Bruce Kessler

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 23 mars 1936 (85 ans) • Seattle, Washington (États-Unis)

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Époux de Joan Freeman

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1968 Angels from Hell86

Réalisation de séries

It Takes a Thief (Opération vol)
2x13 Guess Who's Coming to Rio?09/01/1969
3x05 Flowers From Alexander23/10/1969
3x06 The Blue, Blue Danube30/10/1969
3x09 The King of Thieves20/11/1969
3x10 A Friend in Deed27/11/1969
Mission: Impossible (1966)
3x21 Nitro23/03/1969
Alias Smith and Jones (Opération danger)
1x07 Return to Devil's Hole25/02/1971
Assignment Vienna (L'Homme de Vienne)
1x04 Annalisa07/12/1972
1x08 Soldier Of Fortune24/02/1973
Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Dossiers Brûlants)
1x15 Chopper31/01/1975
Switch (US)
1x06 The Man Who Couldn't Lose14/10/1975
The Rockford Files (200 dollars plus les frais)
3x09 Return to the Thirty-Eighth Parallel10/12/1976
Barnaby Jones
7x06 Death of a Friendship09/11/1978
8x08 Homecoming for a Dead Man08/11/1979
3x07 The Return of the Supercycle27/10/1979
3x16 Jailbirds12/01/1980
3x24 Dynamite Alley30/03/1980
5x02 Vagabonds11/10/1981
B.J. and the Bear
2x13 Fire in the Hole12/01/1980
2x16 Bear Bondage02/02/1980
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo
2x05 Airsick--198103/02/1981
The Greatest American Hero (Ralph Super-héros)
2x05 Classical Gas02/12/1981
2x11 The Hand-Painted Thai27/01/1982
2x17 Dreams17/03/1982
2x19 The Good Samaritan31/03/1982
3x10 Wizards And Warlocks10/02/1983
Chicago Story
1x09 Bad Blood30/04/1982
Hart to Hart (Pour l'amour du risque)
4x12 Emily By Hart11/01/1983
4x22 A Lighter Hart10/05/1983
The Fall Guy (L'homme qui tombe à pic)
2x17 Strange Bedfellows23/02/1983
2x19 One Hundred Miles a Gallon09/03/1983
3x09 Pirates of Nashville23/11/1983
5x07 Seavers, Dead Or Alive14/12/1985
5x11 Reunion17/01/1986
The A-Team (L'Agence tous risques)
1x07 The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas01/03/1983
2x04 Bad Time on the Border18/10/1983
Hardcastle and McCormick (Le juge et le pilote)
1x04 The Crystal Duck02/10/1983
1x19 The Homecoming (1)05/03/1984
1x20 The Homecoming (2)11/03/1984
2x04 D-Day14/10/1984
2x05 Never My Love28/10/1984
2x08 One of the Girls from Accounting25/11/1984
2x22 Angie's Choice01/04/1985
3x06 Do Not Go Gentle04/11/1985
T.J. Hooker (Hooker)
3x12 Slay Ride17/12/1983
Knight Rider (1982) (K-2000)
2x12 Silent Knight18/12/1983
Riptide (US)
1x04 Somebody's Killing the Great Geeks of America17/01/1984
1x09 Four-Eyes06/03/1984
1x11 Long Distance Daddy27/03/1984
2x04 Mirage30/10/1984
2x20 Fuzzy Vision19/03/1985
The Master (L'homme au katana)
1x10 The Java Tiger13/04/1984
Hunter (1984) (Rick Hunter)
1x03 Hard Contract28/09/1984
1x12 The Garbage Man11/01/1985
1x18 The Last Kill20/04/1985
Cover Up (Espion Modèle)
1x17 Healthy, Wealthy and Dead23/02/1985
The Last Precinct
1x06 A Ghost of a Chance09/05/1986
MacGyver (1985)
2x15 Pirates09/02/1987
Hardball (1989) (Duo d'enfer)
1x18 The Hunt for Honus Wagner29/06/1990
Renegade (Le Rebelle)
2x02 The Champ20/09/1993
2x03 White Picket Fences27/09/1993
2x13 Charlie10/01/1994
3x11 Teen Angel21/11/1994
5x18 Blood Hunt07/03/1997
Diagnosis Murder (Diagnostic : Meurtre)
3x04 Murder in the Courthouse29/12/1995
Baywatch Nights (Un privé à Malibu)
2x05 Circle of Fear27/10/1996

Scénariste de séries

Quincy, M.E. (Quincy)
1x04 Hot Ice, Cold Hearts02/01/1977