Bruno Heller

Né en 1960 à Londres (Angleterre) (60 ans)

Angleterre Nationalité anglaise

Fils de Lukas Heller

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Chaine Statut
2019 Pennyworth Epix toujours en cours
2014 Gotham FOX terminée
2008 The Mentalist (Mentalist) CBS terminée
2005 Rome HBO terminée

Réalisation de séries

2x10 De Patre Vostro (About Your Father)25/03/2007
The Mentalist (Mentalist)
4x17 Cheap Burgundy08/03/2012

Scénariste de séries

2x06 Gold Rush11/05/1996
1x01 The Stolen Eagle28/08/2005
1x02 How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic04/09/2005
1x03 An Owl in a Thornbush11/09/2005
1x04 Stealing From Saturn18/09/2005
1x05 The Ram Has Touched The Wall25/09/2005
1x06 Egeria02/10/2005
1x11 The Spoils13/11/2005
1x12 Kalends of February20/11/2005
2x01 Passover14/01/2007
2x02 Son Of Hades21/01/2007
2x10 De Patre Vostro (About Your Father)25/03/2007
The Mentalist (Mentalist)
1x01 Pilot23/09/2008
1x02 Red Hair and Silver Tape30/09/2008
1x11 Red John's Friends06/01/2009
1x17 Carnelian Inc.24/03/2009
1x23 Red John's Footsteps19/05/2009
2x01 Redemption24/09/2009
2x06 Black Gold and Red Blood05/11/2009
2x16 Code Red11/03/2010
2x23 Red Sky in the Morning20/05/2010
3x01 Red Sky at Night23/09/2010
3x09 Red Moon18/11/2010
3x24 Strawberries & Cream (2)19/05/2011
4x01 Scarlet Ribbons22/09/2011
4x17 Cheap Burgundy08/03/2012
4x24 The Crimson Hat17/05/2012
5x01 The Red Glass Bead30/09/2012
5x22 Red John's Rules05/05/2013
6x01 The Desert Rose29/09/2013
6x08 Red John24/11/2013
6x22 Blue Bird18/05/2014
7x13 White Orchids18/02/2015
1x01 Pilot22/09/2014
1x02 Selina Kyle29/09/2014
1x07 Penguin's Umbrella03/11/2014
1x16 The Blind Fortune Teller16/02/2015
1x20 Under the Knife20/04/2015
1x22 All Happy Families Are Alike04/05/2015
2x01 Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do21/09/2015
2x11 Rise of the Villains: Worse Than a Crime30/11/2015
2x22 Wrath of the Villains: Transference23/05/2016
1x01 Pilot28/07/2019
1x02 The Landlord's Daughter04/08/2019
1x03 Martha Kane11/08/2019