David Steinberg

Né le 9 août 1942 à Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) (77 ans)

Canada États-Unis Nationalité canadienne - américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Acteur | Films

Année Film Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1978 Suicidez-moi docteur (The End) Marty Lieberman
Moyenne de tous ses films16

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1999 Tel père, telles filles (TV) (Switching Goals (TV))85
1983 Going Berserk84
1981 Paternité (Paternity)94
Moyenne de tous ses films11.32

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1983 Going Berserk84
Moyenne de tous ses films11

Réalisation de séries

The Twilight Zone (1985) (La Cinquième Dimension)
1x24 The Uncle Devil Show29/11/1985
The Golden Girls (Les Craquantes)
2x06 Big Daddy's Little Lady15/11/1986
Designing Women (1986) (Femmes d'affaires et dames de cœur)
1x11 New Year's Daze01/01/1987
6x03 A Toe in the Water23/09/1991
6x04 Dwayne's World30/09/1991
6x05 Marriage Most Foul07/10/1991
6x08 The Strange Case of Clarence and Anita04/11/1991
6x09 Just Say Doe11/11/1991
6x10 Julia and Rusty, Sittin' in a Tree18/11/1991
6x11 Julia and Mary Jo Get Stuck Under a Bed02/12/1991
6x12 Real, Scary Men09/12/1991
6x13 Tales Out of School16/12/1991
6x17 Mamed03/02/1992
6x18 A Scene From a Mall24/02/1992
6x19 All About Odes to Atlanta02/03/1992
6x20 I Enjoy Being a Girl09/03/1992
6x22 A Little Night Music27/04/1992
7x01 Of Human Bondage25/09/1992
7x02 Sex and the Single Woman02/10/1992
7x03 Mary Jo vs. the Terminator16/10/1992
7x04 On the Road Again23/10/1992
7x05 Screaming Passages30/10/1992
7x08 Love Letters20/11/1992
7x10 Trial and Error11/12/1992
7x11 Too Dumb to Date08/01/1993
7x12 The Odyssey15/01/1993
7x13 Oh Dog, Poor Dog22/01/1993
7x14 Wedding Redux05/02/1993
7x15 Nude Julia, New York Morning12/02/1993
7x16 Sex, Lies and Bad Hair Days05/03/1993
7x17 Shovel Off to Buffalo12/03/1993
7x18 It's Not So Easy Being Green02/04/1993
7x19 The Woman Who Came to Sugarbakers30/04/1993
7x20 The Lying Game07/05/1993
7x21 Gone With a Whim (1)24/05/1993
7x22 Gone With a Whim (2)24/05/1993
Evening Shade
1x04 Sadie Hawkins Dance16/10/1990
1x09 Mr. Mom26/11/1990
1x12 Wood and Ava and Gil and Madeline07/01/1991
1x14 Vote Early and Vote Often28/01/1991
1x16 The Trials of Wood Newton11/02/1991
1x17 Into the Woods18/02/1991
1x19 Gambler Anonymous04/03/1991
1x21 I am Wood, Hear Me Roar01/04/1991
3x02 The Truth25/09/1991
3x08 The Tape13/11/1991
Mad About You (Dingue de toi)
2x22 Storms We Cannot Weather05/05/1994
3x01 Escape from New York22/09/1994
3x02 Home29/09/1994
3x03 Till Death Do Us Part06/10/1994
3x04 When I'm Sixty-Four13/10/1994
3x05 Legacy20/10/1994
3x06 Pandora's Box03/11/1994
3x07 The Ride Home10/11/1994
3x08 Giblets for Murray17/11/1994
3x09 Once More with Feeling08/12/1994
3x10 The City15/12/1994
3x13 Mad About You (1/2)02/02/1995
3x14 Mad About You (2/2)02/02/1995
4x01 New Sleep-Walking PLUS24/09/1995
4x02 The Parking Space01/10/1995
4x04 The Good, the Bad and the Not-So-Appealing29/10/1995
4x06 Yoko Said12/11/1995
4x07 An Angel for Murray19/11/1995
4x08 The Couple26/11/1995
4x09 New Year's Eve17/12/1995
4x10 Ovulation Day07/01/1996
4x11 Get Back14/01/1996
4x17 The Glue People24/03/1996
4x18 The Sample31/03/1996
4x19 The Procedure14/04/1996
4x20 The Weed21/04/1996
4x21 The Award28/04/1996
4x22 The Finale (1/3)05/05/1996
4x23 The Finale (2/3)19/05/1996
4x24 The Finale (3/3)19/05/1996
5x07 Outbreak19/11/1996
5x08 Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge26/11/1996
5x10 Chicken Man07/01/1997
5x11 The Recital14/01/1997
5x12 The Handyman21/01/1997
5x13 Astrology04/02/1997
5x14 The Penis11/02/1997
5x15 Citizen Buchman18/02/1997
5x17 On the Road18/03/1997
6x04 Uncle Phil and the Coupons04/11/1997
6x10 Breastfeeding06/01/1998
6x14 Back to Work03/03/1998
6x15 The Second Mrs. Buchman17/03/1998
6x17 The Caper31/03/1998
6x21 Paul Slips in the Shower12/05/1998
7x04 There's a Puma in the Kitchen03/11/1998
7x06 Weekend in L.A.17/11/1998
7x13 Virtual Reality II22/02/1999
7x16 Millennium Bug26/04/1999
4x11 The One with Phoebe's Uterus08/01/1998
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Larry et son nombril)
1x02 Ted and Mary22/10/2000
2x04 The Shrimp Incident14/10/2001
3x09 Mary, Joseph and Larry10/11/2002
5x06 The Smoking Jacket06/11/2005
6x06 The Rat Dog14/10/2007
7x08 Officer Krupke08/11/2009
8x01 The Divorce10/07/2011
Even Stevens (La guerre des Stevens)
1x21 A Weak First Week (aka Pilot)23/02/2001
The Comeback (Mon come-back)
1x10 Valerie Gets a Magazine Cover14/08/2005
1x12 Valerie Shines Under Stress28/08/2005
Help Me Help You
1x09 Perseverance21/11/2006
4x03 The Whole Blah Damn Thing30/06/2008

Scénariste de séries

Designing Women (1986) (Femmes d'affaires et dames de cœur)
7x21 Gone With a Whim (1)24/05/1993
7x22 Gone With a Whim (2)24/05/1993