David Milch

Né le 23 mars 1945 (75 ans)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2012 Luck Terminée
2007 John from Cincinnati Terminée
2004 Deadwood Terminée
1997 Total Security Terminée
1997 Brooklyn South Terminée
1993 NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues) Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries13.55

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2019 Deadwood, le film (TV) (Deadwood: The Movie (TV)) 110
Moyenne de tous ses films13.76

Scénariste de séries

Hill Street Blues (Capitaine Furillo)
3x01 Trial by Fury30/09/1982
3x06 Stan the Man04/11/1982
3x10 Phantom of the Hill02/12/1982
3x11 No Body's Perfect09/12/1982
3x13 Gung Ho!20/01/1983
3x14 Moon Over Uranus27/01/1983
3x16 Moon Over Uranus: The Final Legacy10/02/1983
3x17 The Belles of St. Mary's17/02/1983
3x18 Life in the Minors24/02/1983
3x19 Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back03/03/1983
3x20 Spotlight on Rico28/04/1983
3x21 Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart?05/05/1983
3x22 A Hill of Beans12/05/1983
4x01 Here's Adventure, Here's Romance13/10/1983
4x04 Death by Kiki03/11/1983
4x05 Doris in Wonderland10/11/1983
4x06 Praise Dilaudid17/11/1983
4x07 Goodbye, Mr. Scripps24/11/1983
4x08 Midway to What?01/12/1983
4x09 Honk If You're a Goose08/12/1983
4x11 Ratman and Bobbin12/01/1984
4x12 Nichols from Heaven19/01/1984
4x13 Fuchs Me? Fuchs You!26/01/1984
4x13 Fuchs Me? Fuchs You!26/01/1984
4x14 Grace Under Pressure02/02/1984
4x15 The Other Side of Oneness09/02/1984
4x16 Parting is Such Sweep Sorrow16/02/1984
4x17 The End of Logan's Run01/03/1984
4x18 The Count of Monty Tasco08/03/1984
4x19 Nutcracker Suite15/03/1984
4x20 Hair Apparent03/05/1984
4x21 Lucky Ducks10/05/1984
4x22 Eva's Brawn17/05/1984
5x01 Mayo, Hold the Pickle27/09/1984
5x02 Watt a Way to Go04/10/1984
5x03 Rookie Nookie18/10/1984
5x04 Fowl Play25/10/1984
5x05 Bangladesh Slowly01/11/1984
5x07 Blues for Mr. Green15/11/1984
5x08 Fuched Again22/11/1984
5x09 Low Blow29/11/1984
5x12 Intestinal Fortitude10/01/1985
5x13 Of Human Garbage17/01/1985
5x14 Dr. Hoof and Mouth24/01/1985
5x15 Davenport in a Storm31/01/1985
5x17 Passage to Libya14/02/1985
5x18 El Capitan21/02/1985
5x19 The Life and Time of Dominic Florio Jr.21/03/1985
5x20 G.Q.28/03/1985
5x21 Queen for a Day11/04/1985
5x22 You're in Alice's09/05/1985
5x23 Grin and Bear It16/05/1985
6x01 Blues in the Night26/09/1985
6x02 Hacked to Pieces03/10/1985
6x03 Seoul on Ice17/10/1985
6x04 In the Belly of the Bus24/10/1985
6x10 The Virgin and the Turkey12/12/1985
6x11 Two Easy Pieces09/01/1986
6x12 Say It as It Plays16/01/1986
6x13 Das Blues23/01/1986
6x14 Scales of Justice30/01/1986
6x16 Remembrance of Hits Past13/02/1986
6x17 Larry of Arabia27/02/1986
6x17 Larry of Arabia27/02/1986
6x18 Iced Coffey06/03/1986
6x19 Jagga the Hunk13/03/1986
6x20 Look Homeward, Ninja20/03/1986
7x01 The Suitcase02/10/1986
7x05 I Come on My Knees06/11/1986
7x07 Amazing Grace27/11/1986
7x22 It Ain't Over Till It's Over12/05/1987
NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
1x01 Pilot21/09/1993
1x02 4B or Not 4B28/09/1993
1x03 Brown Appetit05/10/1993
1x04 True Confessions12/10/1993
1x06 Personal Foul26/10/1993
1x11 From Hare to Eternity14/12/1993
1x13 Abandando Abandoned11/01/1994
1x14 Jumpin' Jack Fleishman18/01/1994
1x16 A Sudden Fish15/02/1994
1x17 Black Men Can Jump01/03/1994
