Allen Reisner

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 12 février 1924 • New York City (États-Unis)

Décédé le 8 avril 2004 (80 ans) • Beverly Hills, Californie (États-Unis)

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1958 St. Louis Blues105
1957 La bourrasque (All Mine to Give)103

Réalisation de séries

The Twilight Zone (1959) (La Quatrième Dimension)
1x03 Mr. Denton on Doomsday16/10/1959
3x20 Incident of the Boomerang24/03/1961
The Untouchables (1959) (Les Incorruptibles)
4x14 The Speculator08/01/1963
4x22 The Butcher's Boy12/03/1963
4x24 One Last Killing02/04/1963
10x21 Song for Dying13/02/1965
11x11 South Wind27/11/1965
11x28 By Line09/04/1966
12x18 Muley21/01/1967
12x20 Old Friend04/02/1967
Burke's Law (1963) (L'homme à la Rolls (1963))
2x22 Who Killed the Man on the White Horse?17/02/1965
Branded (Le Proscrit)
1x10 The Mission (3)28/03/1965
I Spy (US) (Les espions)
1x13 Tigers of Heaven15/12/1965
1x16 The Barter12/01/1966
1x17 Always Say Goodbye26/01/1966
The Green Hornet (Le Frelon Vert)
1x07 Beautiful Dreamer (1)21/10/1966
1x08 Beautiful Dreamer (2)28/10/1966
1x14 Freeway to Death16/12/1966
1x15 May the Best Man Lose23/12/1966
1x16 Seek, Stalk, and Destroy06/01/1967
1x23 Hornet, Save Thyself03/03/1967
2x08 Who Will Dig the Graves?16/11/1968
2x12 Fear I to Fall21/12/1968
2x15 Only Giants Can Play18/01/1969
Ironside (1967) (L'homme de fer)
2x17 Rundown on a Bum Rap30/01/1969
2x23 Puzzlelock13/03/1969
It Takes a Thief (Opération vol)
2x20 The Funeral is on Mundy11/03/1969
1x03 Call Unicorn28/09/1971
1x04 Country Blues05/10/1971
1x16 Treasure of San Ignacio11/01/1972
1x18 To Kill a Guinea Pig01/02/1972
5x08 Man in the Middle29/10/1975
Hawaii Five-O (1968) (Hawaï police d'État)
4x18 Skinhead25/01/1972
5x02 Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain19/09/1972
6x01 Hookman11/09/1973
6x10 A Bullet for El Diablo13/11/1973
6x14 The $100,000 Nickel11/12/1973
7x05 Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got the Bomb?08/10/1974
7x19 Study in Rage11/02/1975
7x22 The Hostage11/03/1975
8x12 The Waterfront Steal21/11/1975
8x16 Deadly Persuasion18/12/1975
9x14 Man in a Steel Frame13/01/1977
9x20 Blood Money is Hard to Wash03/03/1977
10x18 Angel in Blue09/03/1978
Kung Fu (1972)
1x07 Nine Lives15/02/1973
1x06 The Capricorn Murders29/01/1974
Kojak (1973)
1x13 Death is Not a Passing Grade30/01/1974
2x15 Loser Takes All22/12/1974
The Manhunter (Le Justicier)
1x09 The Trunk Murders06/11/1974
1x11 The Carnival Story20/11/1974
1x19 The Wrong Man05/02/1975
Barnaby Jones
4x23 The Eyes of Terror11/03/1976
The Streets of San Francisco (Les rues de San Francisco)
5x10 Castle of Fear23/12/1976
5x14 Who Killed Helen French?03/02/1977
Hardcastle and McCormick (Le juge et le pilote)
1x13 Just Another Round of That Old Song11/12/1983
Murder, She Wrote (Arabesque)
1x06 Lovers and Other Killers18/11/1984
1x09 Death Takes a Curtain Call16/12/1984
1x10 Death Casts a Spell30/12/1984
6x10 Class Act03/12/1989
Partners in Crime (1984)
1x11 The Strangler15/12/1984
Airwolf (Supercopter)
3x03 And a Child Shall Lead12/10/1985
Sidekicks (Le Chevalier Lumière)
1x01 The Last Electric Knight16/02/1986
1x02 Are These Your Kicks?26/09/1986
1x04 I Hate the Neighbors17/10/1986
1x15 Just for Kicks17/01/1987
1x18 The Next Best Thing to WInning14/02/1987
1x21 The Worst of the Mohicans07/03/1987
The Law & Harry McGraw (La loi du privé)
1x16 Maginnis for the People10/02/1988