Bob Koherr

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Acteur | Séries

Année Série Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2003 Cold Case : Affaires classées (Cold Case) Carl Baxter
1994 La vie à cinq (Party of Five (1994)) L'officier de police
Moyenne de toutes ses séries14.87

Réalisation de séries

Do Not Disturb
1x06 The Break Room00/00/0000
1x05 Dirty Secret FKA Death at the Hotel08/10/2008
The Drew Carey Show (Le Drew Carey Show)
5x21 Oswald's Son29/03/2000
6x04 Mimi's a Partner01/11/2000
6x16 Drew and the Baby (3)14/02/2001
6x20 Kate and Her New Boyfriend21/03/2001
7x05 When Wives Collide17/10/2001
7x07 It's Halloween, Dummy31/10/2001
7x12 Hotel Drew12/12/2001
7x24 What Women Don't Want01/05/2002
7x25 Look Mom, One Hand!08/05/2002
7x27 The Underpants Guy22/05/2002
8x03 Eyes Wide Open23/09/2002
8x04 Drew and the Life-Size Jim Thome Cut-Out30/09/2002
8x06 Mama Told Me I Should Come21/10/2002
8x08 Chemistry Schmemistry (1)08/11/2002
8x15 Turkeyspotting25/06/2003
8x26 The Bataan Wedding March27/08/2003
9x06 Sealed in a Kiss16/06/2004
9x10 Drew's Best Friend30/06/2004
9x11 Arrivederci, Italy07/07/2004
9x15 Baby Face21/07/2004
9x16 Girlfriend, Interrupted21/07/2004
9x23 Love, Sri Lankan Style01/09/2004
Listen Up!
1x09 Thanksgiving22/11/2004
1x13 Snub Thy Neighbor17/01/2005
1x14 Weekend With Bernie31/01/2005
1x15 Inky Dinky Don't07/02/2005
1x20 Check Mates11/04/2005
1x21 Ebony and Irony18/04/2005
1x22 Last Vegas25/04/2005
George Lopez (Une famille du tonnerre)
4x15 Sabes Quake08/02/2005
4x17 George Buys a Vow22/02/2005
5x04 George Drives the Batmobile19/10/2005
5x05 Trick or Treat Me Right26/10/2005
5x08 George Tries to Write a Wrong16/11/2005
5x13 George Keeps Truant to Himself01/02/2006
5x15 A Funeral Brings George to His Niece15/02/2006
5x16 George Gets Caught in a Powers Play22/02/2006
1x07 The Italian Job16/11/2005
1x09 Dollars and No Sense07/12/2005
1x10 I'll Be Homeless for Christmas14/12/2005
1x18 To Have Loved Way Too Much and Lost15/03/2006
1x19 Freddie Gets Cross Over George22/03/2006
1x20 Freddie and the Hot Mom29/03/2006
Stacked (Les lectures d'une blonde)
2x06 Heavy Meddle21/12/2005
Living with Fran (Du côté de chez Fran)
2x06 Going Crazy With Fran13/01/2006
2x12 Dreaming with Fran17/03/2006
According to Jim
5x18 Polite Jim07/03/2006
5x22 Belaboring the Point02/05/2006
Wizards of Waverly Place (Les Sorciers de Waverly Place)
2x11 Make It Happen31/12/2008
2x12 Fairy Tale25/01/2009
2x14 Helping Hand16/02/2009
2x16 Future Harper15/03/2009
2x19 Don't Rain on Justin's Parade - Earth19/04/2009
2x20 Family Game Night26/04/2009
2x23 Paint by Committee26/06/2009
2x24 Wizard For a Day10/07/2009
2x28 Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date07/08/2009
3x01 Franken Girl09/10/2009
3x02 Halloween16/10/2009
3x03 Monster Hunter23/10/2009
3x08 Alex Charms a Boy15/01/2010
3x10 Positive Alex26/02/2010
3x11 Detention Election19/03/2010
3x16 Western Show14/05/2010
3x19 Max's Secret Girlfriend11/06/2010
3x25 Uncle Ernesto27/08/2010
3x29 Wizards Exposed15/10/2010
Hannah Montana
3x29 Miley Says Goodbye? (1)07/03/2010
4x01 Sweet Home, Hannah Montana11/07/2010
4x02 Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office18/07/2010
4x03 California Screamin'25/07/2010
Good Luck Charlie (Bonne chance Charlie)
2x02 Something's Fishy27/02/2011
2x10 Meet the Parents01/05/2011
2x11 Gabe's 12-1/2 Birthday08/05/2011
2x12 The Break Up15/05/2011
2x16 Monkey Business26/06/2011
2x17 PJ in the City10/07/2011
2x18 Sun Show, Part 124/07/2011
2x19 Sun Show, Part 231/07/2011
3x01 Make Room for Baby06/05/2012
3x02 Bad Luck Teddy06/05/2012
3x03 Amy Needs a Shower13/05/2012
Baby Daddy
2x04 New Bonnie vs. Old Ben12/06/2013
The Thundermans (Les Thunderman)
1x01 Adventures in Supersitting14/10/2013
1x06 My Dad's Hotter Than Your Dad22/10/2013
I Didn't Do It (C'est pas moi !)
2x03 Lindy Goes to the Dogs!08/03/2015
2x04 Lindy & Logan Get Psyched15/03/2015
2x05 Dog Date Afternoon22/03/2015
2x06 Logan Finds Out!29/03/2015
2x08 Stevie Likes Lindy19/04/2015
2x14 Lindy Breaks Garrett07/08/2015
2x15 Doggie Daddy14/08/2015
2x16 Drum Beats, Heart Beats11/09/2015
2x18 Bite Club02/10/2015
2x19 The Rescuers16/10/2015
Best Friends Whenever
2x01 Princess Problems25/07/2016
2x02 Worst Night Whenever26/07/2016
2x04 Girl Code28/07/2016