Craig Zisk

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 20 mai 1965 (59 ans) • Dallas, Texas (États-Unis)

Frère de Randy Zisk

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation | Films

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2013 The English Teacher93
Moyenne de tous ses films11.28

Réalisation | Téléfilms

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2002 Le fils du Père Noël (Mr. St. Nick)100
Moyenne de tous ses films11.6

Réalisation de séries

Head Cases
1x05 Be Your Best You00/00/0000
1x02 S(elf) Help21/09/2005
Dr. Vegas
1x07 Out Damned Spot00/00/0000
Love Boat: The Next Wave (La croisière s'amuse, nouvelle vague)
2x05 All That Glitters06/11/1998
Just Shoot Me! (Voilà !)
3x12 A Spy in the House of Me12/01/1999
3x13 Lies & Dolls02/02/1999
Charmed (1998)
1x19 Out of Sight05/05/1999
2x01 Witch Trial30/09/1999
2x09 Ms. Hellfire13/01/2000
2x11 Reckless Abandon27/01/2000
2x20 Astral Monkey04/05/2000
3x07 Power Outage16/11/2000
1x18 Ch-Ch-Changes20/04/2000
2x04 The Sweetest Taboo13/10/2000
2x08 Misery Loathes Company17/11/2000
2x18 The Brain Game27/04/2001
Grounded for Life (Parents à tout prix)
1x04 Devil with a Plaid Skirt31/01/2001
1x15 Love Child23/05/2001
1x05 My Two Dads23/10/2001
2x02 My Nightingale03/10/2002
3x10 My Rule of Thumb22/01/2004
3x15 My Tormented Mentor02/03/2004
4x15 My Hypocritical Oath01/02/2005
4x18 My Roommates22/02/2005
4x06 Oops...Noel Did It Again14/11/2001
4x15 The Paper Chase10/04/2002
The Tick (2001)
1x04 The License06/12/2001
4x12 Shadow Play11/01/2002
NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
9x15 Guns & Hoses12/03/2002
1x18 Masquerade07/04/2002
2x02 Trust Me06/10/2002
2x16 Firebomb23/02/2003
4x07 Détente16/02/2005
Birds of Prey (Les Anges de la nuit)
1x04 Three Birds and a Baby30/10/2002
2x09 Dichotic19/11/2002
American Dreams (Mes plus belles années)
1x13 The Pursuit of Happiness02/02/2003
1x24 High Hopes11/05/2003
2x04 Crossing the Line19/10/2003
1x06 Megan O'Hara02/09/2003
2x07 Naomi Gaines03/08/2004
3x03 Derek, Alex, and Gary04/10/2005
3x14 Cherry Peck20/12/2005
4x11 Conor McNamara, 202614/11/2006
5x10 Magda and Jeff22/01/2008
6x14 Sheila Carlton27/01/2010
Las Vegas
1x13 The Night the Lights Went Out in Vegas26/01/2004
2x01 Have You Ever Seen the Rain?13/09/2004
3x09 Mothwoman (1)21/11/2005
2x15 Mr. Monk Gets Married27/02/2004
North Shore (US) (North Shore : Hôtel du Pacifique)
1x04 Meteor Shower05/07/2004
1x08 Muffin Buffalo23/07/2004
1x06 Barrel Bear27/10/2004
Without a Trace (FBI : Portés Disparus)
3x03 Light Years14/10/2004
Medical Investigation (NIH : alertes médicales)
1x16 Survivor11/02/2005
1x11 Cease & Assist19/03/2005
The Closer (2005) (The Closer : L.A. enquêtes prioritaires)
1x05 Flashpoint11/07/2005
1x03 Good Shit Lollipop22/08/2005
2x01 Corn Snake14/08/2006
2x02 Cooking with Jesus21/08/2006
2x05 Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood11/09/2006
2x08 MILF Money02/10/2006
2x10 Mile Deep and a Foot Wide16/10/2006
2x11 Yeah, Just Like Tomatoes23/10/2006
2x12 Pittsburgh30/10/2006
3x01 Doing the Backstroke13/08/2007
3x02 A Pool and His Money20/08/2007
3x05 Bill Sussman10/09/2007
3x08 The Two Mrs. Scottsons01/10/2007
3x10 Roy Till Called15/10/2007
3x15 Go19/11/2007
4x01 Mother Thinks the Birds are After Her16/06/2008
4x02 Lady's a Charm23/06/2008
