Anita Kapila

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Flash Forward (1996) (Chahut au bahut)
1x24 Funny Like Me00/00/0000

Scénariste de séries

Flash Forward (1996) (Chahut au bahut)
1x10 That's My Baby00/00/0000
1x21 Skate Bait00/00/0000
1x24 Funny Like Me00/00/0000
Our Hero
1x06 The Revenge Issue23/11/2000
Max and Ruby (Max et Ruby)
2x04 Ruby's Hiccups10/03/2003
2x05 The Big Picture10/03/2003
2x06 Ruby's Stage Show10/03/2003
5x43 Max's Pinata10/10/2012
5x44 Ruby's Movie Night10/10/2012
5x45 Doctor Ruby10/10/2012
5x61 Ruby's Memory Quilt25/10/2012
5x62 Lights, Camera, Ruby!25/10/2012
5x63 Ruby's Ping-Pong Record25/10/2012
5x70 Ruby's Big Case28/01/2013
5x71 Ruby's Rhyme Time28/01/2013
5x72 Max's Library Card28/01/2013
Radio Free Roscoe
1x17 Written in the Stars19/12/2003
Sophie (Sophie Parker)
2x05 The Casting Couch29/10/2008
2x09 Bursting Balloons03/12/2008
2x15 Burning Bridgets16/02/2009
Kim's Convenience
1x09 Best Before06/12/2016
1x10 Janet's New Job13/12/2016
1x12 Appa's Lump27/12/2016
2x06 Resting Place31/10/2017
2x08 Silent Auction14/11/2017
2x13 Handy Graduation19/12/2017
3x06 The Kim Cup12/02/2019
3x09 Blabber Talker05/03/2019
3x13 Lord of the Ring02/04/2019
4x09 Which Witch is Which03/03/2020
4x10 In the Bedroom10/03/2020
4x13 Bon Voyage31/03/2020
5x08 Slippery Slope09/03/2021
5x10 Who's Pranking Who?23/03/2021
1x02 The Snowball Effect21/09/2021
1x03 New Neighbours28/09/2021
1x06 Hot for Pappa19/10/2021
1x09 Animal Passion09/11/2021
1x10 Eggs Anyone?16/11/2021
Children Ruin Everything
1x04 Truth02/02/2022
2x07 Identity07/11/2022