Charles S. Dubin

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 1 février 1919 • New York, État de New York (États-Unis)

Décédé le 5 septembre 2011 (92 ans) • Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

Aussi appelé : Charles Dubin

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1976 Les flics aux trousses (Moving Violation)91
1974 Death in Space (TV)73
1965 Cinderella84

Réalisation de séries

Ironside (1967) (L'homme de fer)
1x07 An Inside Job19/10/1967
1x08 Tagged for Murder26/10/1967
1x10 Light at the End of the Journey09/11/1967
1x18 Memory of an Ice Cream Stick11/01/1968
1x20 The Lonely Hostage01/02/1968
1x22 All in a Day's Work15/02/1968
1x25 Perfect Crime07/03/1968
8x03 What's New With Mark?26/09/1974
Hawaii Five-O (1968) (Hawaï police d'État)
1x09 The Ways of Love21/11/1968
3x01 ... And a Time to Die16/09/1970
4x01 Highest Castle, Deepest Grave14/09/1971
4x05 Two Doves and Mr. Heron12/10/1971
7x02 A Hawaiian Nightmare17/09/1974
7x03 I'll Kill 'Em Again24/09/1974
7x11 Welcome to Our Branch Office03/12/1974
7x12 Presenting... in The Center Ring... Murder10/12/1974
8x05 Target: the Lady03/10/1975
8x07 The Case Against McGarrett17/10/1975
8x18 Loose Ends Get Hit08/01/1976
8x23 Love Thy Neighbor -- Take His Wife26/02/1976
Bracken's World
2x13 Will Freddy's Real Father Please Stand Up11/12/1970
1x21 A Flight of Hawks22/02/1972
2x11 Hear No Evil29/11/1972
2x14 Hard Rock Roller Coaster03/01/1973
2x20 The Prisoners21/02/1973
Kung Fu (1972)
1x11 The Praying Mantis Kills22/03/1973
1x12 Superstition05/04/1973
1x14 The Third Man26/04/1973
Kojak (1973)
1x04 Knockover14/11/1973
1x10 Cop in a Cage02/01/1974
1x15 Deliver Us Some Evil13/02/1974
1x17 Before the Devil Knows27/02/1974
2x03 Hush Now, or You'll Die22/09/1974
3x08 Out of the Frying Pan . . .02/11/1975
3x10 The Nicest Guys on the Block16/11/1975
3x23 Both Sides of the Law22/02/1976
4x11 The Pride and the Princess28/11/1976
4x12 Black Thorn05/12/1976
4x19 Kojak's Days (1)01/02/1977
4x20 Kojak's Days (2)08/02/1977
5x16 The Captain's Brother's Wife04/02/1978
5x19 May the Horse Be With You25/02/1978
The Rockford Files (200 dollars plus les frais)
1x10 In Pursuit of Carol Thorne08/11/1974
Police Woman (Sergent Anderson)
1x14 Target Black03/01/1975
M*A*S*H (M.A.S.H.)
4x21 Smilin' Jack03/02/1976
6x06 The Light That Failed25/10/1977
6x20 Mail Call Three06/02/1978
6x23 Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde27/02/1978
6x24 Major Topper27/03/1978
7x07 They Call the Wind Korea30/10/1978
7x10 Point of View20/11/1978
7x11 Dear Comrade27/11/1978
7x13 An Eye for a Tooth11/12/1978
7x17 The Price15/01/1979
7x19 Hot Lips is Back in Town29/01/1979
8x01 Too Many Cooks17/09/1979
8x02 Are You Now, Margaret?24/09/1979
8x04 Good-Bye Radar (Part 1)08/10/1979
8x05 Good-Bye Radar (Part 2)15/10/1979
8x06 Period of Adjustment22/10/1979
8x07 Nurse Doctor29/10/1979
8x08 Private Finance05/11/1979
8x10 The Yalu Brick Road19/11/1979
8x18 Old Soldiers21/01/1980
8x19 Morale Victory28/01/1980
8x21 Goodbye, Cruel World11/02/1980
8x25 April Fools24/03/1980
9x01 The Best of Enemies17/11/1980
9x02 Letters24/11/1980
9x03 Cementing Relationships01/12/1980
9x07 Your Retention Please05/01/1981
9x09 Taking the Fifth19/01/1981
9x19 The Foresight Saga13/04/1981
10x01 That's Show Biz26/10/1981
10x03 Rumor at the Top09/11/1981
10x04 Give 'em Hell, Hawkeye16/11/1981
10x05 Wheelers and Dealers23/11/1981
10x11 The Birthday Girls11/01/1982
10x12 Blood and Guts18/01/1982
10x14 The Tooth Shall Set You Free08/02/1982
10x15 Pressure Points15/02/1982
10x17 Promotion Commotion01/03/1982
11x02 Trick or Treatment01/11/1982
11x03 Foreign Affairs08/11/1982
11x06 Bombshells28/11/1982
11x08 The Moon is Not Blue13/12/1982
11x12 Say No More24/01/1983
11x14 Give and Take14/02/1983
Man from Atlantis (L'homme de l'Atlantide)
0x04 The Disappearance20/06/1977
Tabitha (Tabatha)
1x02 Tabitha's Weighty Problem10/09/1977
Charlie's Angels (1976) (Drôles de Dames)
2x01 Angels in Paradise (1)14/09/1977
2x02 Angels in Paradise (2)14/09/1977
Lou Grant
1x02 Hostages27/09/1977
1x20 Spies27/02/1978
1x22 Physical20/03/1978
2x12 Denial01/01/1979
2x16 Sweep05/02/1979
2x20 Convention05/03/1979
The Manions of America
1x02 Part 201/10/1981
1x03 Part 302/10/1981
Teachers Only
2x01 The Rose12/02/1983
2x02 Cooper's Arrangement19/02/1983
Partners in Crime (1984)
1x02 The Hottest Guy in Town29/09/1984
Murder, She Wrote (Arabesque)
1x20 Armed Response31/03/1985
1x01 The Return19/09/1986
1x05 Best Buddies24/10/1986
1x17 The Nurse03/02/1987
1x19 The Court Martial (1)17/02/1987
1x20 The Court Martial (2)24/02/1987
1x22 The People vs. Matlock24/03/1987
1x24 The Reporter05/05/1987
2x06 The Power Brokers (1)27/10/1987
2x07 The Power Brokers (2)03/11/1987
2x10 The Country Boy15/12/1987
2x13 The Body05/01/1988
2x14 The Reunion12/01/1988
2x19 The Hucksters16/02/1988
Father Dowling Mysteries (Le père Dowling)
1x03 What Do You Call a Call Girl Mystery?27/01/1989