David Petrarca

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2006 Save The Last Dance 290
Moyenne de tous ses films10.52

Réalisation de séries

To Have and to Hold (Les frères McGrail)
1x10 The Kids Are All Right?00/00/0000
Cupid (1998) (Love Therapy)
1x10 Hung Jury19/12/1998
Early Edition (Demain à la une)
3x16 Number One with a Bullet20/02/1999
Dawson's Creek (Dawson)
4x10 Self Reliance20/12/2000
4x15 Four Stories14/02/2001
4x19 Late25/04/2001
5x02 Lost Weekend17/10/2001
5x13 Something Wilder30/01/2002
5x15 Downtown Crossing (2)13/02/2002
5x19 100 Light Years from Home17/04/2002
6x10 Merry Mayhem11/12/2002
Gilmore Girls
1x11 Paris Is Burning11/01/2001
1x04 Hostile Environment02/11/2001
4x08 The Last Thanksgiving28/11/2001
1x11 A Thanksgiving Tale25/11/2002
1x15 Snow Job03/02/2003
1x21 Episode 2005/05/2003
2x02 Extra Ordinary22/09/2003
2x04 East Meets West06/10/2003
2x22 The Day Is Done10/05/2004
3x01 For Every Action...13/09/2004
3x10 Need to Know29/11/2004
3x19 Acceptance02/05/2005
3x22 Where the Heart Is23/05/2005
4x19 Reckoning22/05/2006
Joan of Arcadia (Le monde de Joan)
1x06 Bringeth It On31/10/2003
1x06 Big Waves29/06/2004
Jack & Bobby (Jack et Bobby)
1x05 The First Lady10/10/2004
1x09 Chess Lessons10/11/2004
1x13 A New Frontier02/02/2005
1x16 And Justice for All23/02/2005
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
1x05 The Long Lead Story16/10/2006
Brothers & Sisters
1x11 Family Day07/01/2007
State of Mind
1x06 In Bocca Al Lupo19/08/2007
Six Degrees
1x11 Surstromming or a Slice27/08/2007
Dirty Sexy Money
1x06 The Game31/10/2007
Eli Stone
1x04 Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go21/02/2008
1x08 Praying for Time20/03/2008
1x12 Waiting for That Day13/04/2008
2x02 Grace21/10/2008
2x05 The Humanitarian18/11/2008
2x09 Two Ministers30/12/2008
2x13 Flight Path11/07/2009
Big Love
3x03 Prom Queen01/02/2009
4x05 Sins of the Father07/02/2010
4x07 Blood Atonement21/02/2010
4x09 End of Days07/03/2010
5x01 Winter16/01/2011
5x03 Certain Poor Shepherds30/01/2011
5x05 The Special Relationship13/02/2011
5x07 Til Death Do Us Part27/02/2011
Life on Mars (US)
1x14 Coffee, Tea or Annie11/03/2009
Hung (Le Réjouisseur)
1x04 The Pickle Jar26/07/2009
2x02 Tuscon Is the Gateway to Dick11/07/2010
Drop Dead Diva
1x05 Lost & Found09/08/2009
1x09 The Dress13/09/2009
1x13 Grayson's Anatomy11/10/2009
True Blood
3x04 9 Crimes11/07/2010
4x03 If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?10/07/2011
5x03 Whatever I Am, You Made Me24/06/2012
No Ordinary Family (Super Hero Family)
1x13 No Ordinary Detention18/01/2011
Boardwalk Empire
2x02 Ourselves Alone02/10/2011
Pan Am
1x11 Diplomatic Relations15/01/2012
Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones : Le Trône de fer)
2x04 Garden of Bones22/04/2012
2x05 The Ghost of Harrenhal29/04/2012
1x06 You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)14/11/2012
2x05 The Read-Through05/03/2013
Those Who Kill
1x02 The Way Home10/03/2014
1x05 Souvenirs13/04/2014
Hemlock Grove
2x08 Unicorn10/07/2014
1x05 Hail Mary22/07/2014
1x03 Episode Three16/10/2014
Marco Polo
1x07 The Scholar's Pen12/12/2014
1x09 Prisoners12/12/2014
1x03 Mickey Rooney Cries No More10/03/2015
1x04 Devil in a Garbage Bag17/03/2015
Marvel's Jessica Jones
1x03 AKA It's Called Whiskey20/11/2015
1x04 AKA 99 Friends20/11/2015
Wayward Pines
2x01 Enemy Lines25/05/2016
The Man in the High Castle (Le Maître du Haut Château)
2x04 Escalation15/12/2016
1x06 The Scrapyard of Childish Things17/01/2018
1x04 The White Mountain26/04/2019
1x06 Chewed Up, Spit Out, and Stepped On10/05/2019