Corey Miller

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2020 Force of Nature91
Moyenne de tous ses films9.19

Scénariste de séries

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Loïs et Clark, les nouvelles aventures de Superman)
3x17 Seconds25/02/1996
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)
2x12 You've Got Male20/12/2001
3x14 One Hit Wonder06/02/2003
CSI: Miami (Les Experts : Miami)
1x22 Tinder Box05/05/2003
2x11 Complications05/01/2004
2x22 Rap Sheet10/05/2004
3x03 Under the Influence04/10/2004
3x06 Hell Night25/10/2004
3x12 Shootout03/01/2005
3x18 Game Over21/03/2005
3x22 Vengeance09/05/2005
4x03 Prey03/10/2005
4x08 Nailed14/11/2005
4x14 Fade Out30/01/2006
4x23 Shock08/05/2006
5x05 Death Eminent16/10/2006
5x12 Internal Affairs08/01/2007
5x18 Triple Threat19/03/2007
5x23 Kill Switch07/05/2007
6x06 Sunblock29/10/2007
6x10 CSI: My Nanny26/11/2007
6x21 Going Ballistic19/05/2008
7x06 Wrecking Crew03/11/2008
7x15 Presumed Guilty09/02/2009
7x22 Dead on Arrival27/04/2009
7x24 Dissolved11/05/2009
NCIS: Los Angeles
1x22 Hunted11/05/2010
The Forgotten (Les Oubliés)
1x17 Living Doe03/07/2010
Body of Proof
1x03 Helping Hand05/04/2011
2x01 Love Thy Neighbor20/09/2011
2x15 Occupational Hazards21/02/2012
3x05 Eye for an Eye19/03/2013
3x13 Daddy Issues28/05/2013
The Family
1x04 Feathers or Steel20/03/2016
1x11 Election Day08/05/2016
1x02 Another Trip Around the Sun19/07/2017
1x11 All In06/09/2017
The Rookie (The Rookie : Le flic de Los Angeles)
2x03 The Bet13/10/2019
2x09 Breaking Point01/12/2019
2x16 The Overnight05/04/2020
3x06 Revelations21/02/2021
3x11 New Blood18/04/2021
4x07 Fire Fight14/11/2021
The Rookie: Feds
1x07 Countdown15/11/2022
1x13 The Remora24/01/2023
1x18 Seeing Red21/03/2023