Benton Connor

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Né le 6 août 1986 (33 ans)

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (Les merveilleuses mésaventures de Flapjack)
2x25 Fastest Man Alive15/03/2010
2x26 Oh You Animal18/03/2010
2x29 Two Old Men and a Lock Box12/04/2010
2x32 Just One Kiss10/05/2010
2x36 I'm So Proud of Me07/06/2010
3x02 Mayor May Not05/07/2010
3x07 Highlandlubber11/08/2010
3x11 Catch Me If You Candy31/08/2010
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (Adventure Time)
2x04 Blood Under the Skin01/11/2010
2x06 Slow Love15/11/2010
Regular Show
1x10 Don08/11/2010
2x02 It's Time03/01/2011
2x04 Peeps17/01/2011
2x09 Party Pete21/02/2011
2x14 Muscle Woman04/04/2011
2x15 Temp Check11/04/2011
2x19 Grave Sights09/05/2011
3x02 Bet to Be Blonde26/09/2011
3x03 Skips Strikes03/10/2011
3x07 Slam Dunk24/10/2011
3x10 Rap It Up21/11/2011
3x12 Under the Hood12/12/2011
3x13 Weekend at Benson's16/01/2012
3x19 Gut Model05/03/2012
3x35 The Best VHS in the World30/07/2012
4x03 Starter Pack08/10/2012
4x04 Regular Show Presents Terror Tales of the Park II15/10/2012
4x10 The Christmas Special, Part 103/12/2012
4x15 Sandwich of Death28/01/2013
4x22 Fool Me Twice01/04/2013
4x24 Picking Up Margaret15/04/2013
4x27 Skips Stress13/05/2013
4x29 Trailer Trashed27/05/2013
4x30 Meteor Moves10/06/2013
4x38 Party Re-Pete05/08/2013
5x08 Survival Skills14/10/2013
5x11 Creepy Doll / Death Metal Crash Pit31/10/2013
5x12 Tants04/11/2013
5x15 The Thanksgiving Special25/11/2013
5x19 Dodge This13/01/2014
5x25 Guitar Of Rock17/03/2014
5x28 Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys21/04/2014