David E. Kelley

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 4 avril 1956 (68 ans) • Waterville, Maine (États-Unis)

Époux de Michelle Pfeiffer (depuis 1993)

Compagnon de Marlee Matlin (1989-1992)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario | Films

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1999 Lake Placid 82
1999 Mystery, Alaska 119
1996 Par amour pour Gillian (To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday)93
1987 From the Hip111
Moyenne de tous ses films12.29

Production | Films

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1999 Lake Placid 82
1999 Mystery, Alaska 119
1996 Par amour pour Gillian (To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday)93
Moyenne de tous ses films12.29

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2024 A Man in Full (Un homme, un vrai) Terminée
2024 Presumed Innocent (Présumé innocent) Toujours en cours
2023 Love and Death Terminée
2022 The Calling Toujours en cours
2022 The Lincoln Lawyer (La Défense Lincoln) Toujours en cours
2022 Anatomy of a Scandal (Anatomie d'un scandale) Terminée
2021 Big Shot Terminée
2021 Nine Perfect Strangers Toujours en cours
2020 Big Sky (2020) Terminée
2020 The Undoing Terminée
2017 Mr. Mercedes Terminée
2017 Big Little Lies Terminée
2016 Goliath Terminée
2013 The Crazy Ones Terminée
2013 Monday Mornings Terminée
2011 Harry's Law (La loi selon Harry) Terminée
2007 The Wedding Bells Terminée
2004 Boston Legal (Boston Justice) Terminée
2003 The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire Terminée
2000 Boston Public Terminée
1999 Snoops (1999) Terminée
1999 Ally Terminée
1997 Ally McBeal Terminée
1997 The Practice (The Practice : Donnell & Associés) Terminée
1994 Chicago Hope (Chicago Hope : La vie à tout prix) Terminée
1992 Picket Fences (High Secret City, la ville du grand secret) Terminée
1989 Doogie Howser, M.D. (Docteur Doogie) Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries15.11

Scénariste de séries

The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire
0x00 Pilot00/00/0000
1x06 The Song of Poland00/00/0000
1x07 Shaw-Shank Redemption00/00/0000
1x08 Thanksgiving00/00/0000
1x01 Falling Acorns24/09/2003
1x02 Secrets and Lies01/10/2003
1x03 Tough Love08/10/2003
1x04 Sleeping Lions15/10/2003
1x05 Little Girl Lost22/10/2003
1x12 Happy Birthday00/00/0000
1x01 Once in a Lifetime28/09/1999
1x02 The Promise05/10/1999
1x03 One Hundred Tears Away12/10/1999
1x04 Drawing the Lines19/10/1999
1x05 The Attitude26/10/1999
1x06 The Dirty Joke02/11/1999
1x07 Cro-Magnon09/11/1999
1x08 Fool's Night Out16/11/1999
1x09 Boy to the World14/12/1999
1x10 The Blame Game28/12/1999
Doogie Howser, M.D. (Docteur Doogie)
1x01 Pilot19/09/1989
1x03 A Stitch Called Wanda27/09/1989
