Asaad Kelada

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Égypte Nationalité égyptienne

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

3x12 A Touch of Classy20/12/1976
3x22 The Second Time Around27/02/1977
4x10 Who's Shy?25/12/1977
4x11 Blind Date08/01/1978
4x14 Happy Anniversary29/01/1978
4x15 The Jack Story05/02/1978
The Facts of Life (Drôle de vie)
2x03 Double Standard10/12/1980
2x05 Cousin Geri24/12/1980
3x02 Fear Strikes Back04/11/1981
3x03 A Baby in the House11/11/1981
3x05 Front Page25/11/1981
3x07 Sweet Sorrow09/12/1981
3x08 From Russia with Love16/12/1981
3x09 Dear Me23/12/1981
3x10 Cousin Geri Returns30/12/1981
3x12 Green-Eyed Monster13/01/1982
3x13 The Americanization of Miko20/01/1982
3x15 Starstruck03/02/1982
3x16 The Four Musketeers10/02/1982
3x17 The Affair17/02/1982
3x18 Runaway24/02/1982
3x19 New York, New York03/03/1982
3x20 Kids Can Be Cruel17/03/1982
3x22 The Academy31/03/1982
3x23 Jo's Cousin14/04/1982
4x01 Ain't Miss Beholden29/09/1982
4x02 The Source06/10/1982
4x04 The Oldest Living Graduate03/11/1982
4x05 Different Drummer10/11/1982
4x06 Dearest Mommie17/11/1982
4x07 A Woman's Place24/11/1982
4x08 Daddy's Girl01/12/1982
4x09 The Big Fight08/12/1982
4x10 For the Asking15/12/1982
4x11 September Song22/12/1982
4x12 A Royal Pain05/01/1983
4x13 Magnificent Obsession12/01/1983
4x14 Under Pressure19/01/1983
4x15 Teacher's Pet26/01/1983
4x16 Let's Party!09/02/1983
4x17 Best Sister (1)16/02/1983
4x18 Best Sister (2)23/02/1983
4x19 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?09/03/1983
4x20 Who's on First?30/03/1983
4x21 Help from Home06/04/1983
4x23 Graduation (1)04/05/1983
5x01 Brave New World (1)21/09/1983
5x02 Brave New World (2)21/09/1983
5x04 Just My Bill12/10/1983
5x06 The Halloween Show26/10/1983
5x07 Advance Placement02/11/1983
5x08 I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can09/11/1983
5x09 Small but Dangerous16/11/1983
5x10 Store Games30/11/1983
5x12 The Christmas Show21/12/1983
5x13 The Chain Letter28/12/1983
5x16 All or Nothing18/01/1984
5x17 A Death in the Family01/02/1984
5x18 Big Fish/Little Fish08/02/1984
5x19 Star at Langley15/02/1984
5x20 Dream Marriage22/02/1984
5x23 Seems Like Old Times21/03/1984
5x24 Joint Custody02/05/1984
6x01 The Summer of '8426/09/1984
6x02 Slices of Life03/10/1984
6x03 Love at First Byte17/10/1984
6x04 My Boyfriend's Back24/10/1984
6x06 Taking a Chance on Love (1)07/11/1984
6x07 Taking a Chance on Love (2)07/11/1984
6x11 Smile05/12/1984
6x15 Working it Out09/01/1985
Family Ties (Sacrée Famille)
1x01 Pilot22/09/1982
4x05 Don't Go Changin'31/10/1985
5x05 Beauty and the Bank30/10/1986
5x09 My Brother's Keeper20/11/1986
5x29 It's My Party (1)06/08/1987
5x30 It's My Party (2)13/08/1987
6x04 The Other Woman27/09/1987
6x26 Sign of the Times13/03/1988
Who's the Boss? (Madame est servie)
1x09 Sports Buddies11/12/1984
1x10 Requiem18/12/1984
1x20 Just Like Tony12/03/1985
1x21 Keeping Up With Marci09/04/1985
1x22 First Kiss16/04/1985
2x01 It Happened One Summer (1)24/09/1985
2x02 It Happened One Summer (2)01/10/1985
2x03 Ad Man Micelli08/10/1985
2x05 Tony the Matchmaker29/10/1985
2x06 Custody (1)05/11/1985
2x07 Custody (2)12/11/1985
2x09 Thanksgiving at Mrs. Rossini's26/11/1985
2x10 The Prodigal Father-in-Law03/12/1985
2x11 The Graduate10/12/1985
2x14 Educating Tony14/01/1986
2x15 Gotta Dance21/01/1986
2x16 The Babysitter28/01/1986
2x17 Jonathan Plays Cupid11/02/1986
2x18 When Worlds Collide18/02/1986
2x19 Losers and Other Strangers25/02/1986
2x20 Tony For President04/03/1986
2x21 Not With My Client, You Don't18/03/1986
2x22 Angela's New Best Friend25/03/1986
2x23 There's No Business Like Shoe Business01/04/1986
2x25 The Anniversary Show06/05/1986
2x26 Charmed Lives13/05/1986
3x01 Angela Gets Fired (1)23/09/1986
3x02 Angela Gets Fired (2)30/09/1986
3x03 Daddy's Little Montague Girl21/10/1986
3x04 Mona's Limo28/10/1986
3x05 The Hickey04/11/1986
3x06 Wedding Bells?11/11/1986
3x07 Jonathan the Gymnast18/11/1986
3x08 Semi-Private Lives25/11/1986
3x10 Spud Micelli09/12/1986
