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8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter (Touche pas à mes filles)
1x03 Bridget's First Job01/10/2002
1x04 Wings08/10/2002
1x13 Rory's Got a Girlfriend17/12/2002
1x17 Drummer Boy (1)04/02/2003
2x07 What Dad Would Want18/11/2003
2x15 Opposites Attract: Night of the Locust (3)24/02/2004
2x24 Finale (2)18/05/2004
Four Kings
1x07 Night Of The Iguana16/03/2006
1x09 Bobby's Song10/11/2006
Big Day
1x06 Alice Can't Dance26/12/2006
1x12 The Ceremony30/01/2007
Gary Unmarried (La nouvelle vie de Gary)
1x07 Gary & Allison's Restaurant12/11/2008
1x13 Gary Moves Back In21/01/2009
2x06 Gary Tries to Do It All04/11/2009
2x15 Gary's Big Mouth03/03/2010
Mike & Molly
5x02 To Have and Withhold15/12/2014
5x03 'Tis the Season to Be Molly22/12/2014
5x04 Gone Cheatin29/12/2014
5x06 The Last Temptation of Mike12/01/2015
5x13 Buy The Book09/03/2015
5x14 What Ever Happened To Baby Peggy?16/03/2015
5x20 Fight to the Finish04/05/2015
6x01 Cops on the Rocks06/01/2016
6x02 One Small Step for Mike13/01/2016
6x03 Peg O' My Heart Attack20/01/2016
6x10 Baby Bump09/05/2016
1x03 Rutherford B. Haze25/08/2017
1x05 Schrödinger's Pot25/08/2017
1x06 Donna Weed25/08/2017