Ashley Pearce

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Murder City
1x02 Under the Skin24/03/2004
1x05 Big City Small World15/04/2004
Silent Witness (Affaires non classées)
8x01 A Time To Heal (1/2)05/09/2004
8x02 A Time To Heal (2/2)06/09/2004
The Commander (Claire Blake Police Criminelle de Londres)
3x01 Blacklight (Part One)27/03/2006
3x02 Blacklight (Part Two)03/04/2006
4x01 The Devil You Know (Part One)08/07/2007
4x02 The Devil You Know (Part Two)15/07/2007
Afterlife (UK)
2x07 Things Forgotten04/11/2006
2x08 A Name Written in Water11/11/2006
Agatha Christie's Poirot (Hercule Poirot)
11x01 Mrs McGinty's Dead14/09/2008
11x04 Appointment with Death25/12/2009
12x01 Three Act Tragedy03/01/2010
Clocking Off
2x01 Kev's Story09/04/2011
2x02 Bev's Story16/04/2011
Downton Abbey
2x01 Episode One18/09/2011
2x02 Episode Two25/09/2011
Accused (UK)
2x01 Tracie's Story14/08/2012
2x04 Tina's Story04/09/2012
Crossing Lines
3x03 Dragon03/10/2015
3x07 Lost and Found30/10/2015
3x12 Obscura04/12/2015
Maigret (2016)
1x01 Maigret Sets a Trap28/03/2016
Endeavour (Les Enquêtes de Morse)
4x01 Game08/01/2017
Broken (2017)
1x01 Episode 130/05/2017
1x02 Episode 206/06/2017
1x03 Episode 313/06/2017
1x06 Episode 604/07/2017
Jesus: His Life
1x06 Pilate: The Trial08/04/2019
1x07 Mary Magdalene: The Crucifixion15/04/2019
1x08 Peter: The Resurrection15/04/2019