Aleysa Young

Canada Nationalité canadienne

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Baroness Von Sketch Show
1x01 I Can't Believe This Used To Take Days14/06/2016
1x02 Last Year You Weren't Forty21/06/2016
1x03 We've Lost Communication28/06/2016
1x04 If The Killer Is Watching05/07/2016
1x05 Stay for a Drink12/07/2016
1x06 2CatShaPurr19/07/2016
Workin' Moms
1x03 Fem Card24/01/2017
1x06 The Wolf & The Rabbit14/02/2017
1x07 Phoenix Rising21/02/2017
1x08 Hoop Earring28/02/2017
2x09 Spirit Animal13/03/2018
2x10 Cuck20/03/2018
2x11 Trash Panda27/03/2018
2x12 If Women Had to Give Birth03/04/2018
5x03 Pleasure Yourself02/03/2021
5x04 A Rat, Girl09/03/2021
5x08 Punch Dad06/04/2021
5x09 Blue Angel13/04/2021
5x10 FACK13/04/2021
Kim's Convenience
2x05 Date Night24/10/2017
2x07 Sneak Attack07/11/2017
New Eden
1x01 Who Are These Women?01/01/2020
1x02 Funny Honey01/01/2020
1x03 Go with Gaion01/01/2020
1x04 Party's Over Girls01/01/2020
1x05 A Whole Lotta Buzz01/01/2020
1x06 My Lord01/01/2020
1x07 Forbidden Fruit01/01/2020
1x08 Helen Lafayette01/01/2020
Ginny & Georgia
1x07 Happy Sweet Sixteen24/02/2021
1x08 Check One, Check Other24/02/2021
1x09 Animal Passion09/11/2021
1x10 Eggs Anyone?16/11/2021
Run The Burbs
1x01 Blockbuster05/01/2022
1x04 Let's Go to the Movies26/01/2022
1x11 Forever Young06/04/2022
1x12 This Is Your Day13/04/2022
1x01 Jane Eyre FICTION BRO06/03/2023
1x02 Things Fall Apart FICTION ACH13/03/2023
1x04 And Still I Rise FICTION ANG27/03/2023