03/2015
2 Broke Girls
5x04 And the Inside Outside Situation10/12/2015
5x05 And the Escape Room17/12/2015
The Ranch
1x01 Back Where I Come From01/04/2016
1x02 Some People Change01/04/2016
1x03 The Boys of Fall01/04/2016
1x04 Got a Little Crazy01/04/2016
1x05 American Kids01/04/2016
1x06 Better as a Memory01/04/2016
1x07 I Can't Go There01/04/2016
1x08 Til It's Gone01/04/2016
1x09 There Goes My Life01/04/2016
1x10 Down the Road01/04/2016
1x11 Gone as a Girl Can Get07/10/2016
1x12 Living and Living Well07/10/2016
1x13 Sittin' on the Fence07/10/2016
1x14 Let's Fall to Pieces Together07/10/2016
1x15 I Know She Still Loves Me07/10/2016
1x16 Easy Come, Easy Go07/10/2016
1x17 I've Come to Expect It from You07/10/2016
1x18 The Cowboy Rides Away07/10/2016
1x19 Leavin's Been Comin' (For a Long, Long Time)07/10/2016
1x20 Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are)07/10/2016
2x01 My Next Thirty Years16/06/2017
2x02 Things Change16/06/2017
2x03 Take Me Away from Here16/06/2017
2x04 She'll Have You Back16/06/2017
2x05 My Best Friend16/06/2017
2x06 Find Out Who Your Friends Are16/06/2017
2x07 One of Those Nights16/06/2017
2x08 I Didn't Ask and She Didn't Say16/06/2017
2x09 Last Dollar (Fly Away)16/06/2017
2x10 Can't Be Really Gone16/06/2017
2x11 Learning to Live Again15/12/2017
2x12 Wrapped Up in You15/12/2017
2x13 Rodeo and Juliet15/12/2017
2x14 Much Too Young (To Feel This Old)15/12/2017
2x15 More Than a Memory15/12/2017
2x16 When You Come Back to Me Again15/12/2017
2x17 Do What You Gotta Do15/12/2017
2x18 Big Money15/12/2017
2x19 Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)15/12/2017
2x20 If Tomorrow Never Comes15/12/2017
3x01 Starting Over Again15/06/2018
3x02 It's All Wrong, But It's All Right15/06/2018
3x03 A Gamble Either Way15/06/2018
3x04 Baby I'm Burning15/06/2018
3x05 Travelin' Prayer15/06/2018
3x06 Tie Our Love (In a Double Knot)15/06/2018
3x07 Telling Me Lies15/06/2018
3x08 Fresh Out of Forgiveness15/06/2018
3x09 It Ain't Fair that It Ain't Right15/06/2018
3x10 Change15/06/2018