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Regular Show
2x02 It's Time03/01/2011
2x04 Peeps17/01/2011
2x09 Party Pete21/02/2011
2x14 Muscle Woman04/04/2011
2x15 Temp Check11/04/2011
2x19 Grave Sights09/05/2011
3x02 Bet to Be Blonde26/09/2011
3x03 Skips Strikes03/10/2011
3x07 Slam Dunk24/10/2011
3x10 Rap It Up21/11/2011
3x13 Weekend at Benson's16/01/2012
3x15 Think Positive30/01/2012
3x30 Trucker Hall of Fame11/06/2012
3x31 Muscle Mentor18/06/2012
3x32 Out of Commission25/06/2012
3x34 Diary23/07/2012
4x01 Exit 9B Part 101/10/2012
4x02 Exit 9B Part 201/10/2012
4x06 150-Piece Kit29/10/2012
4x11 The Christmas Special, Part 203/12/2012
4x18 Quips18/02/2013
4x20 That's My Television04/03/2013
4x21 A Bunch of Full Grown Geese25/03/2013
4x25 K.I.L.I.T. Radio22/04/2013
4x28 Cool Cubed20/05/2013
4x31 Family BBQ17/06/2013
5x03 Benson's Car09/09/2013
5x05 Wall Buddy23/09/2013
5x06 A Skips in Time30/09/2013
5x08 Survival Skills14/10/2013
5x12 Tants04/11/2013
5x13 Bank Shot11/11/2013
5x22 Rigby In the Sky With Burrito24/02/2014
5x23 Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit03/03/2014
5x29 Bad Portrait28/04/2014