Carleton Eastlake

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Carleton Eastlake

Devenir fan

Époux de Loraine Despres

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Airwolf (Supercopter)
3x08 Annie Oakley16/11/1985
The Equalizer (1985) (Equalizer)
2x10 The Cup10/12/1986

Scénariste de séries

V (1983) (V : Les visiteurs)
3x11 The Hero11/01/1985
Airwolf (Supercopter)
3x08 Annie Oakley16/11/1985
Murder, She Wrote (Arabesque)
2x09 Jessica Behind Bars01/12/1985
The Equalizer (1985) (Equalizer)
1x17 Torn05/02/1986
2x01 Prelude08/10/1986
2x02 Nocturne15/10/1986
2x06 Nightscape12/11/1986
2x10 The Cup10/12/1986
2x17 Solo18/02/1987
2x18 A Place to Stay25/02/1987
1x04 High Rise22/10/1989
1x07 Flat Out12/11/1989
1x11 The Red Dot14/01/1990
1x13 Hacker04/02/1990
1x17 Reunion25/03/1990
Street Justice
1x19 Eye Witness25/03/1992
2x03 Cross Fire17/10/1992
2x05 Each One, Teach One31/10/1992
2x22 Desperate29/05/1993
SeaQuest DSV (SeaQuest, police des mers)
2x04 Sympathy for the Deep02/10/1994
2x07 The Sincerest Form of Flattery13/11/1994
2x11 Dead End18/12/1994
2x16 Alone26/02/1995
3x06 SpinDrift08/11/1995
3x10 Second Chance27/12/1995
3x11 Brainlock12/01/1996
3x12 Reunion28/01/1996
The Burning Zone (Burning Zone : menace imminente)
1x05 Night Flight01/10/1996
1x10 Faces in the Night26/11/1996
1x11 Midnight of the Carrier07/01/1997
1x12 Critical Mass28/01/1997
1x15 The Last Five Pounds Are the Hardest18/02/1997
The Outer Limits (1995) (Au-delà du réel : l'aventure continue)
4x06 Relativity Theory27/02/1998
4x16 Final Exam05/06/1998
Earth: Final Conflict (Invasion Planète Terre)
2x18 Highjacked19/04/1999
Star Trek: Voyager
7x02 Imperfection11/10/2000
3x14 Infinite Possibilities (1): Daedalus Demands27/07/2001
3x15 Infinite Possibilities (2): Icarus Abides03/08/2001
4x16 Bringing Home the Beacon07/02/2003
4x20 We're So Screwed (2): Hot to Katratzi07/03/2003