Brian Buckner

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Spin City
2x10 Family Affair (2)26/11/1997

Scénariste de séries

2x21 The One with the Bullies25/04/1996
7x06 The One with the Nap Partners09/11/2000
7x13 The One Where Rosita Dies01/02/2001
7x16 The One with the Truth About London22/02/2001
7x17 The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress15/03/2001
7x22 The One with Chandler's Dad10/05/2001
8x05 The One with Rachel's Date25/10/2001
8x10 The One with Monica's Boots06/12/2001
8x14 The One with the Secret Closet31/01/2002
8x21 The One with the Cooking Class02/05/2002
9x03 The One with the Pediatrician10/10/2002
9x12 The One with Phoebe's Rats16/01/2003
9x17 The One with the Memorial Service13/03/2003
9x18 The One with the Lottery03/04/2003
10x03 The One with Ross's Tan09/10/2003
Spin City
1x04 Pride and Prejudice08/10/1996
1x12 Criss Cross17/12/1996
1x18 Snowbound25/02/1997
1x24 Mayor Over Miami13/05/1997
2x09 Family Affair (1)19/11/1997
2x21 Bye, Bye, Birdie29/04/1998
3x04 The Deer Hunter13/10/1998
3x14 The Nutty Deputy Mayor12/01/1999
1x08 Joey and the Dream Girl (1)04/11/2004
1x19 Joey and the Fancy Sister24/02/2005
1x21 Joey and the Spying21/04/2005
1x07 Francesca14/11/2005
1x14 Here's a Balloon For You27/02/2006
1x18 The Move20/03/2006
The Class (La Classe)
1x04 The Class Blows The Whistle09/10/2006
True Blood
1x04 Escape from Dragon House28/09/2008
1x09 Plaisir D'Amour02/11/2008
2x02 Keep This Party Going21/06/2009
2x06 Hard-Hearted Hannah26/07/2009
3x01 Bad Blood13/06/2010
3x07 Hitting the Ground01/08/2010
4x02 You Smell Like Dinner03/07/2011
4x09 Run21/08/2011
5x07 In The Beginning22/07/2012
6x09 Life Matters11/08/2013
7x03 Fire in the Hole06/07/2014
7x09 Love Is to Die17/08/2014
7x10 Thank You24/08/2014
Fear the Walking Dead
2x06 Sicut Cervus15/05/2016
2x13 Date of Death25/09/2016