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2014 Spun Out CTV terminée

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2014 Rocky road90

Réalisation de séries

The Drew Carey Show (Le Drew Carey Show)
1x13 Drew and the Unstable Element03/01/1996
1x18 Playing the Unified Field14/02/1996
1x20 Drew and Kate and Kate's Mom27/02/1996
2x01 We'll Remember Always, Evaluation Day18/09/1996
2x02 Something Wick This Way Comes25/09/1996
2x03 Break It Up, Break It Up02/10/1996
2x08 Drew's the Other Man20/11/1996
2x12 They're Back08/01/1997
2x24 New York and Queens14/05/1997
3x17 The Engagement11/02/1998
3x19 Two Weddings and a Funeral for a Refrigerator04/03/1998
3x20 The Bachelor Party11/03/1998
3x27 The Wedding Dress13/05/1998
4x24 Good Vibrations05/05/1999
9x04 Drew Thinks Inside the Box09/06/2004
9x05 At Your Cervix16/06/2004
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Sabrina, l'apprentie sorcière)
1x11 A Girl and Her Cat13/12/1996
2x05 A Doll's Story17/10/1997
5x07 Welcome, Traveler03/11/2000
5x09 Lost at 'C'17/11/2000
5x13 Sabrina's New Roommate26/01/2001
5x22 Finally!18/05/2001
6x05 The Gift of Gab02/11/2001
6x08 Humble Pie07/12/2001
6x18 I, Busybody12/04/2002
6x21 Driving Mr. Goodman03/05/2002
7x05 Free Sabrina18/10/2002
7x07 Witch Way Out08/11/2002
Everybody Loves Raymond (Tout le monde aime Raymond)
2x14 Mia Famiglia12/01/1998
2x15 Marie's Meatballs19/01/1998
3x24 Dancing with Debra10/05/1999
3x25 Robert Moves Back17/05/1999
4x23 Confronting the Attacker15/05/2000
8x19 The Nice Talk19/04/2004
9x09 A Date for Peter03/01/2005
Two Guys and a Girl (Un toit pour trois)
1x10 Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Delivery20/05/1998
The King of Queens (Un gars du Queens)
1x05 Paternal Affairs19/10/1998
3x11 Mercy Date26/01/1999
Lizzie McGuire
1x09 Election20/04/2001
1x24 Night of the Day of the Dead05/10/2001
2x19 She Said, He Said, She Said22/11/2002
According to Jim
2x10 The Christmas Party10/12/2002
2x17 The Ring11/02/2003
1x04 The Talk06/10/2003
1x10 The Ex Factor24/11/2003
What I Like About You (Ce que j'aime chez toi)
3x04 God Help the Mister08/10/2004
1x01 Cutting Corners14/02/2005
1x02 Why Can't We Be Friends21/02/2005
About A Girl
1x04 About A Flood26/10/2007
1x07 About A Dream16/11/2007
1x09 About An F-Word26/01/2008
1x12 About A Tent22/02/2008
1x13 About A Homecoming29/02/2008
Little Mosque on the Prairie (La Petite Mosquée dans la Prairie)
2x17 Meet J.J.13/02/2008
2x18 Security Alert20/02/2008
2x19 Islam on Tap27/02/2008
2x20 Marriage Minded05/03/2008
3x15 Colour Me Excited16/02/2009
3x16 Recipe for Disaster23/02/2009
3x19 Meet the Jaffers16/03/2009
3x20 Can I Get a Witness?23/03/2009
4x03 What's Yours is Mine12/10/2009
4x04 Break and Enter19/10/2009
4x05 Death By Chocolate26/10/2009
4x06 The Bid02/11/2009
4x09 Gloves Will Keep Us Together30/11/2009
4x13 The Letter25/01/2010
5x01 The Proposal03/01/2011
5x02 Bromancing the Iman10/01/2011
5x05 Roomies31/01/2011
5x06 Smooth Hate Criminal07/02/2011
Spun Out
1x01 Egg Salad06/03/2014
1x02 Parental Indiscretion07/03/2014
1x03 Unauthorized14/03/2014
1x04 Stalkblocker21/03/2014
1x05 Gaycation27/03/2014
1x06 Mad About Beckett04/04/2014
1x07 Middle Aged Men in the Hall11/04/2014
1x08 Thrill of the Chaste18/04/2014
1x09 Toy Stories25/04/2014
1x10 Daved and Confused02/05/2014
1x11 Break Up Like Beckett09/05/2014
1x12 Carpoolers16/05/2014
1x13 This Is Gonna Take a While23/05/2014
2x02 Under The Influencer21/07/2015
2x03 A Tale Of Two Lasagnas28/07/2015
2x04 Downward Dirty Dog04/08/2015
2x05 The Secret of My Ex-Wife's Success11/08/2015
2x09 Dream On08/09/2015
2x10 Can't Buy Me Love10/09/2015
2x12 When Beckett Met Stephie03/10/2015

Scénariste de séries

The Simpsons (Les Simpson)
2x18 Brush With Greatness11/04/1991