Bruce Kalish

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 22 mai 1952 (70 ans) • Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

Époux de Leah Ayres

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2001 Les Aventures de Jett Jackson (Jett Jackson, The Movie)100
Moyenne de tous ses films15.5

Scénariste de séries

Big John, Little John
1x03 Very Little John25/09/1976
Good Times
4x19 A Stormy Relationship09/02/1977
5x10 Thelma's Brief Encounter07/12/1977
5x16 Where There's Smoke25/01/1978
The Amazing Spider-Man
2x01 The Captive Tower05/09/1978
The Incredible Hulk (1977) (L'Incroyable Hulk)
2x11 Escape from Los Santos01/12/1978
1x11 Zippers26/03/1984
The Fall Guy (L'homme qui tombe à pic)
4x05 Terror U.17/10/1984
4x06 Private Eyes24/10/1984
4x10 The San Francisco Caper21/11/1984
4x15 I Love Paris16/01/1985
4x16 Sheriff Seavers23/01/1985
4x22 Skip Family Robinson06/03/1985
5x02 King of the Stuntmen03/10/1985
5x05 The Life of Riley30/11/1985
5x10 Miami's Nice10/01/1986
5x13 In His Shadow31/01/1986
5x14 The Lucky Stiff07/02/1986
5x18 Two On a Skip21/03/1986
The Highwayman (Police 2000)
1x05 Send in the Clones08/04/1988
1x07 Frightmare22/04/1988
1x08 Warzone29/04/1988
Alien Nation
1x17 Partners12/02/1990
Thunder in Paradise (Caraïbes Offshore)
1x19 Blast Off06/11/1994
Sweet Valley High (Les Jumelles de Sweet Valley)
1x07 The Curse of Lawrence Manson17/10/1995
The Sentinel (La Sentinelle)
1x08 Love and Guns15/05/1996
1x10 Vow of Silence17/07/1996
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (Les Secrets de Blake Holsey)
1x01 Wormhole05/10/2002
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Power Rangers)
12x29 Isn't It Lava-ly18/09/2004
13x01 Beginnings (1)05/02/2005
13x07 Sam (1)12/03/2005
13x11 Shadow (1)16/04/2005
13x12 Shadow (2)23/04/2005
13x20 Perspective25/06/2005
13x21 Messenger (1)10/07/2005
13x28 Robotpalooza29/08/2005
13x31 Missing03/10/2005
13x35 Resurrection04/11/2005
13x37 Endings (2)14/11/2005
13x38 Wormhole02/02/2006
14x01 Broken Spell (1)20/02/2006
14x02 Broken Spell (2)20/02/2006
14x08 Stranger Within (1)03/04/2006
14x09 Stranger Within (2)17/04/2006
14x13 Scaredy Cat05/06/2006
14x19 Dark Wish (2)10/07/2006
14x24 The Light14/08/2006
14x30 The Return30/10/2006
14x32 Mystic Fate (2)04/11/2006
15x01 Kick Into Overdrive (1)26/02/2007
15x07 At All Cost02/04/2007
15x19 One Gets Away16/07/2007
15x22 One Fine Day06/08/2007
15x32 Crown and Punishment12/11/2007