The Practice (The Practice : Donnell & Associés)
1x01 Pilot04/03/1997
1x02 Part II11/03/1997
1x03 Trial and Error18/03/1997
1x04 Part IV25/03/1997
1x05 Part V01/04/1997
2x01 Reasonable Doubts20/09/1997
2x02 Betrayal23/09/1997
2x03 The Blessing27/09/1997
2x04 Dog Bite04/10/1997
2x05 First Degree (1)11/10/1997
2x06 Sex, Lies and Monkeys (2)18/10/1997
2x07 Search and Seizure25/10/1997
2x11 Hide and Seek29/11/1997
2x12 Race with the Devil13/12/1997
2x14 The Pursuit of Dignity03/01/1998
2x15 Line of Duty05/01/1998
2x16 Truth and Consequences12/01/1998
2x17 Burden of Proof19/01/1998
2x18 Ties that Bind02/02/1998
2x19 The Trial (1)09/02/1998
2x20 Cloudy with a Chance of Membranes (2)16/02/1998
2x21 In Deep02/03/1998
2x22 Another Day09/03/1998
2x23 Checkmate16/03/1998
2x24 Trees in the Forest30/03/1998
2x25 Food Chains06/04/1998
2x26 Axe Murderer (2)27/04/1998
2x27 Duty Bound04/05/1998
2x28 Rhyme and Reason11/05/1998
3x01 Passing Go27/09/1998
3x02 Reasons to Believe04/10/1998
3x03 Body Count11/10/1998
3x04 The Defenders18/10/1998
3x05 The Battlefield25/10/1998
3x06 One of Those Days08/11/1998
3x07 Trench Work15/11/1998
3x08 Swearing In29/11/1998
3x09 State of Mind06/12/1998
3x10 Love and Honor13/12/1998
3x11 Split Decisions03/01/1999
3x12 A Day in the Life10/01/1999
3x13 Judge and Jury17/01/1999
3x14 Of Human Bondage07/02/1999
3x15 Lawyers, Reporters and Cockroaches21/02/1999
3x16 End Games28/02/1999
3x18 Crossfire14/03/1999
3x19 Closet Justice28/03/1999
3x21 Infected25/04/1999
3x22 Do Unto Others02/05/1999
3x23 Happily Ever After09/05/1999
4x01 Free Dental26/09/1999
4x02 Boston Confidential03/10/1999
4x03 Loser's Keepers10/10/1999
4x04 Legacy (1)17/10/1999
4x05 Oz (2)24/10/1999
4x06 Marooned07/11/1999
4x07 Victimless Crimes14/11/1999
4x08 Committed21/11/1999
4x09 Bay of Pigs28/11/1999
4x10 Day in Court12/12/1999
4x11 Blowing Smoke09/01/2000
4x12 New Evidence (1)30/01/2000
4x13 Hammerhead Sharks (2)06/02/2000
4x14 Checkmates13/02/2000
4x15 Race Ipsa Loquitor20/02/2000
4x17 Black Widows02/04/2000
4x18 Death Penalties09/04/2000
4x19 Till Death Do Us Part (1)30/04/2000
4x20 Liberty Bells (2)07/05/2000
4x21 The Honorable Man14/05/2000
4x22 Life Sentence21/05/2000
5x01 Summary Judgments08/10/2000
5x02 Germ Warfare15/10/2000
5x03 Officers of the Court22/10/2000
5x04 Appeal and Denial29/10/2000
5x05 We Hold These Truths...05/11/2000
5x06 Show and Tell12/11/2000
5x07 Brothers' Keepers19/11/2000
5x08 Mr. Hinks Goes to Town26/11/2000
5x09 The Deal10/12/2000
5x10 Friends and Ex-Lovers17/12/2000
5x11 An Early Frost07/01/2001
5x12 Payback14/01/2001
5x13 The Thin Line04/02/2001
5x14 The Day After11/02/2001
5x15 Awakenings18/02/2001
5x16 Gideon's Crossover11/03/2001
5x17 What Child is This?18/03/2001
5x18 The Confession01/04/2001
