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Scénariste de séries

The Fall Guy (L'homme qui tombe à pic)
1x04 The Rich Get Richer18/11/1981
1x09 No Way Out06/01/1982
1x14 Soldiers of Misfortune10/02/1982
1x20 Charlie07/04/1982
3x06 TKO02/11/1983
Knight Rider (1982) (K-2000)
1x06 Just My Bill29/10/1982
1x15 Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death21/01/1983
1x21 Nobody Does It Better29/04/1983
V (1983) (V : Les visiteurs)
3x06 Visitor's Choice23/11/1984
3x15 The Wildcats15/02/1985
3x19 The Return22/03/1985
3x03 Breakout24/05/1985
Midnight Caller (Jack Killian, l'homme au micro)
3x17 The Added Starter05/04/1991
Baywatch (Alerte à Malibu)
2x05 The Fabulous Buchannon Boys14/10/1991
2x09 The Trophy (1)11/11/1991
2x10 The Trophy (2)18/11/1991
2x19 The Lost Treasure of Tower 1227/04/1992
2x20 The Big Spill04/05/1992
2x21 Game of Chance11/05/1992
3x03 Tequila Bay28/09/1992
3x15 Vacation (1)25/01/1993
3x16 Vacation (2)01/02/1993
3x18 Stakeout at Surfrider Beach15/02/1993
3x22 Fatal Exchange10/05/1993
4x09 Ironman Buchannon08/11/1993
4x10 Tower of Power15/11/1993
4x14 Coronado Del Sol (1)31/01/1994
4x15 Coronado Del Sol (2)07/02/1994
4x21 Trading Places09/05/1994
4x22 Guys & Dolls16/05/1994
5x03 Aftershock10/10/1994
5x05 Air Buchannon24/10/1994
5x13 Rubber Ducky30/01/1995
5x18 Fire with Fire24/04/1995
5x20 Promised Land08/05/1995
5x21 The Runaways15/05/1995
6x03 Hot Stuff09/10/1995
6x04 Surf's Up16/10/1995
6x12 Beauty and the Beast29/01/1996
6x17 Sail Away18/03/1996
6x21 Last Wave06/05/1996
6x22 Go for the Gold13/05/1996
7x01 Shark Fever23/09/1996
7x04 Windswept14/10/1996
7x09 Buried18/11/1996
7x12 Bachelor of the Month03/02/1997
7x19 Trial by Fire21/04/1997
7x21 Golden Girls05/05/1997
8x01 Rookie Summer22/09/1997
8x02 Next Generation27/09/1997
8x07 Out of the Blue03/11/1997
8x10 Missing24/11/1997
8x14 Surf City09/02/1998
8x20 Bon Voyage04/05/1998
8x21 White Thunder at Glacier Bay (1)11/05/1998
8x22 White Thunder at Glacier Bay (2)18/05/1998
9x01 Crash (1)21/09/1998
9x02 Crash (2)28/09/1998
9x08 Swept Away09/11/1998
9x13 Come Fly with Me18/01/1999
9x15 Baywatch Grand Prix08/02/1999
9x22 Castles in the Sand17/05/1999
Thunder in Paradise (Caraïbes Offshore)
1x19 Blast Off06/11/1994
Baywatch Nights (Un privé à Malibu)
1x10 Kind of a Drag02/12/1995
The Outer Limits (1995) (Au-delà du réel : l'aventure continue)
3x06 Dark Rain14/02/1997