Andrew Lipsitz

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Docteur Quinn, femme médecin)
3x05 The Library22/10/1994
3x15 The End of the World14/01/1995
4x08 The Expedition (1)18/11/1995
4x09 The Expedition (2)18/11/1995
4x11 Hell on Wheels09/12/1995
4x14 Tin Star13/01/1996
4x21 Hearts and Minds09/03/1996
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)
1x05 Friends & Lovers03/11/2000
1x09 Unfriendly Skies08/12/2000
1x14 To Halve and to Hold15/02/2001
1x20 Sounds of Silence19/04/2001
2x05 Scuba Doobie-Doo25/10/2001
2x16 Primum Non Nocere28/02/2002
2x21 Anatomy of a Lye02/05/2002
3x03 Let the Seller Beware10/10/2002
3x07 Fight Night14/11/2002
3x15 Lady Heather's Box13/02/2003
3x18 Precious Metal03/04/2003
3x22 Play with Fire08/05/2003
4x02 All for Our Country (2)02/10/2003
4x08 After the Show20/11/2003
4x11 Eleven Angry Jurors08/01/2004
CSI: NY (Les Experts : Manhattan)
1x05 A Man a Mile03/11/2004
1x08 Three Generations are Enough24/11/2004
1x11 Tri-Borough05/01/2005
1x19 Crime and Misdemeanor13/04/2005
1x23 What You See Is What You See18/05/2005
2x04 Corporate Warriors19/10/2005
2x10 Jamalot30/11/2005
2x17 Necrophilia Americana22/03/2006
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (New York Section Criminelle)
8x10 Salome In Manhattan28/06/2009
8x14 Major Case26/07/2009