Andy Wolk

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
1998 The Defenders : Choice of Evils (TV)95
1990 Innocent coupable (TV) (Criminal Justice (TV)) 90

Réalisation de séries

Tales from the Crypt (Les Contes de la Crypte)

3x13 Spoiled21/08/1991

NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)

2x07 Double Abandando29/11/1994

The Sopranos (Les Soprano)

1x09 Boca07/03/1999

The Practice (The Practice : Bobby Donnell & associés)

4x14 Checkmates13/02/2000
5x12 Payback14/01/2001
5x18 The Confession01/04/2001
6x09 Dangerous Liaisons02/12/2001
6x18 Fire Proof07/04/2002
6x21 Evil-Doers12/05/2002
7x12 Final Judgment (2)03/02/2003
8x10 Equal Justice07/12/2003
8x11 Police State11/01/2004

Crossing Jordan (Preuve à l'appui)

1x03 The Ties That Bind08/10/2001

Without a Trace (FBI : Portés Disparus)

2x19 Doppelgänger01/04/2004


2x06 Soft Target04/11/2005

Criminal Minds (Esprits criminels)

1x10 The Popular Kids30/11/2005
6x05 Safe Haven20/10/2010

Close to Home (Juste cause)

1x15 Reasonable Doubts03/03/2006

Medium (Médium)

3x05 Ghost in the Machine06/12/2006

Day Break

1x07 What If He's Not Alone29/01/2007

Lincoln Heights (Retour à Lincoln Heights)

2x05 The Feeling That We Have02/10/2007
3x01 Glass House16/09/2008
3x05 Number One With a Bullet14/10/2008
4x04 Time to Let Go05/10/2009

Trust Me (US)

1x04 Au Courant16/02/2009
1x10 Thanks, I Needed That31/03/2009


2x11 London, Of Course18/03/2009

HawthoRNe (Hawthorne : Infirmière en chef)

1x04 All the Wrong Places07/07/2009
1x08 No Guts, No Glory04/08/2009

Ugly Betty

4x16 All the World's a Stage17/03/2010

Fairly Legal (Facing Kate)

1x02 Priceless27/01/2011
2x02 Start Me Up23/03/2012
2x10 Shattered18/05/2012

In Plain Sight (US Marshals, protection des témoins)

4x05 Second Crime Around05/06/2011
5x02 Four Marshalls and a Baby23/03/2012

Gossip Girl

5x06 I Am Number Nine07/11/2011
5x23 The Fugitives07/05/2012
6x04 Portrait of a Lady Alexander05/11/2012

Rizzoli & Isles (Rizzoli & Isles : Autopsie d'un meurtre)

2x11 Can I Get a Witness?28/11/2011

The Client List

2x02 Who's Cheatin' Who?17/03/2013
2x13 Whatever It Takes09/06/2013

The Carrie Diaries

1x13 Kiss Yesterday Goodbye08/04/2013
2x01 Win Some, Lose Some25/10/2013
2x09 Under Pressure03/01/2014


1x06 Brothers in Arms20/05/2013
1x07 Good Bye Blue Sky03/06/2013
2x10 Bottom of the World21/08/2014
2x11 Doll Parts21/08/2014


3x05 A Moveable Feast27/07/2014

Witches of East End

2x12 Box to the Future05/10/2014

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

1x03 Dead Man's Party26/01/2016
2x02 A Door Into the Dark09/01/2017

Scénariste de séries

Tales from the Crypt (Les Contes de la Crypte)

2x01 Dead Right21/04/1990