David Nutter

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né en 1960 (62 ans) • États-Unis

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Acteur | Documentaires

Année Film Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2019 Game of Thrones: The Last Watch (TV) Lui-même
Moyenne de tous ses films15.32

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1998 Comportements troublants (Disturbing Behavior) 84
1994 Future cop 4 (Trancers 4: Jack of Swords)75
1994 Future Cop 5 (Trancers 5: Sudden Deth)75
Moyenne de tous ses films12.09

Réalisation de séries

Dr. Vegas
1x08 Heal Thyself00/00/0000
1x01 Pilot24/09/2004
21 Jump Street
1x10 Next Generation07/06/1987
4x04 Come from the Shadows09/10/1989
4x19 La Bizca26/02/1990
The Adventures of Superboy (Superboy)
1x22 The Phantom of the Third Division29/04/1989
1x24 Hollywood13/05/1989
1x25 Succubus20/05/1989
1x26 Luthor Unleashed27/05/1989
2x01 With This Ring, I Thee Kill07/10/1989
2x04 Young Dracula28/10/1989
2x05 Nightmare Island04/11/1989
2x07 The Battle with Bizarro18/11/1989
2x09 Programmed for Death02/12/1989
2x21 Nick Knack14/04/1990
2x22 The Haunting of Andy McAlister21/04/1990
2x25 Johnny Casanova and the Case of Secret Serum12/05/1990
3x10 Mindscape08/12/1990
3x15 A Day in the Double Life26/01/1991
3x25 The Road to Hell (1)18/05/1991
3x26 The Road to Hell (2)25/05/1991
4x01 A Change of Heart (1)06/10/1991
4x02 A Change of Heart (2)13/10/1991
4x06 Paranoia10/11/1991
4x14 Threesome (1)09/02/1992
4x15 Threesome (2)16/02/1992
1x19 Molly and Eddie08/04/1990
The Flash (1990) (Flash (1990))
1x02 Out of Control27/09/1990
Broken Badges
1x08 Can I Get a Witness?20/06/1991
The X-Files (X-Files : Aux frontières du réel)
1x08 Ice05/11/1993
1x09 Space12/11/1993
1x13 Beyond the Sea07/01/1994
1x15 Lazarus04/02/1994
1x19 Shapes01/04/1994
1x21 Tooms22/04/1994
1x23 Roland06/05/1994
2x01 Little Green Men16/09/1994
2x03 Blood30/09/1994
2x07 304/11/1994
2x09 Firewalker18/11/1994
2x13 Irresistible13/01/1995
3x04 Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose13/10/1995
3x06 2Shy03/11/1995
3x09 Nisei (1)24/11/1995
3x11 Revelations15/12/1995
Space: Above and Beyond (Space 2063)
1x01 Pilot (1)24/09/1995
1x02 Pilot (2)24/09/1995
1x03 The Farthest Man from Home01/10/1995
1x01 Pilot25/10/1996
1x02 Gehenna01/11/1996
1x05 52266622/11/1996
1x12 Loin Like a Hunting Flame31/01/1997
ER (Urgences)
3x07 No Brain, No Gain14/11/1996
5x06 Stuck on You05/11/1998
7x10 Piece of Mind04/01/2001
8x08 Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain15/11/2001
9x10 Hindsight12/12/2002
Sleepwalkers (Sleepwalkers : Chasseurs de rêves)
1x01 Pilot01/11/1997
1x01 Pilot06/10/1999
1x02 The Morning After13/10/1999
1x03 Monsters20/10/1999
1x08 Blood Brother24/11/1999
1x09 Heat Wave01/12/1999
Dark Angel
1x01 Pilot03/10/2000
Band of Brothers (Frères d'Armes)
1x04 Replacements23/09/2001
1x01 Pilot16/10/2001
The West Wing (À la Maison Blanche)
3x11 100,000 Airplanes16/01/2002
Without a Trace (FBI : Portés Disparus)
1x01 Pilot26/09/2002
1x02 Birthday Boy03/10/2002
2x08 Trip Box20/11/2003
Tarzan (2003) (Jane et Tarzan)
1x01 Pilot (1)05/10/2003
1x02 Secrets and Lies (2)12/10/2003
Jack & Bobby (Jack et Bobby)
1x01 Pilot12/09/2004
1x03 The Kindness of Strangers26/09/2004
Entourage (US)
2x02 My Maserati Does 18512/06/2005
3x18 The Resurrection13/05/2007
3x19 The Prince's Bride20/05/2007
6x10 Berried Alive20/09/2009
7x07 Tequila and Coke15/08/2010
7x08 Sniff Sniff, Gang Bang22/08/2010
7x10 Lose Yourself12/09/2010
8x05 Motherf*cker21/08/2011
8x06 The Big Bang28/08/2011
8x08 The End11/09/2011
1x01 Pilot13/09/2005
1x02 Wendigo20/09/2005
3x12 Sal Perri06/12/2005
The Sopranos (Les Soprano)
6x02 Join the Club19/03/2006
Traveler (Traveler : Ennemis d'État)
1x01 Pilot10/05/2007
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Terminator : Les Chroniques de Sarah Connor)
1x01 Pilot13/01/2008
1x02 Gnothi Seauton14/01/2008
2x01 Samson & Delilah08/09/2008
The Mentalist (Mentalist)
1x01 Pilot23/09/2008
1x02 Red Hair and Silver Tape30/09/2008
Eastwick (Les mystères d'Eastwick)
1x01 Pilot23/09/2009
1x02 Reaping and Sewing30/09/2009
The Pacific (Band of Brothers : L'enfer du Pacifique)
1x02 Basilone21/03/2010
1x08 Iwo Jima02/05/2010
1x01 Pilot20/09/2010
Shameless (US)
1x07 Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father20/02/2011
2x07 A Bottle of Jean Nate19/02/2012
4x05 There's the Rub09/02/2014
7x06 The Defenestration of Frank06/11/2016
Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones : Le Trône de Fer)
2x06 The Old Gods and the New06/05/2012
2x07 A Man without Honor13/05/2012
3x09 The Rains of Castamere02/06/2013
3x10 Mhysa09/06/2013
5x09 The Dance of Dragons07/06/2015
5x10 Mother's Mercy14/06/2015
8x01 Winterfell14/04/2019
8x02 A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms21/04/2019
8x04 The Last of the Starks05/05/2019
1x01 Pilot10/10/2012
Homeland (US)
3x04 Game On20/10/2013
The Flash (2014) (Flash (2014))
1x01 City of Heroes07/10/2014
1x02 Fastest Man Alive14/10/2014
Containment (Alerte Contagion)
1x01 Pilot19/04/2016
Lost in Space (2018) (Perdus dans l'espace (2018))
1x10 Danger, Will Robinson13/04/2018
The Time Traveler's Wife
1x01 Episode One15/05/2022
1x02 Episode Two22/05/2022
1x03 Episode Three29/05/2022
1x04 Episode Four05/06/2022
1x05 Episode Five12/06/2022
1x06 Episode Six19/06/2022