5x19 Home of the Brave22/04/2001
5x22 Public Servants13/05/2001
6x01 The Candidate (1)23/09/2001
6x02 The Candidate (2)23/09/2001
6x03 Killing Time30/09/2001
6x07 Honor Code18/11/2001
6x09 Dangerous Liaisons02/12/2001
6x10 Inter Arma Silent Leges09/12/2001
6x11 Eyewitness06/01/2002
6x12 The Test13/01/2002
6x13 Pro Se10/02/2002
6x18 Fire Proof07/04/2002
6x19 The Return of Joey Heric14/04/2002
6x20 Eat and Run05/05/2002
6x21 Evil-Doers12/05/2002
6x22 This Pud's for You19/05/2002
6x23 The Verdict19/05/2002
7x01 Privilege29/09/2002
7x02 Convictions06/10/2002
7x03 Of Thee I Sing13/10/2002
7x04 The Cradle Will Rock20/10/2002
7x05 Neighboring Species03/11/2002
7x06 The Telltale Nation10/11/2002
7x07 Small Sacrifices17/11/2002
7x08 Bad to Worse01/12/2002
7x09 The Good Fight08/12/2002
7x11 Down The Hatch (1)27/01/2003
7x12 Final Judgment (2)03/02/2003
7x13 Character Evidence10/02/2003
7x14 The Making of a Trial Attorney03/03/2003
7x15 Choirboys (1)10/03/2003
7x16 Special Deliveries (2)24/03/2003
7x17 Burnout24/03/2003
7x18 Capitol Crimes31/03/2003
7x19 Les Is More07/04/2003
7x20 Heroes and Villains21/04/2003
7x21 Baby Love (1)05/05/2003
7x22 Goodbye (2)05/05/2003
8x01 We the People28/09/2003
8x02 The Chosen (1)05/10/2003
8x03 Cause of Action (2)12/10/2003
8x04 Blessed Are They (3)19/10/2003
8x05 The Heat of Passion (1)26/10/2003
8x06 The Lonely People (2)02/11/2003
8x07 Rape Shield09/11/2003
8x08 Concealing Evidence23/11/2003
8x09 Victims' Rights30/11/2003
8x10 Equal Justice07/12/2003
8x11 Police State11/01/2004
8x12 Avenging Angels18/01/2004
8x13 Going Home (1)15/02/2004
8x14 Pre-Trial Blues (2)22/02/2004
8x15 Mr. Shore Goes to Town (3)07/03/2004
8x16 In Good Conscience (1)14/03/2004
8x17 War of the Roses (2)21/03/2004
8x18 The Case Against Alan Shore (3)28/03/2004
8x19 The Firm18/04/2004
8x20 Comings and Goings25/04/2004
8x21 New Hoods on the Block02/05/2004
8x22 Cheers (a.k.a Adjourned: Series Finale)16/05/2004
Ally McBeal
1x01 Pilot08/09/1997
1x02 Compromising Positions15/09/1997
1x03 The Kiss22/09/1997
1x04 The Affair29/09/1997
1x05 One Hundred Tears Away20/10/1997
1x06 The Promise27/10/1997
1x07 The Attitude03/11/1997
1x08 Drawing the Lines10/11/1997
1x09 The Dirty Joke17/11/1997
1x10 Boy to the World01/12/1997
1x11 Silver Bells15/12/1997
1x12 Cro-Magnon05/01/1998
1x13 The Blame Game19/01/1998
1x14 Body Language02/02/1998
1x15 Once in a Lifetime23/02/1998
1x16 Forbidden Fruits02/03/1998
1x17 Theme of Life09/03/1998
1x18 The Playing Field16/03/1998
1x19 Happy Birthday, Baby06/04/1998
1x20 The Inmates27/04/1998
1x21 Being There04/05/1998
1x22 Alone Again11/05/1998
1x23 These Are the Days18/05/1998
2x01 The Real World14/09/1998
2x02 They Eat Horses, Don't They?21/09/1998
2x03 Fools Night Out28/09/1998
2x04 It's My Party19/10/1998
