Amy Lippman

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Épouse de Rodman Flender

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créatrice de série

Année Série Chaine Statut
2019 Party of Five (2019) Freeform prochainement
1999 Time of Your Life (US) (Sarah) FOX terminée
1998 Significant Others FOX terminée
1994 Party of Five (1994) (La vie à cinq) FOX terminée

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
1989 No Place Like Home (TV)100

Réalisation de séries

Sisters (Les sœurs Reed)
3x09 The Best Seats in the House21/11/1992
3x24 The Icing on the Cake22/05/1993
4x10 The Things We Do For Love27/11/1993
Party of Five (1994) (La vie à cinq)
1x09 Something Out of Nothing07/11/1994
3x14 Life's Too Short08/01/1997

Scénariste de séries

Sisters (Les sœurs Reed)
2x01 One to Grow On21/09/1991
2x05 A Kiss is Still a Kiss19/10/1991
2x07 The Family Way09/11/1991
2x20 Heart and Soul18/04/1992
3x04 And God Laughs17/10/1992
3x08 Crash and Born14/11/1992
3x12 Teach Your Children Well19/12/1992
3x16 Things Are Tough All Over06/02/1993
3x21 Some Other Time01/05/1993
4x04 A Kick in the Caboose16/10/1993
4x15 Poison29/01/1994
4x21 Protective Measures14/05/1994
Party of Five (1994) (La vie à cinq)
1x01 Pilot12/09/1994
1x02 Homework19/09/1994
1x06 Fathers and Sons17/10/1994
1x10 Thanksgiving14/11/1994
1x14 Not Fade Away04/01/1995
1x17 In Loco Parentis01/02/1995
1x20 The Trouble with Charlie01/03/1995
1x22 The Ides of March15/03/1995
2x01 Ready or Not27/09/1995
2x06 Analogies08/11/1995
2x09 The Wedding13/12/1995
2x13 Poor Substitutes17/01/1996
2x18 Before and After21/02/1996
2x22 Spring Breaks (2)27/03/1996
3x01 Summer Fun, Summer Not21/08/1996
3x05 Mixed Signals18/09/1996
3x06 Going Home25/09/1996
3x20 Intervention19/02/1997
3x24 A Little Faith26/03/1997
3x25 You Win Some, You Lose Some02/04/1997
4x03 Handicaps01/10/1997
4x08 Sickness, Health / Richer, Poorer12/11/1997
4x09 Truth Be Told19/11/1997
4x19 Go Away04/03/1998
4x23 Fools Rush In06/05/1998
4x24 Fools Rush Out13/05/1998
5x03 Naming Names30/09/1998
5x05 The Baby04/11/1998
6x08 Faith, Hope and Charity30/11/1999
6x24 ...That Ends Well (2)03/05/2000
Time of Your Life (US) (Sarah)
1x01 The Time She Came to New York25/10/1999
1x05 The Time They All Came Over for Thanksgiving22/11/1999
1x09 The Time They Decide to Date10/01/2000
1x12 The Time Everything Changed21/06/2000
1x15 The Time She Made a Temporary Decision11/03/2006
1x19 The Time He Saved the Day08/04/2006
In Treatment (En analyse)
1x06 Laura - Week Two04/02/2008
1x11 Laura - Week Three11/02/2008
1x16 Laura - Week Four18/02/2008
1x21 Laura - Week Five25/02/2008
1x26 Laura - Week Six03/03/2008
1x31 Laura - Week Seven10/03/2008
1x36 Laura - Week Eight17/03/2008
1x41 Sophie - Week Nine26/03/2008
1x43 Paul and Gina - Week Nine28/03/2008
Masters of Sex
1x04 Thank You For Coming20/10/2013
1x11 Phallic Victories08/12/2013
2x03 Fight27/07/2014
2x09 Story of My Life07/09/2014
2x11 One for the Money, Two for the Show21/09/2014
3x02 Three's a Crowd19/07/2015
3x11 Party of Four20/09/2015
4x04 Coats or Keys02/10/2016
Party of Five (2019)
1x01 Pilot08/01/2020