Chuck Bowman

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 2 juin 1937 (85 ans)

Époux de Lisa Bowman (depuis 1979)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2006 Le repaire des ténèbres (The Tooth Fairy) 89
2003 ADN Alien (Threshold)82
2002 Dead Above Ground90
2000 Alerte imminente (Quarantine)86
1998 Conduite coupable (Someone to Love Me: A Moment of Truth Movie)96
1994 Moment of Truth: Caught in the Crossfire86
Moyenne de tous ses films11.83

Réalisation de séries

Shadow Chasers (Chasseurs d'ombres)
1x12 Blood and Magnolias00/00/0000
1x13 Ahead of Time00/00/0000
The Incredible Hulk (1977) (L'Incroyable Hulk)
2x11 Escape from Los Santos01/12/1978
3x19 A Rock and a Hard Place29/02/1980
5x04 Sanctuary06/11/1981
Tenspeed and Brownshoe (Timide et sans complexe)
1x14 Diamonds Aren't Forever27/06/1980
The Greatest American Hero (Ralph Super-héros)
2x12 Just Another Three Ring Circus03/02/1982
3x05 The Newlywed Game06/01/1983
The A-Team (L'Agence tous risques)
1x08 The Out-of-Towners15/03/1983
T.J. Hooker (Hooker)
5x03 To Kill a Cop09/10/1985
5x13 Murder by Law30/04/1986
5x15 Death Trip14/05/1986
Riptide (US)
3x19 Dead Men Don't Floss04/04/1986
MacGyver (1985)
2x07 The Road Not Taken10/11/1986
3x11 Kill Zone04/01/1988
4x05 Collision Course12/12/1988
4x09 Cleo Rocks06/02/1989
Stingray (1985)
2x13 Anytime, Anywhere17/04/1987
In the Heat of the Night (Dans la chaleur de la nuit)
2x18 Accused04/04/1989
3x20 Night of the Killing27/03/1990
Jake and the Fatman (La loi est la loi)
3x01 I Only Have Eyes for You20/09/1989
3x05 Dancing in the Dark25/10/1989
3x18 By Myself28/02/1990
Murder, She Wrote (Arabesque)
6x05 Jack & Bill29/10/1989
8x06 Judge Not10/11/1991
Alien Nation
1x13 The Red Room18/12/1989
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Docteur Quinn, femme médecin)
1x02 Epidemic02/01/1993
1x07 Bad Water06/02/1993
1x09 The Cowboy's Lullaby20/02/1993
1x11 The Prisoner13/03/1993
1x12 Happy Birthday27/03/1993
1x13 Rite of Passage10/04/1993
1x17 Portraits22/05/1993
2x01 The Race25/09/1993
2x03 Halloween30/10/1993
2x04 The Incident06/11/1993
2x06 Where the Heart Is (1)20/11/1993
2x07 Where the Heart Is (2)20/11/1993
2x10 Sully's Choice11/12/1993
2x12 Crossing the Line01/01/1994
2x15 Another Woman22/01/1994
2x20 The First Circle26/03/1994
2x21 Just One Lullaby09/04/1994
3x03 The Cattle Drive (1)08/10/1994
3x04 The Cattle Drive (2)15/10/1994
3x09 Money Trouble12/11/1994
3x13 A First Christmas10/12/1994
3x17 Cooper vs Quinn (1)04/02/1995
3x18 Cooper vs. Quinn (2)04/02/1995
4x06 Dorothy's Book04/11/1995
4x08 The Expedition (1)18/11/1995
4x09 The Expedition (2)18/11/1995
4x17 Dead or Alive (1)03/02/1996
4x18 Dead or Alive (2)10/02/1996
4x25 Fear Itself27/04/1996
5x07 Right or Wrong02/11/1996
5x11 Separate But Equal07/12/1996
5x15 Farewell Appearance25/01/1997
5x17 Colleen's Paper08/02/1997
6x06 A Place Called Home01/11/1997
Walker, Texas Ranger
4x04 Collision Course14/10/1995
Nash Bridges
3x05 Blackout17/10/1997
The Pretender (Le Caméléon)
2x08 Hazards10/01/1998
2x10 Indy Show31/01/1998
3x03 Once in a Blue Moon31/10/1998
3x12 Unsinkable13/02/1999
3x15 Countdown20/03/1999
4x03 Angel's Flight30/10/1999
1x07 Deconstructing Peri07/11/1998
2x08 Val Goes To Town13/11/1999
2x11 Dangerous Beauty22/01/2000
2x20 Franco In Love06/05/2000
Martial Law (Le flic de Shanghai)
2x13 No Fare22/01/2000
2x18 The Thrill is Gone11/03/2000
1x05 Flora or Fauna18/04/2003
1x08 Project 4-1227/06/2003
1x12 Water Hazard01/08/2003
She Spies (Spy Girls)
2x06 Crossed Out27/10/2003
2x14 Family Reunion09/02/2004
4x14 The Blue Butterfly06/02/2012

Scénariste de séries

The Incredible Hulk (1977) (L'Incroyable Hulk)
3x06 Jake02/11/1979
T.J. Hooker (Hooker)
5x10 Taps for Officer Remy12/02/1986
MacGyver (1985)
2x07 The Road Not Taken10/11/1986
Murder, She Wrote (Arabesque)
6x05 Jack & Bill29/10/1989