2x05 Story of Love26/10/1998
2x06 Worlds without Love02/11/1998
2x07 Happy Trails09/11/1998
2x08 Just Looking16/11/1998
2x09 You Never Can Tell23/11/1998
2x10 Making Spirits Bright14/12/1998
2x11 In Dreams11/01/1999
2x12 Love Unlimited18/01/1999
2x13 Angels and Blimps08/02/1999
2x14 Pyramids on the Nile15/02/1999
2x15 Sideshow22/02/1999
2x16 Sex, Lies and Politics01/03/1999
2x17 Civil War05/04/1999
2x18 Those Lips, That Hand19/04/1999
2x19 Let's Dance26/04/1999
2x20 Only the Lonely03/05/1999
2x21 The Green Monster10/05/1999
2x22 Love's Illusions17/05/1999
2x23 I Know Him by Heart24/05/1999
3x01 Car Wash25/10/1999
3x02 Buried Pleasures01/11/1999
3x03 Seeing Green08/11/1999
3x04 Heat Wave15/11/1999
3x05 Troubled Water22/11/1999
3x06 Changes29/11/1999
3x07 Saving Santa13/12/1999
3x08 Blue Christmas20/12/1999
3x09 Out in the Cold10/01/2000
3x10 Just Friends17/01/2000
3x11 Over the Rainbow07/02/2000
3x12 In Search of Pygmies14/02/2000
3x13 Pursuit of Loneliness21/02/2000
3x14 The Oddball Parade28/02/2000
3x15 Prime Suspect20/03/2000
3x16 Boy Next Door27/03/2000
3x17 I Will Survive10/04/2000
3x18 Turning Thirty01/05/2000
3x19 Do You Wanna Dance?08/05/2000
3x20 Hope and Glory15/05/2000
3x21 Ally McBeal: The Musical, Almost22/05/2000
4x01 Sex, Lies and Second Thoughts23/10/2000
4x02 Girls' Night Out30/10/2000
4x03 Two's a Crowd06/11/2000
4x04 Without a Net13/11/2000
4x05 The Last Virgin20/11/2000
4x06 'Tis the Season27/11/2000
4x07 Love on Holiday04/12/2000
4x08 The Man with the Bag11/12/2000
4x09 Reasons to Believe08/01/2001
4x10 The Ex-Files15/01/2001
4x11 Mr. Bo22/01/2001
4x12 Hats Off to Larry05/02/2001
4x13 Reach Out and Touch12/02/2001
4x14 Boys Town19/02/2001
4x15 Falling Up26/02/2001
4x16 The Getaway19/03/2001
4x17 The Pursuit of Unhappiness26/03/2001
4x18 The Obstacle Course16/04/2001
4x19 In Search of Barry White23/04/2001
4x20 Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade30/04/2001
4x21 Queen Bee07/05/2001
4x22 Home Again14/05/2001
4x23 The Wedding21/05/2001
5x01 Friends and Lovers29/10/2001
5x02 Judge Ling05/11/2001
5x03 Neutral Corners12/11/2001
5x04 Fear of Flirting19/11/2001
5x05 I Want Love26/11/2001
5x06 Lost and Found03/12/2001
5x07 Nine One One10/12/2001
5x08 Playing with Matches07/01/2002
5x10 One Hundred Tears21/01/2002
5x11 A Kick in the Head04/02/2002
5x12 The New Day11/02/2002
5x13 Woman18/02/2002
5x14 Homecoming25/02/2002
5x15 Heart and Soul04/03/2002
5x16 Love Is All Around (1)15/04/2002
5x17 Love Is All Around (2)15/04/2002
5x18 Tom Dooley22/04/2002
5x19 Another One Bites the Dust29/04/2002
5x20 What I'll Never Do for Love Again / Reality Bites06/05/2002
5x21 All of Me13/05/2002
5x22 Bygones20/05/2002
Snoops (1999)
1x01 Pilot26/09/1999
1x02 Singer in the Band03/10/1999
1x03 Bedfellas10/10/1999
