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Réalisation de séries

Third Watch (New York 911)
3x08 Act Brave10/12/2001
3x12 The Long Guns28/01/2002
3x21 Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days06/05/2002
4x05 Judgement Day (1)28/10/2002
4x06 Judgement Day (2)28/10/2002
4x14 Collateral Damage (1)03/02/2003
5x16 Family Ties (1)27/02/2004
The Good Wife (US)
2x14 Net Worth15/02/2011
3x01 The New Day25/09/2011
3x07 Executive Order 1322406/11/2011
3x15 Live from Damascus19/02/2012
4x03 Two Girls, One Code14/10/2012
4x09 A Defense of Marriage25/11/2012
4x20 Rape: A Modern Perspective14/04/2013
5x03 A Precious Commodity13/10/2013
5x11 Goliath and David05/01/2014
5x15 Dramatics, Your Honor23/03/2014
5x20 The Deep Web04/05/2014
6x03 Dear God05/10/2014
6x12 The Debate11/01/2015
6x18 Loser Edit05/04/2015
7x01 Bond04/10/2015
1x08 The Path to War (1): The Gathering Political Storm14/08/2016
1x11 Six Points on the New Congressional Budget: The False Dichotomy of Austerity vs. Expansionary Policies04/09/2016
The Good Fight
1x01 Inauguration19/02/2017
2x01 Day 40804/03/2018
2x06 Day 44308/04/2018
2x11 Day 47813/05/2018
1x05 Bad Alibis30/10/2019

Scénariste de séries

Third Watch (New York 911)
4x22 The Price of Nobility28/04/2003
5x12 Black and Blue16/01/2004