Carol Banker

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

The Lone Gunmen (The Lone Gunmen : Au cœur du complot)
1x12 All About Yves11/05/2001
NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
10x21 Yo, Adrian13/05/2003
11x11 Passing the Stone17/02/2004
12x10 The Dead Donald07/12/2004
Raising the Bar (Raising the Bar : Justice à Manhattan)
1x07 A Leg to Stand On13/10/2008
Beyond the Break (Makaha Surf)
3x08 One17/06/2009
2x08 Furt23/11/2010
2x17 A Night of Neglect19/04/2011
Containment (Alerte Contagion)
1x10 A Time to Be Born28/06/2016
Code Black
2x14 Vertigo25/01/2017
The Vampire Diaries
8x11 You Made a Choice to Be Good03/02/2017
The Magicians
2x04 The Flying Forest15/02/2017
3x06 Do You Like Teeth?14/02/2018
4x09 The Serpent20/03/2019
2x06 Bedposts15/02/2018
Designated Survivor
2x14 In the Dark21/03/2018
The Originals
5x02 One Wrong Turn on Bourbon25/04/2018
Deception (2018) (Cameron Black : L'Illusionniste)
1x11 Loading Up20/05/2018
1x03 We're Being Punked, Pedro08/11/2018
Titans (2018)
1x06 Jason Todd16/11/2018
2x01 Trigon06/09/2019
2x13 Nightwing29/11/2019
3x01 Barbara Gordon12/08/2021
3x02 Red Hood12/08/2021
3x11 The Call is Coming from Inside the House07/10/2021
3x12 Prodigal14/10/2021
The Rookie (The Rookie : Le flic de Los Angeles)
1x12 Heartbreak12/02/2019
The Tick (2017)
2x05 Magic is Real05/04/2019
2x06 Categorically Speaking05/04/2019
5x11 They Did What?18/04/2019
Doom Patrol
1x12 Cyborg Patrol03/05/2019
Swamp Thing (2019)
1x04 Darkness on the Edge of Town21/06/2019