1x07 Constitution21/11/1999
1x09 The Grinch12/12/1999
Boston Public
1x01 Chapter One23/10/2000
1x02 Chapter Two30/10/2000
1x03 Chapter Three06/11/2000
1x04 Chapter Four13/11/2000
1x05 Chapter Five20/11/2000
1x06 Chapter Six27/11/2000
1x07 Chapter Seven04/12/2000
1x08 Chapter Eight11/12/2000
1x10 Chapter Ten15/01/2001
1x11 Chapter Eleven22/01/2001
1x12 Chapter Twelve05/02/2001
1x13 Chapter Thirteen12/02/2001
1x14 Chapter Fourteen19/02/2001
1x15 Chapter Fifteen26/02/2001
1x16 Chapter Sixteen26/03/2001
1x17 Chapter Seventeen16/04/2001
1x18 Chapter Eighteen23/04/2001
1x19 Chapter Nineteen30/04/2001
1x20 Chapter Twenty07/05/2001
1x21 Chapter Twenty-One14/05/2001
1x22 Chapter Twenty-Two21/05/2001
2x01 Chapter Twenty-Three29/10/2001
2x02 Chapter Twenty-Four05/11/2001
2x03 Chapter Twenty-Five12/11/2001
2x04 Chapter Twenty-Six19/11/2001
2x05 Chapter Twenty-Seven26/11/2001
2x06 Chapter Twenty-Eight03/12/2001
2x07 Chapter Twenty-Nine10/12/2001
2x09 Chapter Thirty-One14/01/2002
2x10 Chapter Thirty-Two21/01/2002
2x11 Chapter Thirty-Three28/01/2002
2x12 Chapter Thirty-Four04/02/2002
2x14 Chapter Thirty-Six18/02/2002
2x15 Chapter Thirty-Seven25/02/2002
2x16 Chapter Thirty-Eight11/03/2002
2x19 Chapter Forty-One29/04/2002
2x21 Chapter Forty-Three13/05/2002
2x22 Chapter Forty-Four20/05/2002
3x02 Chapter Forty-Six28/10/2002
3x03 Chapter Forty-Seven04/11/2002
3x05 Chapter Forty-Nine18/11/2002
3x18 Chapter Sixty-Two31/03/2003
3x19 Chapter Sixty-Three07/04/2003
4x01 Chapter Sixty-Seven19/09/2003
4x03 Chapter Sixty-Eight03/10/2003
Boston Legal (Boston Justice)
1x01 Head Cases03/10/2004
1x02 Still Crazy After All These Years10/10/2004
1x03 Catch and Release17/10/2004
1x04 Change of Course24/10/2004
1x05 An Eye for an Eye31/10/2004
1x08 Loose Lips28/11/2004
1x10 Hired Guns19/12/2004
1x11 Schmidt Happens09/01/2005
1x12 From Whence We Came16/01/2005
1x13 It Girls and Beyond23/01/2005
1x14 Til We Meat Again13/02/2005
1x15 Tortured Souls20/02/2005
1x16 Let Sales Ring13/03/2005
1x17 Death Be Not Proud20/03/2005
2x01 The Black Widow27/09/2005
2x02 Schadenfreude04/10/2005
2x03 Finding Nimmo11/10/2005
2x04 A Whiff and a Prayer18/10/2005
2x05 Men to Boys25/10/2005
2x07 Truly, Madly, Deeply08/11/2005
2x09 Gone06/12/2005
2x10 Legal Deficits13/12/2005
2x16 Live Big21/02/2006
2x19 Stick It14/03/2006
2x23 Race Ipsa25/04/2006
3x01 Can't We All Get a Lung19/09/2006
3x02 New Kids on the Block26/09/2006
3x03 Desperately Seeking Shirley03/10/2006
3x04 Fine Young Cannibal10/10/2006
3x05 Whose God Is It Anyway?17/10/2006
3x06 The Verdict24/10/2006
3x07 Trick or Treat31/10/2006
3x08 Lincoln (1)26/11/2006
3x09 On the Ledge (2)28/11/2006
3x10 The Nutcrackers05/12/2006
3x11 Angel of Death09/01/2007
3x12 Nuts16/01/2007
3x13 Dumping Bella30/01/2007
3x16 The Good Lawyer20/02/2007
