Allen Coulter

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 21 mars 1969 (52 ans) • College Station, Texas (États-Unis)

Allen Coulter

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Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2010 Remember Me 113
2006 Hollywoodland 126
Moyenne de tous ses films14.2

Réalisation de séries

Tales from the Darkside (Histoires de l'autre monde)
4x18 Hush10/07/1988
Golden Years (Compte à rebours)
1x03 Yes, No or Maybe?18/07/1991
1x05 Not on My Watch01/08/1991
1x07 Third Time Lucky?15/08/1991
2x02 Beware of the Dog26/09/1997
2x14 The Pest House27/02/1998
2x17 Siren20/03/1998
The X-Files (X-Files : Aux frontières du réel)
5x17 All Souls26/04/1998
The Sopranos (Les Soprano)
1x05 College07/02/1999
1x12 Isabella28/03/1999
2x01 Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist's Office16/01/2000
2x07 D-Girl27/02/2000
2x08 Full Leather Jacket05/03/2000
2x12 Knight in White Satin Armor02/04/2000
3x01 Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood04/03/2001
3x06 University01/04/2001
3x08 He Is Risen15/04/2001
4x01 For All Debts Public and Private15/09/2002
5x05 Irregular Around the Margins04/04/2004
5x11 The Test Dream16/05/2004
Sex and the City
2x01 Take Me Out to the Ballgame06/06/1999
2x02 The Awful Truth13/06/1999
2x03 The Freak Show20/06/1999
2x05 Four Women and a Funeral04/07/1999
3x17 What Goes Around Comes Around08/10/2000
3x18 Cock-a-Doodle-Do!15/10/2000
4x03 Defining Moments10/06/2001
4x04 What's Sex Got to Do with It?17/06/2001
Six Feet Under (Six pieds sous terre)
1x08 Crossroads22/07/2001
Kingpin (Le Cartel)
1x01 Pilot02/02/2003
1x05 The Ram Has Touched The Wall25/09/2005
2x02 Son Of Hades21/01/2007
1x01 Get Me a Lawyer24/07/2007
Law & Order (New York Police Judiciaire)
18x01 Called Home02/01/2008
Sons of Anarchy
1x01 Pilot03/09/2008
Nurse Jackie
1x01 Pilot08/06/2009
1x01 Gone in the Teethé13/06/2010
Boardwalk Empire
1x07 Home31/10/2010
1x11 Paris Green28/11/2010
2x07 Peg of Old06/11/2011
2x11 Under God's Power She Flourishes04/12/2011
3x07 Sunday Best28/10/2012
3x11 Two Imposters25/11/2012
4x03 Acres of Diamonds22/09/2013
4x06 The North Star13/10/2013
4x11 Havre De Grace17/11/2013
5x02 The Good Listener14/09/2014
5x07 Friendless Child19/10/2014
1x03 Ace Meets with a Talented Whiz Kid12/02/2012
1x08 Ace Counters Smythe's Move with His Own18/03/2012
House of Cards (US)
1x12 Chapter 1201/02/2013
1x13 Chapter 1301/02/2013
1x01 Re-Entry09/07/2014
1x02 Yesterday Once More21/02/2016
1x07 The King and I27/03/2016
1x10 Alibi17/04/2016
For All Mankind
1x03 Nixon's Women01/11/2019
1x04 Prime Crew08/11/2019

Scénariste de séries

Tales from the Darkside (Histoires de l'autre monde)
4x12 The Deal28/02/1988