3x11 The Christmas Card16/12/1986
3x12 The Way We Was06/01/1987
3x13 Jonathan Kills Tony13/01/1987
3x14 Marie's Secret20/01/1987
3x15 Tony, the Patchmaker27/01/1987
3x16 Hit the Road, Chad03/02/1987
3x17 Raging Housekeeper10/02/1987
3x18 The Proposal17/02/1987
3x19 Diet in Cell Block 1124/02/1987
3x21 Walk on the Mild Side17/03/1987
3x22 Reconcilable Differences31/03/1987
3x23 Mona12/05/1987
3x24 A Moving Episode19/05/1987
4x01 Frankie and Tony Are Lovers22/09/1987
4x02 Big Girl On Campus29/09/1987
4x03 There Goes the Bride06/10/1987
4x04 A Trip to the Principal13/10/1987
4x05 New Kid in Town27/10/1987
4x06 Two On a Billboard03/11/1987
4x07 A Farewell to Nick10/11/1987
4x09 A Fishy Tale24/11/1987
4x10 Car and Driver01/12/1987
4x11 Just Mona and Me08/12/1987
4x12 Yellow Submarine15/12/1987
4x13 Another Single Parent05/01/1988
4x14 All in the Famiglia12/01/1988
4x15 Steady As She Goes19/01/1988
4x16 Tony and the Dreamtones02/02/1988
4x17 The Matriculator09/02/1988
4x18 Three Teens and a Tony01/03/1988
4x20 Model Daughter22/03/1988
4x21 Marry Me, Mona29/03/1988
4x22 Prom Night II03/05/1988
4x23 Sleep Talk, Sweet Talk10/05/1988
4x24 The Two Tonys17/05/1988
5x01 Sam's Car18/10/1988
5x02 My Fair Tony25/10/1988
5x03 Nineteen Again01/11/1988
5x04 Yankee Doodle Micelli22/11/1988
5x05 A Jack Story29/11/1988
5x06 Double Dump06/12/1988
5x07 Life With Father13/12/1988
5x08 A Sprited Christmas20/12/1988
5x09 Teacher's Pet03/01/1989
5x10 Mrs. Rossini's Uncle10/01/1989
5x11 Your Grandmother's a Bimbo29/01/1989
5x13 Cardinal Sin07/02/1989
5x14 Winter Break14/02/1989
5x15 First Date21/02/1989
5x16 Party Double28/02/1989
5x17 Boozin' Buddies07/03/1989
5x18 Heather Can Wait21/03/1989
5x20 Men Are People, Too04/04/1989
5x22 Tony Does Golf25/04/1989
5x23 Ode to Angela02/05/1989
5x24 In Sam We Trust09/05/1989
5x25 It's Somebody's Birthday16/05/1989
6x01 In Search of Tony19/09/1989
6x02 Life's a Ditch26/09/1989
6x03 In Your Dreams03/10/1989
6x04 Sam's Novel Romance10/10/1989
6x05 Tony and the Professor24/10/1989
6x06 Mother and Child Disunion31/10/1989
6x07 Sam Can Manage07/11/1989
6x08 Supermom Burnout14/11/1989
6x09 Sex, Lies and Exercise Tape21/11/1989
6x10 To Tony, With Love28/11/1989
6x11 The World According to Jonathan05/12/1989
6x12 Gambling Jag12/12/1989
6x13 Sam Accelerates02/01/1990
6x14 Tony Kills09/01/1990
6x15 Dear Landlord16/01/1990
6x16 Mona & Walter & Sam & Eric23/01/1990
6x17 Micelli's Marauders30/01/1990
6x19 Take Me Back to the Ballgame13/02/1990
6x20 I Dream of Genealogy20/02/1990
6x21 Couple Trouble27/02/1990
6x22 Operation Mona13/03/1990
6x23 Road Scholar27/03/1990
6x24 Beautician Heal Thyself10/04/1990
6x25 Sit Down and Be Counted01/05/1990
6x26 The All-Nighter08/05/1990
Designing Women (1986) (Femmes d'affaires et dames de cœur)
6x06 Picking a Winner14/10/1991
Dharma & Greg
3x11 Lawyers, Beer and Money30/11/1999
3x15 The Trouble with Troubadour08/02/2000
3x18 A Night to Remember29/02/2000
3x21 Big Daddy11/04/2000
3x24 Be My Baby16/05/2000
4x01 Mother and Daughter Reunion10/10/2000
4x10 Dutch Treat09/01/2001
4x11 The Box16/01/2001
4x18 For Pete's Sake03/04/2001
5x04 Sexual Healing09/10/2001
5x10 Dream A Little Dream of Her27/11/2001
5x18 Mission: Implausible02/04/2002
5x20 The Tooth Is Out There09/04/2002
5x23 The Mamas and the Papas (a.k.a. Finale) (1)30/04/2002
Everybody Loves Raymond (Tout le monde aime Raymond)
5x07 The Walk to the Door06/11/2000
5x23 Separation14/05/2001
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Sabrina, l'apprentie sorcière)
7x10 Ping, Ping A Song10/01/2003
7x19 You Slay Me27/03/2003
Two and a Half Men (Mon oncle Charlie)
2x20 I Always Wanted a Shaved Monkey18/04/2005
3x09 Madame and Her Special Friend21/11/2005
Courting Alex (Alex Rose)
1x04 New Best Friend13/02/2006
1x05 The Fix-Up27/02/2006
1x10 You Compete Me21/08/2006
Happy Hour
1x08 The Election08/09/2008
The Office (US)
5x13 Prince Family Paper22/01/2009
Ruby and the Rockits
1x02 Save the Last Dance for Me28/07/2009
1x04 It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want to11/08/2009