Bradley Buecker

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
2017 Billy Boy90

Réalisation de séries

2x06 Never Been Kissed09/11/2010
2x13 Comeback15/02/2011
2x16 Original Song15/03/2011
2x21 Funeral17/05/2011
3x05 The First Time08/11/2011
3x08 Hold On To Sixteen06/12/2011
3x14 On My Way21/02/2012
3x16 Saturday Night Glee-ver17/04/2012
4x08 Thanksgiving29/11/2012
4x11 Sadie Hawkins24/01/2013
4x16 Feud14/03/2013
4x18 Shooting Star11/04/2013
4x22 All or Nothing09/05/2013
5x01 Love, Love, Love26/09/2013
5x09 Frenemies25/02/2014
5x15 Bash08/04/2014
5x19 Old Dog, New Tricks06/05/2014
6x01 Loser Like Me09/01/2015
6x02 Homecoming09/01/2015
6x08 A Wedding20/02/2015
6x13 Dreams Come True20/03/2015
American Horror Story
1x03 Murder House19/10/2011
1x12 Afterbirth21/12/2011
2x01 Welcome to Briarcliff17/10/2012
2x02 Tricks and Treats24/10/2012
3x07 The Dead20/11/2013
3x11 Protect the Coven15/01/2014
4x08 Blood Bath03/12/2014
4x10 Orphans17/12/2014
4x13 Curtain Call21/01/2015
5x02 Chutes And Ladders14/10/2015
5x03 Mommy21/10/2015
5x10 She Gets Revenge16/12/2015
5x12 Be Our Guest13/01/2016
6x01 Chapter 114/09/2016
6x10 Chapter 1016/11/2016
7x01 Election Night05/09/2017
7x06 Mid-Western Assassin10/10/2017
7x10 Charles (Manson) in Charge07/11/2017
8x01 The End12/09/2018
8x08 Sojourn31/10/2018
8x10 Apocalypse Then14/11/2018
9x01 Camp Redwood18/09/2019
Scream Queens
1x04 Haunted House06/10/2015
1x12 Dorkus08/12/2015
2x02 Warts and All27/09/2016
1x01 Pilot03/01/2018
1x04 Worst Day Ever24/01/2018
1x06 Heartbreaker07/02/2018
1x10 A Whole New You21/03/2018
2x02 7.124/09/2018
2x03 Help is Not Coming01/10/2018
2x10 Merry Ex-Mas26/11/2018
2x14 Broken15/04/2019
2x17 Careful What You Wish For06/05/2019
2x18 This Life We Choose13/05/2019
3x02 Sink or Swim30/09/2019