4x03 The Whole Blah Damn Thing30/06/2008
4x05 No Man is Pudding14/07/2008
4x09 Little Boats11/08/2008
4x11 Head Cheese25/08/2008
4x13 If You Work for a Living, Then Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?15/09/2008
My Name Is Earl (Earl)
1x17 Didn't Pay Taxes02/03/2006
2x05 Van Hickey19/10/2006
3x04 Guys and Doll02/07/2006
The Office (US)
4x03 Dunder-Mifflin Infinity (1)04/10/2007
4x04 Dunder-Mifflin Infinity (2)04/10/2007
Trust Me (US)
1x03 But Wait, There's More09/02/2009
Nurse Jackie
1x02 Sweet 'n All15/06/2009
1x03 Chicken Soup22/06/2009
1x06 Tiny Bubbles13/07/2009
Hung (Le Réjouisseur)
1x02 'Great Sausage' or 'Can I Call You Dick?'12/07/2009
United States of Tara
2x01 Yes22/03/2010
2x02 Trouble Junction29/03/2010
2x11 To Have and to Hold31/05/2010
2x12 From This Day Forward07/06/2010
3x01 ...youwillnotwin...28/03/2011
3x02 Crackerjack04/04/2011
3x03 The Full Fuck You Finger11/04/2011
3x08 Chicken 'n' Corn16/05/2011
3x11 Crunchy Ice13/06/2011
3x12 The Good Parts20/06/2011
The Big C
1x04 Playing the Cancer Car13/09/2010
1x05 Blue-Eyed Iris20/09/2010
2x11 Fight or Flight12/09/2011
2x12 The Darkest Day19/09/2011
Shameless (US)
2x03 I'll Light a Candle for You Every Day22/01/2012
Parks and Recreation
5x04 Sex Education18/10/2012
5x14 Leslie and Ben21/02/2013
5x16 Bailout14/03/2013
5x18 Animal Control11/04/2013
7x11 Two Funerals17/02/2015
New Girl
2x11 Santa11/12/2012
American Horror Story
2x12 Continuum16/01/2013
2x02 The Fallout05/02/2013
2x08 The Bells and Whistles26/03/2013
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
1x02 The Tagger24/09/2013
1x09 Sal's Pizza19/11/2013
1x12 Pontiac Bandit07/01/2014
1x17 Full Boyle11/02/2014
2x15 Hostages08/02/2015
Battle Creek
1x06 Cereal Killer05/04/2015
Kingdom (US)
2x01 New Money14/10/2015
2x02 Simulations21/10/2015
The Good Wife
7x05 Payback01/11/2015
Marvel's Agent Carter (Agent Carter)
2x05 The Atomic Job09/02/2016
2x06 Life of the Party16/02/2016
Fear the Walking Dead
2x05 Captive08/05/2016
House of Lies
5x08 Tragedy of the Commons29/05/2016
1x04 Monster Swamp19/06/2016
The Exorcist (L'Exorciste)
1x04 Chapter Four: The Moveable Feast14/10/2016
This Is Us
1x06 Career Days01/11/2016
1x11 The World's Columbian Exposition16/01/2017
1x14 The Lost Generation06/02/2017
Santa Clarita Diet
1x06 Attention to Detail03/02/2017
6x02 Library23/04/2017
The Looming Tower
1x08 A Very Special Relationship04/04/2018
1x09 Tuesday11/04/2018
1x10 9/1118/04/2018
1x04 Unclaimed Baggage15/10/2018
1x14 Upgrade04/02/2019
Tell Me a Story
1x10 Chapter 10: Forgiveness03/01/2019
Future Man
2x04 Guess Who's Coming to Lunch11/01/2019
2x06 The Binx Ultimatum11/01/2019
Wu-Tang: An American Saga
1x01 Can It Be All So Simple04/09/2019
1x02 Winter Warz04/09/2019
1x06 Impossible25/09/2019
1x09 I Declare War16/10/2019
2x02 Brooklyn Zoo08/09/2021
2x04 Pioneer the Frontier15/09/2021
New Amsterdam (2018)
2x10 Code Silver14/01/2020
2x16 Perspectives10/03/2020
Brave New World
1x03 Everybody Happy Now!15/07/2020
1x04 Swallow15/07/2020
For All Mankind
3x09 Coming Home05/08/2022
3x10 Stranger in a Strange Land12/08/2022
The Mysterious Benedict Society (Le Mystérieux Cercle Benedict)
2x02 A Bit of Light Chop25/10/2022
2x03 A Gold Bar in Fort Knox01/11/2022
Interview with the Vampire (Entretien avec un vampire)
2x01 What Can the Damned Really Say to the Damned12/05/2024