Brad Walsh

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

The Listener (CA)
4x05 Buckle Up26/06/2013
4x13 Fatal Vision28/08/2013

Scénariste de séries

Stacked (Les lectures d'une blonde)
2x11 The Third Date00/00/0000
2x12 The Day the Music Died00/00/0000
2x03 Darling Nikki30/11/2005
Coupling (US)
1x05 Present Tense00/00/0000
1x10 Holiday (a.k.a. Thanksgiving)00/00/0000
Married... with Children (Mariés, deux enfants)
10x12 Love Conquers Al10/12/1995
Big Bad Beetleborgs (Beetleborgs)
1x05 The Treasure of Hillhurst Mansion11/09/1996
1x07 Say the Magic Word13/09/1996
King of the Hill (Les Rois du Texas)
11x09 Peggy's Gone to Pots06/05/2007
12x06 Raise the Steaks18/11/2007
12x11 Trans-Fascism10/02/2008
13x02 Earthy Girls are Easy05/10/2008
13x08 Lucky See, Monkey Do08/02/2009
In the Motherhood
1x02 Vacation02/04/2009
Modern Family
1x06 Run for Your Wife28/10/2009
1x21 Travels With Scout28/04/2010
1x23 Hawaii12/05/2010
2x03 Earthquake06/10/2010
2x09 Mother Tucker24/11/2010
2x19 The Musical Man13/04/2011
2x24 The One That Got Away25/05/2011
3x01 Dude Ranch21/09/2011
3x12 Egg Drop11/01/2012
3x20 The Last Walt18/04/2012
3x21 Planes, Trains and Cars02/05/2012
4x01 Bringing Up Baby26/09/2012
4x14 A Slight at the Opera06/02/2013
4x21 Career Day01/05/2013
5x02 First Days25/09/2013
5x10 The Old Man & the Tree11/12/2013
5x18 Las Vegas26/03/2014
5x21 Sleeper30/04/2014
6x05 Won't You Be Our Neighbor22/10/2014
6x06 Halloween 3: AwesomeLand29/10/2014
6x18 Spring Break25/03/2015
6x19 Grill, Interrupted01/04/2015
7x03 The Closet Case07/10/2015
7x12 Clean for a Day10/02/2016
8x04 Weathering Heights12/10/2016
8x17 Pig Moon Rising15/03/2017
9x14 Written in the Stars28/02/2018
9x15 Spanks for the Memories07/03/2018
9x19 CHiPs and Salsa11/04/2018
10x01 I Love a Parade26/09/2018
10x11 A Moving Day09/01/2019
10x19 Yes-Woman03/04/2019
11x01 New Kids on the Block25/09/2019
11x13 Paris12/02/2020
11x18 Finale (2)08/04/2020