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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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2019 Roswell, New Mexico Toujours en cours

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The Originals
1x20 A Closer Walk with Thee29/04/2014
2x07 Chasing the Devil's Tail17/11/2014
2x14 I Love You, Goodbye16/02/2015
2x20 City Beneath the Sea27/04/2015
3x02 You Hung the Moon15/10/2015
3x09 Savior10/12/2015
3x15 An Old Friend Calls04/03/2016
3x20 Where Nothing Stays Buried06/05/2016
4x03 Haunter of Ruins31/03/2017
4x07 High Water and a Devil's Daughter05/05/2017
4x11 A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken09/06/2017
5x02 One Wrong Turn on Bourbon25/04/2018
5x08 The Kindness of Strangers13/06/2018
5x12 The Tale of Two Wolves25/07/2018
The Flash (2014) (Flash (2014))
3x19 The Once and Future Flash25/04/2017
Roswell, New Mexico
1x01 Pilot15/01/2019
1x02 So Much for the Afterglow22/01/2019
1x06 Smells Like Teen Spirit26/02/2019
1x09 Songs About Texas19/03/2019
1x13 Recovering the Satellites23/04/2019
2x01 Stay (I Missed You)16/03/2020
2x03 Good Mother30/03/2020
2x09 The Diner11/05/2020
2x13 Mr. Jones15/06/2020