Gary Nelson

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Né en Janvier 1934 à Los Angeles, Californie (Etats-Unis) (84 ans)

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Année Série Chaine Statut
1984 Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1984) (Mike Hammer (1984)) CBS terminée

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries


11x09 Malachi13/11/1965

Get Smart (Max la Menace)

1x17 Kisses for KAOS15/01/1966
1x18 The Dead Spy Scrawls22/01/1966
1x25 The Amazing Harry Hoo12/03/1966
1x26 Hubert's Unfinished Symphony19/03/1966
2x02 Strike While the Agent is Hot24/09/1966
2x05 Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine15/10/1966
2x08 Hoo Done It05/11/1966
2x11 Island of the Darned26/11/1966
2x23 Where-What-How-Who Am I?25/02/1967
2x24 The Expendable Agent04/03/1967
2x25 How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying11/03/1967
3x01 Viva Smart16/09/1967
3x11 The Mild Ones09/12/1967
3x13 The Mysterious Dr. T30/12/1967
3x14 The King Lives?06/01/1968
3x24 The Hot Line23/03/1968
3x25 Die, Spy30/03/1968
4x04 The Secret of Sam Vittorio12/10/1968
4x06 The Worst Best Man26/10/1968
4x08 The Return of the Ancient Mariner09/11/1968
4x09 With Love and Twitches16/11/1968
4x20 To Sire, with Love (1)15/02/1969
4x23 Leadside08/03/1969

Nanny and the Professor (Nanny et le professeur)

1x07 Nanny on Wheels04/03/1970
1x08 Strictly for the Birds11/03/1970
1x12 An Element of Risk08/04/1970
2x02 The Haunted House02/10/1970
2x08 The Masculine-Feminine Mystique13/11/1970
2x10 The Visitor04/12/1970
2x14 A Diller, a Dollar08/01/1971
2x15 Separate Rooms15/01/1971
2x22 The Unknown Factor05/03/1971
2x23 Kid Stuff12/03/1971

Kojak (1973)

1x06 Requiem for a Cop28/11/1973

Early Edition (Demain à la une)

2x04 Jenny Sloane18/10/1997
2x06 Angels and Devils01/11/1997
2x12 Romancing the Throne17/01/1998
2x14 The Return of Crumb31/01/1998
2x17 The Fourth Carpathian18/04/1998
2x20 Don't Walk Away, Renee09/05/1998
2x21 Hot Time in the Old Town16/05/1998
3x01 Blackout26/09/1998
3x06 Halloween31/10/1998
3x10 Nest Egg05/12/1998
3x14 Just one of Those Things06/02/1999
3x18 Fate20/03/1999
3x22 Play It Again Sammo08/05/1999
4x01 The Out-of-Towner25/09/1999
4x07 Fatal Edition (1)06/11/1999
4x08 Fatal Edition (2)13/11/1999
4x14 Performance Anxiety11/03/2000
4x21 Everybody Goes to Rick's20/05/2000
4x22 Luck o' the Irish27/05/2000