1x18 Zeppo Marks Brothers22/03/1994
1x19 Serge the Concierge29/03/1994
1x20 Good Time Charlie03/05/1994
1x21 Guns 'n Rosaries10/05/1994
2x01 Trials & Tribulations11/10/1994
2x02 From Whom the Skell Rolls18/10/1994
2x05 Simone Says15/11/1994
2x09 Don We Now Our Gay Apparel03/01/1995
2x10 In the Butt, Bob10/01/1995
2x11 Vishy-Vashy-Vinny17/01/1995
2x15 Bombs Away28/02/1995
2x22 A.D.A. Sipowicz23/05/1995
3x01 E.R.24/10/1995
3x05 Dirty Laundry21/11/1995
4x01 Moby Greg15/10/1996
4x02 Thick Stu22/10/1996
4x03 Yes, We Have No Cannolis29/10/1996
4x04 Where's 'Swaldo?12/11/1996
4x05 Where'd the Van Gogh?19/11/1996
4x09 Caulksmanship17/12/1996
4x11 Alice Doesn't Fit Here Anymore14/01/1997
4x13 Tom and Geri28/01/1997
4x14 A Remington Original11/02/1997
4x16 What a Dump!25/02/1997
4x17 A Wrenching Experience15/04/1997
4x18 I Love Lucy22/04/1997
4x20 Emission Impossible06/05/1997
4x22 A Draining Experience20/05/1997
5x01 As Flies to Careless Boys Are We to the Gods / This Bud's for You30/09/1997
5x02 All's Wells That Ends Well07/10/1997
5x03 Three Girls and a Baby14/10/1997
5x04 The Truth is Out There28/10/1997
5x05 It Takes a Village04/11/1997
5x06 Dead Man Talking11/11/1997
5x07 Sheedy Dealings18/11/1997
5x08 Lost Israel (1)25/11/1997
5x09 Lost Israel (2)09/12/1997
5x10 Remembrance of Humps Past16/12/1997
6x09 Grime Scene05/01/1998
5x11 You're Under a Rasta06/01/1998
5x12 A Box of Wendy13/01/1998
5x13 Twin Petes10/02/1998
5x14 Weaver of Hate17/02/1998
5x15 Don't Kill the Messenger24/02/1998
5x17 Speak For Yourself, Bruce Clayton24/03/1998
5x19 Prostrate Before the Law28/04/1998
5x20 Hammer Time05/05/1998
5x21 Seminal Thinking12/05/1998
5x22 Honeymoon at Viagra Falls19/05/1998
6x01 Top Gum20/10/1998
6x02 Cop in a Bottle27/10/1998
6x03 Numb & Number10/11/1998
6x04 Brother's Keeper17/11/1998
6x05 Hearts and Souls24/11/1998
6x06 Danny Boy01/12/1998
6x07 Czech Bouncer08/12/1998
6x08 Raging Bulls15/12/1998
6x10 Show and Tell12/01/1999
6x11 Big Bang Theory09/02/1999
6x12 What's Up, Chuck?16/02/1999
6x13 Dead Girl Walking23/02/1999
6x14 Raphael's Inferno02/03/1999
6x15 I Have a Dream06/04/1999
6x16 Tain't Misbehavin13/04/1999
6x17 Don't Meth With Me20/04/1999
6x18 Mister Roberts27/04/1999
6x19 Judas Priest04/05/1999
6x20 I'll Draw You a Mapp11/05/1999
6x22 Safe Home25/05/1999
7x01 Loogie Nights11/01/2000
7x02 A Hole in Juan18/01/2000
7x03 The Man with Two Right Shoes25/01/2000
7x04 The Naked are the Dead01/02/2000
7x06 Brothers Under Arms15/02/2000
7x07 Along Came Jones22/02/2000
7x08 Everybody Plays the Mule23/02/2000
7x09 Jackass29/02/2000
7x10 Who Murders Sleep07/03/2000
7x11 Little Abner14/03/2000
7x12 Welcome to New York21/03/2000
7x13 The Irvin Files28/03/2000
7x14 Sleep Over04/04/2000
7x15 Stressed For Success11/04/2000
7x16 Goodbye Charlie18/04/2000
7x17 Roll Out the Barrel25/04/2000
7x18 Lucky Luciano02/05/2000
7x19 Tea and Sympathy09/05/2000
7x20 This Old Spouse16/05/2000
7x21 Bats Off to Larry23/05/2000
7x22 The Last Round Up23/05/2000
Murder One
1x01 Chapter One19/09/1995
1x01 Deadwood21/03/2004
2x01 A Lie Agreed Upon (1)06/03/2005
3x01 Tell Your God to Ready for Blood11/06/2006
3x02 I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For18/06/2006
3x05 A Two-Headed Beast09/07/2006
John from Cincinnati
1x01 His Visit: Day One10/06/2007
1x01 Pilot29/01/2012
True Detective
3x04 The Hour and the Day27/01/2019