Andrew Duncan

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Réalisation / Court-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2012 Monster High: La Bête de l'Île au Crâne (Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores) (court-métrage)45
Moyenne de tous ses films13.67

Réalisation de séries

Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers
1x01 Ignition08/01/2005
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Tempête de boulettes géantes)
1x02 Princess Kittymittens06/03/2017
1x03 Invent This!06/03/2017
1x04 Bacon Girl06/03/2017
1x06 The Ballad of Johnny Sardine08/03/2017
1x07 Millionaire Monkey09/03/2017
1x08 Baby Brent Sitter13/03/2017
1x09 Spoiler Orb14/03/2017
1x10 The Pandas Are Coming15/03/2017
1x11 Inventors Only16/03/2017
1x12 Clock-a-Doodle-Doo20/03/2017
1x13 The Sardemon21/03/2017
1x14 Earl or Pearl?22/03/2017
1x15 Sardinefest23/03/2017
1x16 Total Samesies27/03/2017
1x17 Monkey Me, Monkey You28/03/2017
1x18 Best Invention Ever!29/03/2017
1x19 That's Sal, Folks!30/03/2017
1x20 Cloudy With A Chance Of Clouds03/04/2017
1x21 The Science Of The Toot04/04/2017
1x22 Mr. Stressup05/04/2017
1x23 Virtu-earl Reality06/04/2017
1x24 Hair We Go Again21/07/2017
1x25 It's About Time28/07/2017
1x26 Self-Helpie28/07/2017
1x37 Ratbirds and Cheesyworms19/08/2017
1x38 Junk in the Trunk19/08/2017
1x39 The Inventor's Code20/08/2017
1x40 Baby-Baby Brent20/08/2017
1x41 The Talented Mr. Buttons26/08/2017
1x42 The Girl Who Cried Meteor26/08/2017
1x43 I Gotta Piñata27/08/2017
1x44 Your Fish Is My Command27/08/2017
1x27 Happy Clappy Monkey08/09/2017
1x28 Robot Rumble15/09/2017
1x45 So I Married a Watermelon19/09/2017
1x46 The Shelbourne Identity19/09/2017
1x47 Appreciate This!20/09/2017
1x48 She's a Shoe-In20/09/2017
1x49 Lobster Claus Is Coming to Town - Part 121/09/2017
1x50 Lobster Claus Is Coming to Town - Part 221/09/2017
1x29 My Pop Is Tops22/09/2017
1x51 When I Was Your Age22/09/2017
1x52 Flint's Biggest Flup22/09/2017
1x30 Clone Alone29/09/2017
1x31 Coat of Harms06/10/2017
1x32 Earl of My Dreams13/10/2017
1x33 Spacy Race20/10/2017
1x34 Tim and Jim27/10/2017
1x35 Mayornormal Activity29/10/2017
1x36 Flintenstein29/10/2017
2x01 Einstein's Moustache07/04/2018
2x02 Power Struggle07/04/2018
2x03 Brentonium07/04/2018
2x04 Penguipocalypse07/04/2018
2x05 Dance Fish Move Dance14/04/2018
2x06 Sonny with a Chance of Disappointment14/04/2018
2x07 Sam's Imaginary Friend14/04/2018
2x08 Hands Up14/04/2018
2x09 Brent Hog Day21/04/2018
2x10 Baby Talk21/04/2018
2x11 Now You See Him21/04/2018
2x12 Major Science21/04/2018
2x13 Something Fishy28/04/2018
2x14 Out to FLUNCH28/04/2018
2x15 The Kid's Got Moxy28/04/2018
2x16 The New, New Girl28/04/2018
2x17 Stormwave and Thunderhawk05/05/2018
2x18 Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun05/05/2018
2x19 Sardine: The Movie05/05/2018
2x20 The Boy Who Cried Robot05/05/2018
2x21 Fizzy Fish12/05/2018
2x22 FLUBER12/05/2018
2x23 Timmy Rockgood12/05/2018
2x24 Swallow Fails12/05/2018
2x25 Poppa Piglet19/05/2018
2x26 Mascot Wars19/05/2018
2x27 Sardinasaurus19/05/2018
2x28 Flint vs. Flint19/05/2018
2x29 An Alluring Promise26/05/2018
2x30 Brent Bro26/05/2018
2x31 Sardinee Babies26/05/2018
2x32 Party Tron26/05/2018
2x33 The Happy Sardine02/06/2018
2x34 Less Ordinary People02/06/2018
2x35 Flint TV02/06/2018
2x36 Spa Daze02/06/2018
2x37 Mayor or Mayor Not09/06/2018
2x38 Fisherman Sam09/06/2018
2x39 Trees Company09/06/2018
2x40 Tim, Jim and Kim09/06/2018
2x41 Live and Let Diary16/06/2018
2x42 Rainbow Tim16/06/2018
2x43 Mermaid You Look16/06/2018
2x44 Mrs. Tinklebottom16/06/2018
2x45 When There's a Gil There's a Way23/06/2018
2x46 Embarrass Brent23/06/2018
2x47 Flint Land23/06/2018
2x48 Your Dad Is My Dad23/06/2018
2x49 Totally Tall Tales30/06/2018
2x50 Flint's Fabulous Future30/06/2018
2x51 Have Yourself a Sardiney Little Christmas (Part 1)30/06/2018
2x52 Have Yourself a Sardiney Little Christmas (Part 2)30/06/2018
LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (LEGO Jurassic World : La légende d'Isla Nublar)
1x01 Mission: Critical!06/07/2019
1x02 Stampede!13/07/2019
1x03 The Hybrid Horror!20/07/2019
1x04 Pteranodon't!27/07/2019
1x06 Spit Take!09/09/2019
1x07 A Fish Story10/09/2019
1x08 Blown Away!11/09/2019
1x09 Haunted and Hunted!12/09/2019