Davey Holmes

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 4 octobre 1969 (52 ans)

Époux de Sonya Walger (depuis 2009)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Law & Order (New York Police Judiciaire)
15x04 Coming Down Hard06/10/2004
15x18 Dining Out02/03/2005
16x04 Age of Innocence12/10/2005
3 lbs.
1x02 Of Two Minds21/11/2006
1x08 Plugged In07/11/2008
1x08 Blame the Victim18/09/2007
In Treatment (En analyse)
1x10 Paul and Gina - Week Two08/02/2008
1x15 Paul and Gina - Week Three15/02/2008
1x20 Paul and Gina - Week Four22/02/2008
1x25 Paul and Gina - Week Five29/02/2008
1x30 Paul and Gina - Week Six07/03/2008
1x35 Paul and Gina - Week Seven14/03/2008
1x40 Paul and Gina - Week Eight21/03/2008
Pushing Daisies
2x05 Dim Sum Lose Some29/10/2008
Happy Town
1x03 Polly Wants a Crack at Her12/05/2010
The Chicago Code
1x03 Gillis, Chase & Babyface21/02/2011
1x07 Black Hand and the Shotgun Man21/03/2011
1x08 Nightswimming19/04/2012
Shameless (US)
3x08 Where There's a Will10/03/2013
4x05 There's the Rub09/02/2014
4x10 Liver, I Hardly Know Her23/03/2014
5x04 A Night to Remem... Wait, What?01/02/2015
5x11 Drugs Actually29/03/2015
6x04 Going Once, Going Twice31/01/2016
6x09 A Yurt of One's Own13/03/2016