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Haven (Les Mystères de Haven)
2x13 Silent Night06/12/2011
3x06 Real Estate26/10/2012
3x11 Last Goodbyes07/12/2012
4x05 The New Girl11/10/2013
4x11 Shot in the Dark22/11/2013
5x07 Nowhere Man24/10/2014
5x14 New World Order08/10/2015
5x18 Wild Card29/10/2015
5x22 A Matter of Time26/11/2015
Time After Time
1x08 If You're Lost24/06/2017
1x09 You Will Find Me24/06/2017
1x10 Turned to Gray24/06/2017
1x11 I Fall Behind24/06/2017
1x12 Skin Deep24/06/2017
Teen Wolf
6x12 Raw Talent06/08/2017
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
3x05 Stronger Than Heaven17/04/2018
3x13 Beati Bellicosi11/03/2019
Tell Me a Story
2x08 Sweet Dreams23/01/2020