Andy Hay

Angleterre Royaume-Uni Nationalité anglaise - britannique

Né en 1954 (67 ans)

Andy Hay

Devenir fan

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Waking the Dead (Meurtres en sommeil)
3x05 Breaking Glass (1)27/09/2003
3x06 Breaking Glass (2)28/09/2003
4x01 In Sight Of The Lord (1)11/07/2004
4x07 Anger Management (1)01/08/2004
4x08 Anger Management (2)02/08/2004
4x11 Shadowplay (1)15/08/2004
4x12 Shadowplay (2)16/08/2004
Silent Witness (Affaires non classées)
9x03 Choices (1/2)01/08/2005
9x04 Choices (2/2)02/08/2005
15x01 Death Has No Dominion (1/2)01/04/2012
15x02 Death Has No Dominion (2/2)02/04/2012
15x09 Fear (1/2)29/04/2012
15x10 Fear (2/2)30/04/2012
Spooks (MI-5)
5x06 Hostage Takers, part 109/10/2006
5x07 Hostage Takers, part 216/10/2006
Trial and Retribution (Scotland Yard, Crimes sur la Tamise)
10x01 Sins of the Father (1)14/01/2007
Hotel Babylon (Hôtel Babylon)
3x04 Series 3, Episode 411/03/2008
3x05 Series 3, Episode 518/03/2008
3x06 Season 3, Episode 625/03/2008
4x01 Series 4, Episode 119/06/2009
4x02 Series 4, Episode 226/06/2009
4x03 Series 4, Episode 303/07/2009
4x07 Series 4, Episode 707/08/2009
4x08 Series 4, Episode 814/08/2009
Identity (2010)
1x04 Reparation26/07/2010
1x05 Somewhere They Can’t Find Me02/08/2010
1x06 Tomorrow Comes Early09/08/2010
Agatha Christie's Marple (Miss Marple (2004))
5x01 The Pale Horse30/08/2010
Midsomer Murders (Inspecteur Barnaby)
15x06 Schooled in Murder30/01/2013
New Tricks (Flics toujours)
10x07 Things Can Only Get Better10/09/2013
10x08 The One That Got Away17/09/2013
10x09 Roots24/09/2013
11x01 Bermondsey Boy18/08/2014
11x02 Tender Loving Care25/08/2014
The Musketeers (Les Trois Mousquetaires)
1x06 The Exiles02/03/2014
1x09 Knight Takes Queen23/03/2014
2x04 Emilie30/01/2015
2x06 Through a Glass Darkly20/02/2015
3x01 Spoils of War10/04/2016
3x02 The Hunger17/04/2016
1x16 Episode 1611/02/2016
1x17 Episode 1712/02/2016
1x18 Episode 1818/02/2016
1x19 Episode 1919/02/2016
1x20 Episode 2021/02/2016
Hooten & the Lady (Hooten and the Lady, chasseurs de trésors)
1x05 Ethiopia14/10/2016
2x05 Episode 502/03/2018
2x06 Episode 609/03/2018
All Creatures Great and Small (2020)
1x04 A Tricki Case22/09/2020
1x06 A Cure for All Ills06/10/2020
1x07 The Night Before Christmas22/12/2020

Scénariste de séries

Waking the Dead (Meurtres en sommeil)
4x07 Anger Management (1)01/08/2004