Christopher Chulack

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Christopher Chulack

Devenir fan

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1987 Le naufragé des étoiles (The Man Who Fell to Earth)100

Réalisation de séries

ER (Urgences)
1x18 Sleepless in Chicago23/02/1995
1x22 Men Plan, God Laughs27/04/1995
2x07 Hell and High Water09/11/1995
2x13 It's Not Easy Being Greene01/02/1996
2x22 John Carter, M.D.16/05/1996
3x01 Dr. Carter, I Presume26/09/1996
3x06 Fear of Flying07/11/1996
3x15 The Long Way Around13/02/1997
3x18 You Bet Your Life17/04/1997
3x22 One More for the Road15/05/1997
4x02 Something New02/10/1997
4x07 Fathers and Sons13/11/1997
4x12 Sharp Relief15/01/1998
4x15 Exodus26/02/1998
5x01 Day for Knight24/09/1998
5x08 The Good Fight19/11/1998
5x13 Choosing Joi04/02/1999
5x15 The Storm (2)18/02/1999
7x07 Rescue Me23/11/2000
8x14 A Simple Twist of Fate07/02/2002
9x22 Kisangani15/05/2003
10x02 The Lost02/10/2003
10x03 Dear Abby09/10/2003
10x08 Freefall20/11/2003
10x10 Makemba11/12/2003
10x16 Forgive and Forget26/02/2004
11x01 One for the Road23/09/2004
11x06 Time of Death11/11/2004
11x12 The Providers27/01/2005
11x16 Here and There24/02/2005
11x21 Carter Est Amoureux12/05/2005
12x01 Cañon City22/09/2005
12x03 Man with No Name06/10/2005
12x08 Two Ships17/11/2005
12x20 There Are No Angels Here04/05/2006
13x14 Murmurs of the Heart01/02/2007
13x23 The Honeymoon Is Over17/05/2007
14x03 Officer Down11/10/2007
14x07 Blackout08/11/2007
14x14 Owner of a Broken Heart10/04/2008
14x19 The Chicago Way15/05/2008
15x03 The Book of Abby16/10/2008
15x05 Haunted30/10/2008
Third Watch (New York 911)
1x01 Welcome to Camelot23/09/1999
1x02 Anywhere But Here26/09/1999
1x03 Patterns03/10/1999
1x10 Demolition Derby10/01/2000
1x15 Officer Involved21/02/2000
1x19 Spring Forward, Fall Back17/04/2000
1x22 Young Men and Fire22/05/2000
2x01 The Lost02/10/2000
2x03 Four Days16/10/2000
2x11 A Hero's Rest15/01/2001
2x15 Requiem for a Bantamweight12/02/2001
3x01 In Their Own Words15/10/2001
3x22 Blackout13/05/2002
4x22 The Price of Nobility28/04/2003
6x01 More Monsters17/09/2004
Presidio Med (Hôpital San Francisco)
1x01 This Baby's Gonna Fly24/09/2002
1x02 Second Chance25/09/2002
1x07 Once Upon a Family30/10/2002
1x09 Suffer Unto Me the Children...17/01/2003
Smith (Dossier Smith)
1x01 One19/09/2006
1x02 Two26/09/2006
1x03 Three03/10/2006
1x07 Seven24/04/2007
1x01 Unknown Trouble09/04/2009
1x03 See a Woman23/04/2009
1x04 Sally in the Alley30/04/2009
1x07 Derailed21/05/2009
2x01 Phase Three02/03/2010
2x03 U-Boat16/03/2010
3x01 Let It Snow04/01/2011
3x02 Punching Water11/01/2011
3x05 The Winds01/02/2011
3x08 Fixing a Hole22/02/2011
3x10 Graduation Day08/03/2011
4x01 Wednesday17/01/2012
4x06 Integrity Check21/02/2012
4x10 Thursday20/03/2012
5x01 Bats and Hats13/02/2013
5x06 Bleed Out20/03/2013
5x09 Chaos10/04/2013
5x10 Reckoning17/04/2013
1x01 Pilot03/06/2012
1x03 A Damn Shame17/06/2012
1x07 8 Seconds15/07/2012
2x08 The Great Spirit15/07/2013
3x01 The White Warrior02/06/2014
3x06 Reports of My Death07/07/2014
4x01 Down by the River10/09/2015
4x03 High Noon10/09/2015
Shameless (US)
4x10 Liver, I Hardly Know Her23/03/2014
5x01 Milk of the Gods11/01/2015
5x09 Carl's First Sentencing15/03/2015
5x12 Love Songs (in the Key of Gallagher)05/04/2015
6x01 I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing10/01/2016
6x04 Going Once, Going Twice31/01/2016
6x12 Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!03/04/2016
7x01 Hiraeth02/10/2016
7x05 Own Your Shit30/10/2016
7x09 Ouroboros27/11/2016
11x12 Father Frank, Full of Grace11/04/2021
Animal Kingdom
1x03 Stay Close, Stick Together21/06/2016
1x05 Flesh is Weak05/07/2016
1x09 Judas Kiss02/08/2016
2x01 Eat What You Kill30/05/2017
3x13 The Hyenas21/08/2018
1x01 Tip of the Spear27/09/2017
1x02 Other Lives04/10/2017
1x03 Boarding Party11/10/2017
1x10 Pattern of Life03/01/2018
1x13 Getaway Day31/01/2018
1x14 Call Out28/02/2018
2x01 Fracture03/10/2018
2x03 The Worst of Conditions17/10/2018
2x13 Time to Shine23/01/2019
2x22 Never Out of the Fight22/05/2019
3x01 Welcome to the Refuge02/10/2019
3x02 Ignore and Override09/10/2019
3x13 Fog of War04/03/2020
4x02 Forever War02/12/2020
4x03 The New Normal09/12/2020
4x16 One Life to Live26/05/2021