Alik Sakharov

Ouzbékistan États-Unis Nationalité ouzbek - américaine

Né le 17 mai 1959 (62 ans) • Tashkent (Ouzbékistan)

Alik Sakharov

Devenir fan

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

2x05 Heroes of the Republic11/02/2007
2x09 Call Letter Blues 1:2-625/11/2007
3x05 Give Me The Ocular Proof...30/11/2008
Easy Money
1x01 Pilot05/10/2008
1x02 Sub-Prime12/10/2008
1x07 The Truth Will Out05/09/2010
Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones : Le Trône de fer)
2x03 What Is Dead May Never Die15/04/2012
3x06 The Climb05/05/2013
4x06 The Laws of Gods and Men11/05/2014
4x07 Mockingbird18/05/2014
Boardwalk Empire
3x02 Spaghetti and Coffee23/09/2012
4x02 Resignation15/09/2013
7x06 Do the Wrong Thing04/11/2012
8x07 Dress Code11/08/2013
Chicago Fire
1x13 Warm and Dead30/01/2013
2x12 Out With A Bang14/01/2014
Chicago P.D. (Chicago Police Department)
1x06 Conventions (2)26/02/2014
The Americans
2x09 Martial Eagle23/04/2014
Marco Polo
1x03 Feast12/12/2014
1x04 The Fourth Step12/12/2014
Black Sails
2x05 XIII.21/02/2015
2x07 XV.07/03/2015
3x01 XIX.23/01/2016
3x05 XXIII.20/02/2016
3x10 XXVIII.26/03/2016
4x02 XXX.05/02/2017
4x05 XXXIII.26/02/2017
Flesh and Bone
1x07 Full Dress20/12/2015
1x08 Scorched Earth27/12/2015
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (New York Unité Spéciale)
18x01 Terrorized21/09/2016
1x02 Pride and Prejudice14/10/2016
1x04 It's Donald14/10/2016
House of Cards (US)
5x03 Chapter 5530/05/2017
5x04 Chapter 5630/05/2017
5x07 Chapter 5930/05/2017
6x01 Chapter 6602/11/2018
6x07 Chapter 7202/11/2018
1x05 The Commune30/06/2017
1x06 Vagabond Hotel30/06/2017
1x04 Both Sides Now11/02/2018
1x07 The Sincerest Form of Flattery04/03/2018
1x08 Love the Lie11/03/2018
2x07 One Way Out31/08/2018
2x08 The Big Sleep31/08/2018
3x07 In Case of Emergency27/03/2020
3x08 BFF27/03/2020
3x09 Fire Pink27/03/2020
3x10 All In27/03/2020
The Witcher
1x01 The End's Beginning20/12/2019
1x02 Four Marks20/12/2019
1x07 Before a Fall20/12/2019