Andrew Schneider

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2008 Easy Money Terminée

Réalisation de séries

Northern Exposure (Bienvenue en Alaska)
5x12 Mr. Sandman10/01/1994

Scénariste de séries

The Incredible Hulk (1977) (L'Incroyable Hulk)
2x15 The Haunted07/02/1979
3x07 Behind the Wheel09/11/1979
3x08 Homecoming30/11/1979
3x19 A Rock and a Hard Place29/02/1980
3x21 Equinox21/03/1980
4x12 The First (1)06/03/1981
4x13 The First (2)13/03/1981
4x16 Half Nelson17/04/1981
5x05 Triangle13/11/1981
Magnum, P.I. (1980) (Magnum)
2x03 The Woman on the Beach22/10/1981
2x04 From Moscow to Maui29/10/1981
2x13 The Jororo Kill07/01/1982
2x15 Try to Remember28/01/1982
2x20 The Last Page04/03/1982
3x13 Of Sound Mind06/01/1983
Tales of the Gold Monkey (Jake Cutter)
1x13 Ape Boy12/01/1983
1x19 Naka Jima Kill18/03/1983
1x04 The Defector05/01/1984
1x11 Spanish Gambit20/04/1984
The Fall Guy (L'homme qui tombe à pic)
4x08 Sandcastles07/01/1984
4x11 Baja 100028/11/1984
4x16 Sheriff Seavers23/01/1985
4x21 Split Image27/02/1985
4x23 Reel Trouble10/04/1985
5x01 Dead Ringer26/09/1985
5x04 A Fistful of Lire17/10/1985
5x09 No Rms Ocean Vu04/01/1986
5x15 Beach Blanket Bounty21/02/1986
5x16 The Last Chance Platoon28/02/1986
5x20 Tag Team04/04/1986
Cover Up (Espion Modèle)
1x09 Writer's Block24/11/1984
Alien Nation
1x07 The First Cigar23/10/1989
1x10 Three to Tango13/11/1989
1x12 Chains of Love27/11/1989
1x15 Generation to Generation29/01/1990
1x18 Real Men19/02/1990
1x21 Gimmee, Gimmee09/04/1990
1x23 Green Eyes07/05/1990
Northern Exposure (Bienvenue en Alaska)
2x03 All is Vanity22/04/1991
2x07 Slow Dance20/05/1991
3x09 Get Real09/12/1991
3x10 Seoul Mates16/12/1991
3x17 Lost and Found09/03/1992
3x19 Wake Up Call23/03/1992
3x22 Our Wedding11/05/1992
3x23 Cicely18/05/1992
4x03 Nothing's Perfect12/10/1992
4x09 Do the Right Thing30/11/1992
4x12 Revelations11/01/1993
4x18 Northern Lights01/03/1993
4x23 Mud and Blood10/05/1993
5x01 Three Doctors20/09/1993
5x08 Heal Thyself15/11/1993
5x10 First Snow13/12/1993
5x12 Mr. Sandman10/01/1994
5x13 Mite Makes Right17/01/1994
6x01 Dinner at Seven-Thirty19/09/1994
6x06 Zarya31/10/1994
6x08 Up River14/11/1994
6x11 The Great Mushroom04/01/1995
6x15 The Quest08/02/1995
6x16 Lucky People15/02/1995
Fantasy Island (1998)
1x04 Dying to Dance17/10/1998
The Sopranos (Les Soprano)
6x04 The Fleshy Part of the Thigh02/04/2006
6x08 Johnny Cakes30/04/2006
6x11 Cold Stones21/05/2006
6x13 Soprano Home Movies08/04/2007
Easy Money
1x01 Pilot05/10/2008
1x02 Sub-Prime12/10/2008
1x03 Collateral Damage19/10/2008
1x07 Bella Roma09/08/2009
Boardwalk Empire
3x05 You'd Be Surprised14/10/2012
Bosch (Harry Bosch)
1x03 Blue Religion13/02/2015
1x09 The Magic Castle13/02/2015
2x03 Victim of the Night11/03/2016
2x06 Heart Attack11/03/2016
Chicago Med
1x01 Derailed17/11/2015
2x01 Soul Care22/09/2016