Charles Visser

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

7x25 All the Words in the English Language: Zachary to Zaire30/09/1995
7x29 Wheel of Morality #1921/10/1995
3x16 Buttons in Ows21/10/1995
3x19 Star Truck04/11/1995
3x21 Multiplication04/11/1995
3x22 The Presidents Song11/11/1995
3x25 The Sound of Warners18/11/1995
3x30 The Twelve Days of Christmas24/12/1995
3x27 My Mother the Squirrel27/01/1996
3x28 The Party27/01/1996
3x29 Oh Say Can You See?27/01/1996
3x31 The Girl with the Googily Goop03/02/1996
3x34 Dot's Entertainment03/02/1996
3x36 Valuable Lesson03/02/1996
3x37 Our Final Space Cartoon, We Promise03/02/1996
4x04 Noël07/09/1996
4x12 Anchors A-Warners28/09/1996
4x11 From Burbank with Love28/09/1996
4x16 Pinky and the Ralph19/10/1996
4x19 The Boo Network02/11/1996
4x21 Mindy in Wonderland16/11/1996
5x10 Boo Wonder11/10/1997
5x19 Katie KaBoom: Prom Night25/04/1998
Pinky and the Brain (Minus et Cortex)
1x16 Ambulatory Abe25/02/1996
1x17 Mouse of La Mancha25/02/1996
1x18 The Third Mouse12/05/1996
1x19 The Visit12/05/1996
2x03 Pinkasso14/09/1996
2x07 The Pink Candidate02/11/1996
2x10 A Little Off The Top23/11/1996
3x05 Brain Noir13/09/1997
3x08 My Feldmans, My Friends16/09/1997
3x11 This Old Mouse18/09/1997
3x26 Brainy Jack02/11/1997
3x27 Leggo My Ego07/11/1997
3x28 Big In Japan07/11/1997
3x37 Brainie The Poo07/02/1998
3x38 Melancholy Brain07/02/1998
3x47 Whatever Happened To Baby Brain09/05/1998
3x48 Just Say Narf09/05/1998
4x06 The Pinky And The Brain Reunion Special21/09/1998
Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue (Sammy et Scooby en folie)
1x02 More Fondue for Scooby-Doo!30/09/2006
1x04 Party Arty04/11/2006
1x06 Lightning Strikes Twice18/11/2006
1x09 Chefs of Steel17/02/2007
1x10 Almost Ghosts24/02/2007
1x12 Big Trouble28/04/2007
2x02 Almost Purr-fect29/09/2007
2x04 Zoinksman13/10/2007
2x06 Cruisin' for a Bruisin'10/11/2007