3x17 The Bride Wore Blood20/03/2007
3x18 Son of the Defender03/04/2007
3x19 Brotherly Love10/04/2007
3x20 Guise 'n Dolls24/04/2007
3x22 Guantanamo by the Bay08/05/2007
3x24 Trial of the Century29/05/2007
4x01 Beauty and the Beast25/09/2007
4x02 The Innocent Man02/10/2007
4x03 The Chicken and the Leg09/10/2007
4x04 Do Tell16/10/2007
4x05 Hope and Glory30/10/2007
4x06 The Object of My Affection06/11/2007
4x07 Attack of the Xenophobes13/11/2007
4x08 Oral Contracts04/12/2007
4x09 No Brains Left Behind11/12/2007
4x10 Green Christmas18/12/2007
4x11 Mad About You15/01/2008
4x12 Roe v. Wade: The Musical22/01/2008
4x13 Glow in the Dark12/02/2008
4x14 Rescue Me19/02/2008
4x15 Tabloid Nation08/04/2008
4x16 The Mighty Rogues15/04/2008
4x17 The Court Supreme22/04/2008
4x18 Indecent Proposals30/04/2008
4x19 The Gods Must Be Crazy14/05/2008
4x20 Patriot Acts21/05/2008
5x01 Smoke Signals22/09/2008
5x02 Guardians and Gatekeepers29/09/2008
5x03 Dances with Wolves06/10/2008
5x04 True Love13/10/2008
5x05 The Bad Seed20/10/2008
5x06 Happy Trails27/10/2008
5x07 Mad Cows03/11/2008
5x08 Roe10/11/2008
5x09 Kill, Baby, Kill17/11/2008
5x10 Thanksgiving24/11/2008
5x11 Juiced01/12/2008
5x12 Made in China08/12/2008
5x13 Last Call08/12/2008
The Wedding Bells
1x01 For Whom the Bells Toll02/03/2007
1x03 Partly Cloudy, With a Chance of Disaster09/03/2007
1x02 Wedding from Hell16/03/2007
1x04 The Fantasy23/03/2007
1x05 The Most Beautiful Girl06/04/2007
1x06 The Mother13/04/2007
1x01 Of Mice and Men14/10/2016
1x02 Pride and Prejudice14/10/2016
1x03 Game On14/10/2016
1x07 Beauty and the Beast14/10/2016
1x08 Citizens United14/10/2016
Big Little Lies
1x01 Somebody's Dead19/02/2017
1x02 Serious Mothering26/02/2017
1x03 Living the Dream05/03/2017
1x04 Push Comes to Shove12/03/2017
1x05 Once Bitten19/03/2017
1x06 Burning Love26/03/2017
1x07 You Get What You Need02/04/2017
Mr. Mercedes
1x01 Pilot09/08/2017
1x02 On Your Mark16/08/2017
2x02 Let's Go Roaming29/08/2018
2x09 Walk Like a Man17/10/2018
3x01 No Good Deed10/09/2019
3x02 Madness17/09/2019
3x04 Trial and Terror01/10/2019
3x05 Great Balls of Fire08/10/2019
3x06 Bad to Worse15/10/2019
3x07 The End of the Beginning22/10/2019
3x08 Mommy Deadest29/10/2019
3x09 Crunch Time05/11/2019
3x10 Burning Man12/11/2019
The Undoing
1x01 The Undoing25/10/2020
1x02 The Missing01/11/2020
1x03 Do No Harm08/11/2020
1x04 See No Evil15/11/2020
1x05 Trial by Fury22/11/2020
1x06 The Bloody Truth29/11/2020
Big Sky (2020)
1x01 Pilot18/11/2020
1x02 Nowhere to Run25/11/2020
1x03 The Big Rick02/12/2020
Big Shot
1x01 Pilot16/04/2021
Nine Perfect Strangers
1x01 Random Acts of Mayhem18/08/2021
The Lincoln Lawyer (La Défense Lincoln)
1x01 He Rides Again13/05/2022
A Man in Full (Un homme, un vrai)
1x01 Saddlebags02/05/2024